Tataaaaa! Surprise! Next Raúl drawing is gonna be a Tick Tick Boom one!! Do you like my choice, guys?? 😉 It’s a damn hard challenge coz all the TTB pics are in such low quality… I still try to do my very best though, to give this fandom at least one hq pic to look at! 😄❤️
PS: I hope I can post the new Barba drawing soon.

Interview: Emily

Today we’re joined by Emily. Emily is a fantastic younger artist who enjoys drawing. Using mostly traditional media, Emily draws in ink, colored pencils, and has begun experimenting with watercolors. She also enjoys music and plays the alto saxophone. Her art shows a phenomenal attention to detail and a wonderfully vivid imagination. This artist has a bright future ahead of her. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I draw a lot. I’ve managed to take 3 art classes so far in school and will be taking another in the upcoming year. Within the past year I’ve been inspired to sketch more than ever and have filled a little over one and a half sketchbooks with drawings of various things. I enjoy drawing dragons and other fantasy-related art. I normally work with ink, whether it be by using ballpoint pen in the margins of my notes, or using nicer pens in my sketchbook. Recently I’ve also started using dip pens and ink which has been an interesting experience. For color I normally prefer colored pencils, although recently I’ve dabbled in watercolor. I normally use colored pencils because they are significantly more portable and cleaner.

I also play alto saxophone in both full and jazz band, and enjoy participating in school plays and musicals as an actress.

What inspires you?

For visual art, I’m inspired by the books I read and the world around me. I often find myself drawing flowers or things inspired by the curves and colors found in nature, even for fantastical doodles. For music and theatre I’m just inspired by the passion of the people around me. Music and theatre can be filled with so much emotion. I also have been grateful to have such talented musicians/actors as my friends in my school.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I’ve always been a doodler and recently decided that if I’m going to keep doodling, I might as well put it to good use and try to improve. I still don’t know if I will pursue art as my only career path, but it will definitely be a constant in my life even if I don’t only make money via art. I’ve always been interested in band and theatre. Both of my parents were involved in both subjects in high school and college and their stories intrigued me. I also have always loved music and singing, so musicals are great fun.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I don’t really have a signature object in my art, although I do always sign it with Em.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

I know everyone says this, but just keep drawing, or playing, or doing whatever you want to do, even if you’re just doodling a quick BB8 in the margin of your history notes, or learning how to play the Sherlock theme song, or memorizing a dramatic monologue about cheese. Just do what you love and don’t force yourself to fit in with what others think you should do. Even if you don’t want to become a full time artist, actor, or musician you can still do those things casually. They’re meant to be enjoyable.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I identify as asexual and who knows what romantic.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’ve only recently (as in, this summer) started identifying as asexual. I feel like we are generally ignorant of the concept of asexuality as a society, but I haven’t encountered any prejudice.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

As I’ve only recently identified as ace, I haven’t really encountered many misconceptions other than the general thought that I might someday meet “the one” from my relatives who I have come out too. In all they were pretty accepting of the general idea of asexuality though. 

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Story time- the first time I heard about asexuality was probably around 2 years ago in an online chat with a gay guy who was my age. We had met from an online art app and were generally discussing outlooks on life and religion. Somehow the conversation turned to crushes/sexuality and I mentioned that I’ve never had crushes. He proceeded to try to explain what crushes felt like, and then asked me if I had heard of asexuality. I looked it up and then decided that I was probably demisexual because at that point I thought that announcing that I had no sexual attraction was a bit extreme and weird. Now, a year later, I am very chill with the idea that I don’t experience sexual attraction, and there are others like that, and we’re all pretty cool people. Coming out of that story, my advice is to identify with what you feel fits your feelings. Other people don’t know how you feel or what you experience. Worst thing, you’ll end up changing your label at some point in your life. It’s not the end of the world. Someday I might find that I was right a year ago and I am demi or gray. Or I might be an 80 year old cat lady, or happily married with a great romantic relationship. Who knows? God made you the way you are and loves you like that.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

All of my reblog stuff can be found (at) ladyknighttime which is where I also post any ace stuff I do beyond art. My art blog is (at) themanyartsofemily.

Thank you, Emily, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

ID #76738

Name: Estelle
Age: 16
Country: New Zealand

Hello, My name is Estelle and I live in New Zealand! I want to travel to every country before I die or at least some. That would be a really cool experience for me I’d get to see how other cultures live and that would open up my eyes about different cultures. I like reading, That is if I can find a good book, I like drawing and display my work around my room. I love music (indie and rock mostly) I also like the outdoors when its not cold and I enjoy going on walks in the wilderness. Once I leave school I want to become an architect, I am very proud of my drawings. I love animals, I have 2 dogs and I had a pet chicken but I sadly moved houses and couldn’t bring him with me. When i’m older I want to move to Sweden and live in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, That seems wonderful. I also collect shoes and unique Adidas items. That’s enough about me tho.. 

Preferences: I really don’t have a preference, except age.. Around the age of 22 is where I wouldn’t want letters from anybody above that age. Other then that, I dont care what race you are, your sexuality your past. I’m okay with anything, Just really wanting to make some friends from exotic countries that one day in the future I could go and meet on my travels around the world :) 


Suni was listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCM3Dnd4Gfs He likes lots of types of music but his favorite will be always spanish rock, Sober(alternative rock metal band) is his favourite band cuz reminds him of his father’s music. The thing is he doesn’t seem the kind of person who listen to this music XD it always surprises people.

Suni estaba escuchando la canción del link de arriba. El escucha muchos tipos de música ero su favorita siempre estará entorno al rock español, Sober(grupo de Rock metal alternativo) es su banda favorita porque le recuerda a la música de su padre. La cuestión es que el no parece el tipo de persona que escucha esta música XD siempre sorprende a la gente.

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That would be the progress of my Company drawing.

I can’t wait to show you the new Barba drawing (which looks actually quite good so far!) and the sketch of Raúl in Tick Tick Boom! - Yes, that’s gonna be my next one! 😉 Stay tuned, friends. I just LOVE to draw for you! ❤️😘

anonymous asked:

wilt what kind of music do u like!

lots of types! im one of those people who has to always be listening to music during all waking hours of every day, so theres a lot i listen to. i dont really have a favorite genre at the moment but my favorite artists are the black queen, eden, raleigh ritchie, chvrches, grimes, troye sivan, and purity ring. i love a lot of stuff from the mrsuicidesheep channel on yt, a few monstercat artists, and i still listen to jrock occasionally (the gazette’s dogma is like.. my favorite album ever). i have an audio tag on here too if you want to browse! 

Mystic. Instinct. Valor. Long ago, the three teams lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Team Valor attacked. Only the Pokemon Master, the very best that no one ever was, could stop them, but when the world needed them most, the servers crashed.


So… i saw Step Up 4, and this musicians AU came in my head.

 - Marinette, Alya, Nino, and the rest of the guys have an band, a different kind of band… They work like in a flashmob, going into places and starting doing shows, places like restaurants, parks, museums. 

 - They don’t have they real identity revealed, they paint their faces and use others names, the band is just known as Akumas, or, AK.

 - Adrien is just an rich boy who plays cello and meets Nino, a DJ. The band is a secret, but Nino sees potential in Adrien for a really good guitarist, and say that he can meet the crew.

 Adrien is not in the band yet, but i will post more drawings… if you all like this musicians AU.


I finished my Twenty One Pilots drawing!

done on adobe photoshop elements editor, took like 20 or so hours, this was my reference.

Please don’t remove caption or steal my drawing. If you want to use it, just ask and credit :)

i said that this haircut would be pretty cool on you, Adrien.

this is a continuation of this: musicians au 2

if you don’t know, this piece is part of a musicians au that i’m working, you can see the all the posts here: miraculous music
, and if you know, here is more about this au:

- Gabriel is the director of the Classical Music School where Adrien studies, and the image of his son is everything, so… punk Adrien will let him like: WHAT IS THIS IN YOUR HAIR?!!! after seeing for the first time Adrien’s new haircut.

- There is no shadow of doubt that Marinette is a little bit in love with Adrien’s new look, because, he didn’t have changed only his hair, but Juleka made an entire new wardrobe for him. No more fancy clothes.

- Chloé is one of the students of the Classical Musical School, and so Adrien’s “friend”, so when she sees him after this new haircut, she panicked, saying that he’s using drugs and it’s awful his new look, but all the other girls are loving it {and maybe Adrien is going to be invited for some dates}

WELL, YOU CAN ALL SEND ME QUESTIONS AND MAKE DRAWINGS, like, i would freak out if i see a drawing of my au, IS A SIGNAL THAT YOU ALL ARE LIKING


if you don’t know this musicians au that i’m working, CLICK HERE

oh, poor Adrien…don’t worry, you’ll be pretty cool with this new haircut.

I have more information about this au:

- About two years, Alya and Juleka created that: for entering in the AK, you have to let us make a haircut on you.

- Everything changed when Nino entered because he didn’t have to much hair to do something cool, so they putted some pink paint and cool stuff like purpurin and it was just a disaster. Alya and Juleka couldn’t do more haircuts after that.

- Juleka started screaming when saw Adrien, just because his sweater and fancy clothes were giving to her the idea of a totally punk Adrien.

- The band has this style (hair and piercings) because they wanna be different, and they think that this really fits, so, they like it.

- Adrien is just pissing himself when he thinks about appear in the school of classic music, just like a punk, holding a cello.