drawings of mexico

Hey everyone! Thought you should all know about this so I’m sharing it here!

These artists are giving out sketches to anyone who donates to any of the following sites they listed in aid of Mexico after its two devastating earthquakes.

If you donate 15USD or more to any of those places, they will do a sketched headshot for you!

Here’s the link to this tweet if you want to know more! https://twitter.com/charratastica/status/910612801088921600

Got a request on Instagram to draw something sugar skull related and decided to draw something from Veruca’s past! here’s V and her dad and sister getting ready for a parade! I had a lot of fun with the colors * o *  also made a YouTube Video of me drawing it  

Happy birthday José-Guadalupe Posada

José-Guadalupe Posada was born on this day in 1852. Posada used images of skeletons and #calaveras, or skulls, in his satirical cartoons. He once said, “La muerte es democrática, ya que a fin de cuentas, güera, morena, rica o pobre, toda la gente acaba siendo calavera,“ or, “Death is democratic, because when it comes down to it – fair or dark, rich or poor – everyone winds up a skeleton.” See more of Posada’s work at mo.ma/2k00bNd

[José-Guadalupe Posada. Calavera of the Cyclists (Calavera las biciletas). c. 1889-1895. Relief engraving. Larry Aldrich Fund]

He is “Tako” The Axolotl~

Instead of just the ilustration I did this little gif uvu, because Axolotl is love <3