Owner is Nneka and she is 27 years old and a single mother to a beautiful daughter.

I just recently left the military last month, after 9 years of service and two overseas deployments. I am starting a fresh, new chapter in my life.

This fall I am attending college. I will study to become a history teacher in my local area. I am about making a positive change in my community. This is one step towards that. I want to use this platform and this site as way to reach out to the millennials who want variety, and who want to be apart of a bigger cause. ~ Nneka

The goals of Innovative Supplies are:

  • Open and deposit profits into an account with black owned Citizens Trust Bank.
  • Donate 40% of all profits made from book bag sales to local charities.
  • Provide quality products.
  • Hire local minority youth.
  • Support other small businesses
  • Use economically sourced materials
  • Use environmentally friendly packaging

I always support black buisiness when i can find one. And Nneka has got not just an ordinary store which sells school supplies with the original prints representing black culture and black history, but has a big goal of helping the community! And this is really cool! When you can realize you ideas and also help people around you and make this world a little bit better place. #Love it!

music lovers

‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) You are so incredibly talented oh my goodness !! I love this it’s gorgeous and very accurate too! Me and Kousei would sit like that for hours when we practiced (✿´‿`) Don’t stop drawing because this is beautiful !!

Kurt Cobian from Nirvana.
This was a request from a friend.
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Strike a pose
Strike a pose
Vogue, vogue, vogue
Vogue, vogue, vogue

Josuke in Chanel jewelry for @sweetram inspired by x

with and without make up because i couldn’t decide :’>

This is what happens when I draw while listening to Bayonetta music while literally only half awake. I’m probably gonna regret posting this when I wake up.

It’s Emi in different AUs I guess? Except for that biker one idk what that is. I think if Emi was a mermaid thing she’d be like part lobster because bugs. Mob AU Emi is basically the same as regular Emi except a different outfit/style. The bugs are a normal thing for her. Also a slowpoke because Emi reminds me of a slowpoke.

I think my eyes might be as droopy as her’s given how tired I am. I really do love her droopy eyes though…. I love this character too much… So many plans… Ideas…

I wanna write a fanfic about her

hello internet what is up.

my name is  Maria and i’m 14 from Spain, so I speak spanish and english (obviously) and i’m looking for a penpal/friend bc i get bored in summer

ok…interests include:

music (it’s an obsession tbh, i like everything but country and artists like : Top, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, Fob, The 1975, Oasis, Coldplay, Drake, Mcr… but i  would totally love to exchange playlists and new music)


memes (dank memes only) 

shows/movies ( i’m currently watching Teen Wolf and Game of Thrones and my fave are Sherlock, Steven Universe, Skins, Gravity Falls, Greys Anatomy…)( my favorite movies are Fight Club, v for vendetta, Star Wars…)

youtube (Dan and Phil, Jacksfilms, pewdiepie, kubscouts, Kikthepj, markiplier and many more but i’m only a tru fan of dan and phil so)


books ( Harry Potter, tfios, The hunger games, Percy Jackson, Will Grayson(x2), Looking for Alaska but i mostly read fanfiction haha)

The perfect penpal:

someone as awkward as me would be ok and bonus points if you want to share music and you are good at coming up with topics to talk about 

if u liked my long ass submission my tumblr is mxrypp.tumblr.com and i can give you my kik, whatsapp, instagram etc from there (°ヮ°)

anonymous asked:

Antis just have...Nothing else to do. Like. Literally. ANYTHING else is better than shaming people on the web. Drawing, making music, art, media, or having actual debates on subjects that matter and can very well make a difference. Too much free time

The majority of them are like. 13-16 years old and. Seriously need to spend time on what they like rather than being obsessed with what they don’t because this shit is toxic for literally everyone