The amazing artist izzy drawinwolf made our very first shirt design! Theyre work never ceases to amaze me make sure to check out spud bugs on °°°° Facebook.com/spudbugs
°°° Spud-bugs.tumblr.com
Spud-bugs.tumblr.com Spud-bugs.tumblr.com °° &Izzy’s tumblr at drawinwolf.tumblr.com drawinwolf.tumblr.com drawinwolf.tumblr.com As well as their awesome band °°° Dreampipe Vermin! °° We will be playing a show with ghost mice here in las Vegas on June 7th &you can catch us in Ashland Oregon on June 20th as well as in seaside Oregon on June 21st!!!


Van Renovations PT I

Im so so lucky to have such amazing friends help me make this van into my dreamy dreamobile. Very excited to post more photos tomorrow hopefully of what it looks like now with all the handmade curtains I’ve been working on for the last week. Its completely transformed and I love it. 

Thanks drawinwolf and grumpyoldprick and cudeastbound for all your helppppp!



Ok here it is! I’ve been spending the last week diligently sewing custom curtains, seat covers, and all the cute things to match in my dreamy camper.  I still have a few few more final touches to add. This is going to be the coziest tour van ever! Cant wait till tour. <3<3 Thanks again to drawinwolf, grumpyoldprick and cudeastbound for all your help <3<3


Lots of updates after a cold and harsh winter which we spent neglecting our collective etsy (sorry friends)

We’re keeping on top of things (hopefully) for the next few weeks until we start our first TOUR(~!!!!!~) through the states this summer!

Help us afford our tour by buying tons of cute stuff from our shop

There’s lots more than just what’s here! 

(check out my other etsy for EVEN MOREEEE!)

New tunes AND NEW PATCH DESIGNS!?! Yay!! Its been far too long! We’ll have these back patch // medium/small patches on tour in BC later this month!

<3 Dreampipe Collaborations <3

Once tour’s over they’ll become available on our shop for any other folks out there who want them xo