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Happy birthday José-Guadalupe Posada

José-Guadalupe Posada was born on this day in 1852. Posada used images of skeletons and #calaveras, or skulls, in his satirical cartoons. He once said, “La muerte es democrática, ya que a fin de cuentas, güera, morena, rica o pobre, toda la gente acaba siendo calavera,“ or, “Death is democratic, because when it comes down to it – fair or dark, rich or poor – everyone winds up a skeleton.” See more of Posada’s work at mo.ma/2k00bNd

[José-Guadalupe Posada. Calavera of the Cyclists (Calavera las biciletas). c. 1889-1895. Relief engraving. Larry Aldrich Fund]

Got a request on Instagram to draw something sugar skull related and decided to draw something from Veruca’s past! here’s V and her dad and sister getting ready for a parade! I had a lot of fun with the colors * o *  also made a YouTube Video of me drawing it  

He is “Tako” The Axolotl~

Instead of just the ilustration I did this little gif uvu, because Axolotl is love <3 


‘Nonagon Infinity(opens the door)’

24x36 in

 various media on rives bfk 

mounted to custom built shadow box  28x40x5 in

This was inspired by a trip last October to Mexico-seeing the patterns of gates and fences through out the DF.   

For Unreliable Narrators, on view til Saturday in Chicago.   Contact info@verticalgallery.com for any enquiries.  

Perspectiva, Edificio de departamentos y comerciales  para la Compañía de Seguros La Nacional (hoy Hotel Ramada Culiacán), Gral. Juan Carrasco No. 606 Norte esq de Gral. Antonio Rosales, Primer Cuadro, Culiacán, Sinaloa, México 1961 (remodelado)

Arq.  Augusto H Álvarez

Perspective drawing, Aparments and commecial building for the National Insurance Company, (now Hotel Ramada Culiacan), Juan Carrasco 606 Norte at Rosales, Culiacan, Sinaola, Mexico 1961 (remodeled)

Perspectiva de la rampa de entrada, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Carrillo Gil con apartamento privado (hoy Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil), av. Revolución 1608, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón, Ciudad de México 1961

Arqs. Augusto H Álvarez y Enrique Carral Icaza

Perspective drawing of the entrance ramp, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carillo Gil with private apartment (now the Museo de Arte Carillo Gil), av. Revolucion 1608, San Angel, Alvaro Obregon, Mexico City 1961


Day Of The Dead 💀