“It’s been a while.”

((i miss him sometimes. a lot more than i’d like to admit,tbh.
running this blog catapulted my drawing skills because i was drawing on a daily basis. and looking back i guess Don was probably too far-fetched as a Onceler, but hey, he’s hot and i still love him nonetheless,haha.


“I don’t have time for ‘Fun’. I still bear responsibility of bringing you undeserving little morsels Winter. Nor am I interested in roaming around aimlessly again. It just reminds me of…”
The young man caught himself before revealing too much,clearing his throat lightly and continuing to let his index finger dance over Pitch’s golden glowing globe,intensifying the circling motion of his fingers as he passed over areas packed with glimmering lights.

“'Guardian of Fun’…” Jack muttered to himself,scoffing,“I beg to differ. I happen to have been the only 'Guardian’,” he voiced the word mockingly,“that had to do everything on his own.”

“And no,I have yet to hear of any elaborate plan to take over the world from my King.”


“I feel better than I’ve been in a long time after some well-deserved rest… And why would you worry about me,now? You won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon.

Oh,and how thoughtful of you to send some tea; Just what I needed to get another Winter starting… Though I’ll prepare it hot this time because drinking tea cold is almost a crime.”

“…And for the last time,I am not an elf.”


“I never knew my real father. The same goes for the one that came later.
I knew my stepfather was somebody,even at a young age.But I didn’t find out until when I was older he was the head of a mafia.

As for what he was like…He was cold.I reckon he hated us.And wouldn’t have married that whore of a woman I shamefully call my ‘Mother’ if she was not threatening him with the twins that were in her womb at the time.
Imagine his disappointment when the sons he hoped to be of use turned out to be a pair of brainless idiots.Still,they were treated far better than I was,myself boycotted and ignored for my wit and evidently,too-smart mouth.”