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What about "Why do you smell so weird?” with adrienette? I love your writing btw! I wish I could be half as talented as you

Thanks, Nonny! Like with anything, writing takes practice and I practice A LOT, haha.

“Why do you smell so weird?” Marinette asked, scrunching her nose.

Adrien frowned and pulled his shirt up to his face. “What do I smell like?”

“I don’t know, just…weird.”

He lifted his arm and sniffed at his armpit. “Maybe I’m nose blind to it. I’m not smelling anything.”

Marinette leaned in, nostrils flaring. “Maybe it wasn’t you.” She tilted her head, letting her nose lead her to his messenger bag. “I think it’s your bag.”

Adrien rolled his eyes and flipped open the top. “Plagg!”

The kwami looked up with lazy eyes as he lounged on top of three open containers of Camembert. “You rang?” he drawled.

“Really? You had to open all of them at once?”

“I felt like bathing in their beautiful fragrance.”

Marinette peeked in and sighed. “I’m glad Tikki likes cookies. No one is ever upset about smelling cookies.” She kissed Adrien’s cheek. “At least you’re cute. It makes up for the constant stinky cheese smell.”

“I guess I’ve got that going for me,” he grinned. 

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#45 Damijon shippy please

45. Illusion

They’re teenagers. Tim’s mid-20s.


“Do you know how annoying you two are?” Tim asked, as Damian walked back up the front steps, glancing back at Jon as he flew into the sky. He’d spent the weekend at the manor, doing Tim-didn’t-want-to-know-what.

“Meaning?” Damian demanded, tugging slightly at his shirt. It did nothing to hide the hickey on his collarbone. 

“You and Jon. You two act like…like Jon can do no wrong to you, and you can’t do any wrong to him. All that public lovey-dovey stuff.” Tim drawled. “It’s like you two are implying you’re the perfect couple or something, and it’s obnoxious.”

Damian hummed. Looked back up at Jon’s fading figure in the clouds, then back to Tim with a victorious smirk before heading back into the house. “Who said we aren’t?”

It’s 2am and I’m thinking about how B always knew other people’s names and probably hinted it to L a lot (and we as the fandom laugh about it but B might’ve actually called L Lawlipop in this drawl that made it obvious that he wasn’t referring to the candy) and I’m wondering if L thought about him during the Kira case and wondered “what if” or if he just didn’t remember or care about B at that point

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Captain Canary + 22

22. ““I swear it was an accident.”

Established relationship
I apologize everything is so short this week, but hopefully you enjoy them anyway.

               Leonard looks at the thin layer of snow across their floor, then up to Sara, who is also coated in the substance. “Sara?” he drawls, pushing it aside with his boot as he moves toward her.

               “It…uh.” She’s grinning up at him “It was an accident?”

               “An accident?” his brow quirks up, “exactly how is –” he cuts off as a dusting of the powder falls from the ceiling, peppering his head and shoulders.

               “Yeah,” she’s biting her lip in an effort to prevent laughter, melting ice crystals reflecting in her eyelashes. “The container didn’t explain how much…exactly.”

               “You purchased canned snow for our quarters?” he dusts off his shoulders.

               “It was supposed to be a surprise…but I expected less of it, and not spring loaded.” She shrugs. “Sorry?”

               “No you aren’t,” he sighs, any real frustration made impossible by the way her eyes sparkled up at him

               “Okay maybe not.” She shrugs, “But it really was an accident I swear.”