drawings by nicole

Tonights shenanigans inspired me to draw some Muppet Bendy’s myself.

Although I began running with the idea, what if @doodledrawsthings Bendy got redesigned again, but this time for a episode with Kermit. So he gets turned into a literal puppet. Poor bucko is just not okay with this at all. 

This is part of a bet too, for every Muppet I draw, @nicoleartist has to draw a Crab posed person. 21 doodles Nicole, get crackin at it. 

Your mind is like a magnet. Depending on what you think, you will then attract into your life. Be mindful of what thoughts go through your head, for you never know what they’re drawing towards you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Hypothetically, lets say i know how to colour

I’m trying a new shading style. Similarly, i keep fucking up and drawing is now my singular therapy. 

This is a shit show of a caption pls ignore me.

@EarthToWaverly: Greetings from Mars!! @HaughtOnMars #AlphaBase

if you read wayhaught fic n haven’t read @sensitive-pigeon‘s AU fic one-eighty………. wyd….. it is like. literally THE best thing ive ever read, holy shit. in fact, even if you don’t read fic, or watch wynonna earp, or even know who nicole n waverly are………………… READ IT. especially if you like f/f couples, space, and/or a mix of the two. please its the best thing ever. the space stuff, research done, slow burn, characters, dialogue, soundtrack (YES IT HAS A SOUNDTRACK!!! SO GOOOOD), humour, angst, fluff, SEXUAL TENSION… its all literally So Good