100 Follower Art Raffle!!!

Yes I finally Reached 100 followers!!! :D 


Here are the rules!

1.you have to be following me!! If you follow me just for the raffle then unfollows will not be allowed to join any raffles in the future

2. You have to reblog this  post in order to enter into the raffle. liking the post will be appreciated, but won’t enter you into the raffle unfortunately. 

3. its that simple X3


1. Full Body Drawing

2 People will Get a full body Drawing!

2. Waist up Drawings

3 people will win this type of drawing!


3. Lineless

1 person will get lineless art!!

Again Thank you so much to help me reach 100 followers!!! Im internally Screaming now!!!


what are ya waiting for!!! Join the Raffle!!

Come on!!

Raffle ends 5/12/2017