044 - “Link”

Link is the silent hero we all know and love from the Legend of Zelda series, which unfortunately means we all called him Zelda at least once in our lives.
The figure is a great addition to anyone’s collection, created by Figma he comes with some nice accessories, extra hands and different faces! In this case I opted for the angry yelling face, oh that Link and his anger issues. HAAAA!
For the drawing I wanted to show off his adventure with little shots of monsters and of course the Princess that motivates him to keep going… and of course a pile of skulls!


041 - “Lobster Johnson”

This dude is classic cool, and really anything associated with Mike Mignola is golden in my eyes!
Though my design isn’t as dark and jagged as Mignola’s which was nicely replicated by Mezco! The figure also came with his crazy brain villain arch nemesis which is not in the picture but in the drawing. Classsssic!


043 - “Mario”

Arguably the most recognized video-game hero of all time; love him or hate him you KNOW the name!
The figure is relatively new, from SH Figuarts, very awesome figure, solid representation of the character… my drawing on the other hand went in a very different direction hehe, something of a dark b/w cartoon style. 
Mario! Bringing the peace with fire and bloody boots!


042 - “Bender”

Ah the rude, loudmouthed, binge-drinking bending unit from Matt Groening’s Futurama; you can’t help but love him as deep down we are all just alcoholic robots with gambling problems!
The figure in this case is a cool vinyl by Kidrobot.
I totally cheated here and didn’t draw him based entirely off the stubby figure, made a few changes though… I am pleased with my robotic creation. 


029 - “Bat-Girl”

na na na na na na na na BatGirl!

this one was just funny, could have made it look more like the figure but…nooo. she looks a bit awkward but i am mostly ok with it. not sure if lil toy had a skirt or not but thats what i went with.

toy was actually a random gift from my Mom-in-law. came with a WonderWoman, apparently Mom thought it was a Batman heh. figure is obviously for younger kiddies, made by Mattel!


028 - “Blue Samurai Ranger/Shinken Blue”

i always loved Power Rangers as a kid. and lately i have reignited the fire by watching the original Japanese versions. so good. such happiness! so this is the Blue dude in this series. Kevin / Ryunosuke.

figure is a Mega Bloks, got him for free at Fanexpo some time ago. neat little guy. minifigures are always a win in my eyes! tried to draw him based off mini toy opposed to actual design. bit different. fun.