Steven Universe Temple Fusion

Finally did a Steven Universe thing! This one is stylized after the temple that the gems all live in.

Not exactly canon, but I loved making this anyways.

The artist who inspired this is Zeldae Winxclub on pintrest, I love their works so much.

Check out the process video HERE!


So I decided to draw my Minecraft skin, or my most well-known one/the one on the evanscraft poster, and I ended up drawing Dory, too. The first picture I actually drew a while ago, very based off the poster, and the second picture I drew recently as an epic version, with a similar style to one of the AH TOP posters.
Sorry for the crud quality, had to take pictures from my iPod.

I do plan on drawing more of these, Jake being next, so if you want me to draw you, tell me!

Finally drew Kyuri, after all this time.

Yeah, I said I would draw Jake, but I have a hard time drawing the male figure, but I’ll get that junk done eventually.

Anyways, this is basically the mostly finished version. I could have redone the top layer of lines to make them more smooth and not just black lines. But I tried, and it didn’t work, this is only my second time using a tablet after a long time away from it.

Either way, here it is, hope you like it

Time to draw more peoples 8u

List and Explanation

My list of people to draw:









For all of you, I will have to ask for a picture of you, not entirely needed, but preferred. Also, if you are on the Evanscraft Poster, please point yourself out. I don’t want to accidentally draw someone else when I mean to draw you! Otherwise, please tell me what your most popular/representative skin is. I’m sorry, but more and more people keep joining us on evanscraft, and I’m the type of person who forgets names easily.

If you want to get added, please let me know!

Pokemon Ninetails drawing!

Found a really cool drawing tool and used it, it’s now one of my favorite tools.

Sorry that this isn’t exactly what was on my to-do list, I am losing my inspiration to draw and I needed to find a  way to reinvigorate it. And this was the product of it.


Hey, people of tumblr that have appreciated my artwork in the past. Do you want to buy any of my drawings on a specified product?

Well, now you can.

FandomTrash is hosting my artwork to sell on RedBubble now; so far only my most recent RWBY images are up, but if you ask me about other drawings i’ve made, then things can easily be added to the list.

Click here to check it out.


RWBY artwork and other drawings can be found here: