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“…This doesn’t mean I’m not still mad at you. Just means that I’m less mad. Kind of a half-peace offering.

And don’t ask what kind of flower it is. I pulled most of them up from a garden outside.

…I like your helmet-thing.”

Gastly is giving a flower to… @marshie-daily ??? wh a a ??

(is this what forgiveness is, idk i’m too petty to know)

dailymawile  asked:

Fae thinks sunflowers are really pretty and would like to give you one of her tiger lillies!

Gulpin accepts the tiger lily and offers a sunflower in return!

They pin the lily to their mask!

ask-heretohelp  asked:

How do you feel about Marshie? Both as a friend, a person, and romantically~

“I don’t know exactly. Marshie is super cool, but I think I feel strange when I’m with them because they are a legendary Ghost - type Pokémon, and (I don’t know why) they want to hang out with me. H-how am I supposed to feel about it??”

(I think she kind of likes and admires them, but she doesn’t know it yet.)

anonymous asked:

(@daily-pompom-oricorio) Excuse me, Miss Blue - oh my! That dress is so lovely! I wanted to thank you for your help the other day. Couldn't have decided on a mask without you, heehee! Would you be interested in a dance? Or maybe trading flowers? Or both?! :D

Alisa: Aw thanks! I was worried the dress might have been too flashy- it’s been years since I’ve been to a ball.

And your mask came out really cute! I love it! Though, I didn’t help all that much. You must have more fashion sense than you give yourself credit for.

I would love to trade flowers and to dance. Both sounds really good to me. Oh, and my names Alisa. What’s yours?



“Well, I promised a dance to a Sylveon earlier, but I understand you’re on a mission to dance with a lot of Pokemon and he’s a little late, so why not? Just be careful I don’t accidentally knock into you; you’re a small little thing and I wouldn’t want to hurt you!”

“… Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a Pokemon like you before, either. Are you a relative to the Pidgey line or… Spearow’s, maybe?”



Color tests #3 and #4 (All together now with #1 and #2)

I’ve really enjoyed this exercise of of multiple little thumbnails and making different color versions to see which I like. Problem is , now I have more than one which I like. Specifically, #3 and #4, but for different reasons.

I’m curious to know which one people who are not me like best.

types of animation students
  • steven universe
  • glen keane worship
  • girls who draw anime boys
  • guys who draw anime girls
  • steven universe
  • the one person whos somehow actually original
  • furries
  • has complete grasp on human anatomy but cannot cartoonify it
  • Extreme Ghibli
  • something something butch hartman
  • 3D wiz
  • believes tex avery is the pinnacle of cartooning
  • steven universe