I made a bnha…..

They can use the controller on the end of their, like, umbilical cord, to control their legs, but it’s a big strain and not good if done for long, which is why they usually go around in a wheelchair. Basically their quirk is being the QWOP guy.

they’re so good at controlling their legs because they’re an avid gamer, which…. yea., and they’d probably go pro if being a hero doesn’t work out. Speaking of which, they very explicitly separate their hero and civilian identities, because that’s kind of the point of a secret identity and when they go, they go hard.

“Katsura” is a combination of the kanji for victory and, like, being good at stuff, while “takeru” is leg and kick, because it wouldn’t be a bnha fanchara if they didn’t have a ridiculously apt punny name.

ok but like bear with me. this is a guy who is over a thousand years old, who does not like people, and has, over the years, been both a fashion designer, and a fantasy videogame developer. He would TOTALLY wear something like this.