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A group of buddies from SVA give each other weekly summer art challenges, and post the results on tumblr.

I am part of this! I mean, my stuff hasn’t been put up there yet, but there’s more to art than just me, right? Right. That tumblr I linked up there^ is we’re gonna post everything every week, and if you like illustration on your dashboard, I highly recommend following. :)

The past week’s theme was self-portraiture, so it’s mostly faces now. BUT STAY TUNED… FOR MORE THAN FACES

I hit a follower milestone sometime back I guess, so I wanted to do a sort of intro post?  Hello, the drawmachine voidshape you are following is me, CIARAN.

  • 25 | He/They | MTL/VT/MA
  • I go to art school– my concentration is Illustration, with a major focus on visual development for animation, and comics.
  • I hardly post anything that I make for work, but– I freelance for a living.  This summer has been particularly busy in that regard!  (I also taught classes this summer, which I have done before and love doing/wouldn’t mind doing as a supplementary career.)
  • In addition to all that, I have a lot of ambitious projects of my own, some of which have been in the works for yeeeaaars and are finally coming to fruition.  Most of what I draw are related to those projects (I like a lot of series/IPs but I don’t tend to do much fanart, sorry!)  
  • My comic CATHEXIS is on hold right now, but will return at the end of summer/beginning of autumn.  I’m also working on a shorter, full-colour comic, “TAIGA”, to be released in the near future.
  • I spent a chunk of my childhood&formative years in the caribbean, where I touched a lot of sharks/rays/eels/turtles/etc., and this is probably why I can’t stop using cyan now.
  • I like Metal Gear a lot.
  • Gay for Satan.
  • I will be the bara.

Not sure what else to say, so!  Thanks for liking what I do.

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Kristin Kemper illustrates the week 1 challenge.

Song: Rio by Adventure.

Kristin: I discovered this song last fall when work on my thesis film was really getting into gear, and I got in the habit of putting it on loop to get pumped up whenever I’d sit down to animate, especially late at night when everyone else was asleep. I have no idea what this song is actually about, and I don’t want to, but this picture is about how this song makes me feel when I listen to it while I draw.

The drawmachine challenges tag is now live, and will have our current challenges posted under its label for the forseeable future.

Due to a formatting change last year, weeks 11-14 did not have separate prompt posts, so here’s the entire list of drawmachine’s season 1 (Summer of 2012) prompts:

  • Week 1: Self portrait: A good portrait shows more than a mere likeness - it also reveals the character of the subject.
  • Week 2: No figures: This week’s assignment was to create an intriguing image with no animate objects. The easiest way to connect with the viewer is to include a figure. A human in an image instantly allows the viewer to place themselves inside the scene. How can you tell a story if you remove this element?
  • Week 3: Book cover: Redesign a book cover. Working from established source material is on one hand easy but also challenging. Pre-established content is a great stepping stone to creating a good piece, but it then becomes easy to be trite and obvious. Consider the tone of your source material.
  • Week 4: Create an image using this randomly generated palette.
  • Week 5: Childhood art revamp: Find a drawing or other miscellaneous piece of art you did when you were little. Using that as inspiration, create a new sophisticated image. Or you can re-draw the old drawing…you know. Just use it as a starting point. 
  • Week 6: Current events: Create an illustration to accompany a current news article.
  • Week 7: Pet peeves: What’s your pet peeve? Bad drivers? People who walk really slow? Whoever decided Game of Thrones won’t be on again until next year?
  • Week 8: The Drawmachine: Create a machine!
  • Week 9: THE DARKEST TIMELINE: What would you be doing if you weren’t in art school?
  • Week 10: Embarrassing situation: Illustrate an embarrassing situation that has happened to you in real life.
  • Week 11: CMYK: Create an illustration using only cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
  • Week 12: Fanart challenge! Take something culturally relevant (movie, television program, book) and reinterpret it.
  • Week 13: Worst of Times: Illustrate a situation of monumentally good or monumentally bad luck. 
  • Week 14: FINAL SHOWCASE: Free-for-all illustration! Show off your skills. 

If you choose to interpret any of our themes, please tag them with ‘drawmachine response’ so everyone can see them!

Enjoy! Practice! Enjoy practicing!

-Amanda (amandascurti)