Happy birthday you crazy good ass drummer! I hate to say this but you are now 20, and you are no longer a legal teen, but you still act like one, even a 10 year old. 😂 Ash, I love you so fuckin much. There are no words to describe how you helped me through the past 3 years, it’s indescribable. Your smile lights me up, your crazy good drumming skills make me feel excited, your laugh makes me laugh, and just you makes me the happiest girl in the world. I’ve met you once, on April 9th 2014 in my hometown called San Pedro. You and the guys were there shooting a music video, and you don’t know how excited I was to be less than 100 ft away from you. I knew I was going to meet you so when the time came I was surprisingly calm, and not screaming and crying( although I did that when I got home.) . It’s was like it was a normal thing for you to be right in front of me. I never really thought I could pull it off but I did. You were somewhat sick at the time but what really touched my heart was after all day of you and the guys shooting, the cold ass weather, and you being sick, you still came up to the group of people that was waiting for you, and you introduced yourself to everyone, like a gentleman would do. I asked you if you’ve seen my artwork, and that smiled appeared on your face when you saw my artwork, and you replied ‘yes I have.’ After that I went and told you, 'ash I love you so much.’ , you went in and gave me a huge hug. I wasn’t expecting you to give me such an amazing hug. The way it felt was incredible. That hug relieved all my pain and worries I ever had in my life. So in general, you are just the perfect person anyone could ask for, your personality, hair, smile, face, body, talent, pretty much everything about you is perfect. You may not think so but that’s just the way I feel about you. Thank you for being there for me when no one else was. I’ll see you soon Ash. ☺️