this year has been a pretty wild ride! I had a lot of trouble in the beginning, but I still managed to do good stuff. I experimented a lot and went way out my comfort zone, and even won a prize! Here’s hoping 2018’s even better!

I pulled this stuff from like, all my devices/social media, because I realize now that I’m TERRIBLE at keeping everything up to date. I even had to screencap Feb and April from insta bc I somehow deleted the photos I had off my phone.

Jan, March, June and Dec are pieces I did for school. Jan is a laser cutout, March is a repeat pattern, June is a linocut book cover, and Dec is a digital collage of Victorian-inspired traditional pieces to accompany an article on Jules Verne. Dec was one of three pieces I submitted for an editorial contest held in my class. Two went on to be judged, and this one actually won first place judged by the tutors!

Oct and Nov are the major villain in the RPGmaker game I’m working on. Nov is actually the first time I tried gouache and I definitely want to do more with it.

April and May are attempts to convey texture and form with a very limited supply of colored felt tips/fineliners, and I especially tried to do something fun with May.

September was the first time I digitally colored a traditional piece, and I really like the result, with the texture photographing a piece of paper gives.

July is…. so. You know how you go to McD’s and someone drew a penis on the kids’ coloring pages? That’s not cool for the kids, so we took it down, and I got bored and decided. You know what? It’s ruined anyway. Let’s see what magic I can work with four shitty crayons. Et voila. This piece of garbage was born. It’s also, on account of me being crap at keeping all my social media/storage devices up to date and everything, the best thing I could find for all of July.