drawings at windsor castle

Design for  the Green Drawing Room, Windsor Castle, 1826

This is one of a series of designs made for George IV’s private apartments at Windsor Castle. This image shows what was the library in Windsor Castle, which is now the Green Drawing Room. The designs were made by furniture makers Nicholas Morel and George Seddon, who went into a partnership in order to decorate George IV’s private apartments. The design shows the principal elevations of the room along with the planned furniture, curtains and wall coverings. 


Long Walk, Windsor Castle.  28 January 2016.  After the previous painting in Romney Marsh, this was so different.  Instead of being in the middle of nowhere, with no one around, I was now in the most central place, looking at Windsor Castle, where the Queen spends much of her time.  I had a commission to paint the castle, which was definitely a labour of love.  Fortunately I chose a sunny day and I was gifted a lovely puddle of water reflecting the Chapel of St George, where Henry the 8th is buried.