drawn by panda


I figured that, after Nostritale and Arc Nostri, this was the next logical step…for some reason. Nostri Bears.

I’m so sorry.

not-so-trash  asked:

Hi hi! Sorry to bother you with this but I'm new to the asylum AU and I have to ask! Who have you included into the AU? For example who are your patients and workers there? I love the AU and would love to write for it! If it's okay with you?

Don’t worry your not bothering me, in fact I’m happy to help. Just keep in mind that I’m still trying to figure out everything in this au.

Of course you can write for this au. Please tell me when you’ve written it, I’d love to read it!


-H2O Delirious




-Mini ladd


-Moo Snuckel

-Terroriser (Later on)

Soon I’ll be adding Seananners and Minx as patients.


-I Am Wildcat (Idea from Faythyloo)

-Daithi De Nogla (Idea from Faythyloo)



-Terroriser (at the beginning) 

-Basicallyidowrk (haven’t drawn yet)

Soon I’ll be adding ZeRoyalViking and GassyMexican as psychiatrists.


- Krism (still not entirely sure yet)

-Tehsmarty (Not sure yet either)

Guards: These aren’t set in stone yet, I’m still thinking about it.

-Galm (haven’t drawn yet)

-Big Jiggly Panda (haven’t drawn yet)

-Gorillaphant (haven’t drawn yet)

Another shot I animated from the Kung Fu Panda short. I was studying a lot of ballet dancers when I animated these characters. I wanted a finess to them that was not just feline but femme fatale. In performances I am always looking for interesting contradictions. Firstly, we all have them and it makes them more relatable! Secondly it is interesting and surprising. These characters didn’t have much in the way of developed character which left room for the performances to tell you something about the characters. One of the ways I tried to do this beyond how they moved was adding little moments that were not in the boards. The subtext is that SuWu, the main cat center screen, has been imprisoned for a long time and is returning to her beloved lair. I know, a little cheesy, but still… so anyway, when she gets to the top of the stairs she places her hand on the table in an affectionate way. Maybe the way you would with a beloved piece of furniture you haven’t seen in a long time. Anyway, even when the writing isn’t the best we still have to fight and dig to find these places to inject meaning and truth for the characters we perform.

This was my last shot animated at DreamWorks Animation. I was to leave and work on a sizzle reel for an original television series that my friend had developed.

I don’t like the word “style” because I think it is often misused or used 1 dimensionally but in any case the “style” of these shorts were meant to be somewhat limited animation. We were encouraged to use held drawings where we could and when things moved to move them in a very reserved manner. The director of this short has particularly subdued taste in animation. It is always good to understand the taste of your director before you jump in to something. You could do something that works great but if it doesn’t match their taste you could end up redoing it. Taste is an interesting thing. Taste doesn’t always mean it is “right” for the film, it may just mean it is “right” for getting it approved. In any case, I would have personally liked to have seen more caricature in this animation but; that is just my “taste”.