drawings of removal

So I saw someone who needed this as desperatly as I did so I took matters into my own hands! Here’s Dadzowa playing with little Eri-chan!! I needed this in my heart and soul and am glad I could make it a reality!! It’s gonna be a shocker for Eri-chan when she finds out Deku is a crybaby.

Other names for EraserCat include but are not limited to:



MeowMeow Grumpy Puss


If you can come up with more let me know. I need this for….reasons. As many as we can come up with.

—On another note, I have a BNHA fan comic! Over 40 pages drawn so far haha so maybe check it out!


jin just wants yoongi to get more sun - inspired by this post

*click on image for better quality*

From what I’ve heard of Jakob so far, I think I really like him hahaha

Since I had a screenshot of him, I could use as ref during work and the result came out WAAAAY better than i would expect

I’m very happy of the result hahaha~


when I started drawing I intend to have angst in it cuz If i have to watch this heartbreaking music video then so do you but here take my Ohmtoonz trash