I’m sorry but I just can’t stop drawing them like this– Hope you like it! o3o I was very lazy with this X’’D Its been a while since I’ve draw the actual Sonic style..well close to it..o3o


Honesty & some changes

  I need to be straight with you guys, forcing myself to draw to keep a roof over my head for so long has entirely drained my passion for art. It was my way to survive for so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to sit down and enjoy the actual process; now that I have full-time work and can support myself with other means, I need to take some time to fall back in love with drawing.

  Commissions will be closed indefinitely and I may also be closing my ask box for a while. I’m debating pausing my Patreon as well, because as much as I enjoy creating the rewards and interacting with you guys (especially after the revamp), I really just need my art to be about me right now.

  My art was the only reason I could support myself after my parents died and I’m endlessly grateful for the love and encouragement you’ve all given me. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what I do even as I sort this out but whether or not you choose to stay, thank you.

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Frisk! Do you ever plan some revision sessions at home with Monster Kid?

(sorry about the corner, I pack the drawings pretty close together on these pages and sometimes I don’t predict overlaps correctly.)

Monster Kid is the kind of kiddo who just kinda writes their papers and doesn’t care about turning them in without revisions, but Frisk the Responsible Student is here to help them revise their papers and get them better grades.

My Experience With Tumblr ‘Safe Mode’ So Far:

Things that have been blocked on my dash:

  • Severa gif-sets of PG movies and TV shows like ‘Tangled: Before Ever-After’, ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ and ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’
  • One (1) Porn 
  • No queer/lgbtqa+ posts…yet(but hey this post might get blocked since I just wrote that so let’s see…)
  • 90′s anime aesthetic posts
  • A drawing reference post with nothing even close to nudity
  • Random shitposts, most with no cursing or references to sex
  • Random humor posts, most with no cursing or references to sex
  • PG Pokemon Fan Art
  • PG Steven Universe Fan Art
  • A post with two people cosplaying in kigurumis facetiming each other
  • Lots of PG Fan Art in general
  • Several Vine-Comps
  • A post about Fatphobia
  • A post about Color Theory

Things that have NOT been blocked:

  • A decent amount of porn
  • Posts with like…lots of cursing and references to sex
  • So far no queer/lgbtqa+ content but that might change (let me know if this post is blocked please)

Also, fun note: I turned Safe Mode OFF last night because it was bothering me since it was clearly not working. It continued to flag posts that were PG, not let me look at some posts at all and refuse to let me put feedback on blocked posts saying that have been wrongly flagged (I’m 22 and I have my correct age put in). 

AND YET!! This morning it was ON again. So turning it off doesn't even work.

I’m def pissed. 

@staff get your shit together and fix this.

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Happy Birthday (sorry if im late) Younger Iruka and Kakashi adopting Naruto?

Thank you! 😚 I don’t know how much younger you meant so this is what I did. Hope it’s okay.

Iruka watched Kakashi clear the dishes from the table they nodded at each other without their blond house guest noticing.

Naruto was too busy rubbing his belly and mumbling about how full he was. “You’re a real good cook, Kakashi-san. Man, it would be nice to eat like this all the time. You’re so lucky Iruka-sensei.”

Iruka smiled at his eleven year old student that was a frequent visitor at this point.

He’d been Naruto’s homeroom teacher for a year now and the school term was drawing to a close.

“Naruto… can I ask you something?” Iruka asked carefully.

He and Kakashi had kicked this idea around this idea for a few months now and just last week they were given permission by the Third, if Naruto agrees.

So now they had to ask him.

“Huh? What’s up sensei?” Naruto sat up in his chair, scooting closer to the table.

Kakashi set the dishes in the sink and sat back down next to Iruka. “I know we don’t always get along… but um, you’re still important to us.” He and Kakashi often butted heads over little things. Tracking in mud, manners, tastes in food and books. Mostly it was Naruto’s volume he could do without.

But at the end of the day he was chuckling as he and Iruka went to bed. “Did you hear that knuckle head?”

“Naruto,” Iruka picked up, “we wanted to ask you, well if you wanted to stay here.”

“Like a sleepover? That’s kind of weird sensei.”

“No, not a sleepover.” Iruka sighed. “To live here. There’s an extra room. It can be yours.”

Naruto narrowed his eyes, not really understanding. “So who do I pay rent to?”

“No one,” Iruka said plainly.

“No more rent. No more bills. No more buying food. Iruka-sensei and I will take care of all that,” Kakashi added.

“But why?” Naruto was blinking with big eyes. He knew why.

“That’s what family does,” Iruka answered, smiling.

Naruto shook his head, fighting something. He put his face in his elbow. “But- but- You can’t want me-”

Iruka moved out of his chair. “We do. Of course we do. Naruto, I hate when you leave here. You come over for dinner once a week and I hate knowing every other night you’re home alone. I don’t want that for you anymore.” Iruka tugged at the orange sleeve. Naruto sniffled. “I want you to be as happy every minute of everyday as you are at our dinner table.”


Kakashi’s hand was suddenly on the top of his head, soothing yellow hair. It was like some magic acknowledgement that he didn’t know he needed.

Naruto looked up at him and then back at Iruka. He shoved himself out of his chair into his teacher’s chest. He was smiling wide, laughing through his tears. “When do I get my stuff?”

“We’ll go right now and you can get a bag. Tomorrow we’ll get the rest of it,” Iruka was just as happy. Holding him too tight for a second.

Kakashi smiled and held the red swirl of his jacket between his shoulders.

Nothing was ever going to be the same and it was wonderful.


Whatever you do don’t think about how devastated Lance and Hunk’s families must be about their disappearance. Don’t think about Mrs. Holt whose entire family is gone and who now has no one left. And WHATEVER you do, don’t think about how no one probably noticed or cared when Keith disappeared because he was completely alone.

…Don’t think about those things because they’ll make you feel as sad as I felt while drawing this.

the true Retro style of blogging is barely being here for weeks and then shit posting about Matador and drawing things with my eyes closed within the same 3 hours. Anyway see you in the next few weeks.

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(1) Hi Viria, I hope you are well :) I am sorry to bother you with this, but it's really important for me, and I wanted to share it with you. It'll be long and kinda sad at first, but it gets better, trust me. I'm a 23 y/o latina art student. When I was a baby, my mom left my dad and remarried, and my little sister was born when I was 10. She is the light of my life and I love her to no end. Our mom, however, had had and undiagnosed and untreated mental illness for years, and one day

(2) during a severe crisis she hurt us really bad. I was 12. She was taken away to a psychiatric hospital and Child Services prohibited her from ever getting near us again. Since then, I have been taking care of my little sister and practically raised her while my stepdad worked 2-3 shifts to afford our education and payment for my mom’s hospital, living and meds. He was always working and I took full responsibility for my sis. As you can imagine, even though I loved her with my life, 

 (3) the situation was very stressful and exhausting for me. By the time I was 15, I looked every bit a teen mom. One particularly hard night when my little sis had been crying about mom, I couldn’t sleep. So I turned to something that calmed me: the Harry Potter books. I read them online, and somehow ended up searching for HP fanart. That was the night I stumbled upon your DA account. And boy, did I love it! I know back in 2011 your skills weren’t what they are now,

(4) but I was blown away, and what’s more, I felt inspired to draw. I had never tried to make any art before; it wasn’t “my thing”. But that night, you inspired me. As time went by I kept drawing and closely followed your improvements. Your art was so relaxing, calming, and inspiring, that it really helped me during hard times. You kinda dragged me into all the cool fandoms, series and animes, and I found life to be far more bearable with so many awesome things to love and think about.

(5) Your DA and Tumblr were some sort of safe sapce for me. It always cheered me up and gave me joy, peace, inspiration. When the time came, I choose to study Art at college. It turned out you did too, and you kept up all the good stuff in your blogs. Weirdly enough, I kept feeling a sense of pride whenever you improved and got better. I was so strange that you were so so far away and didn’t even know I existed but you helped me so much.

(6) I got accepted at my country’s top University to study Fine Arts; I moved cities and took my sister with me; she grew into a wonderful, sensible, peaceful child, and her presence motivated me to be the best version of myself, while your art motivated me to keep expanding my academic/artistic abilities. Life was hard but good at college, and I had incredible opportunities. I am graduating this spring with an advanced studies specialization, and was recently hired to work at

(7) of a movie. It’s like living a dream. And tonight, just a couple hours ago, the most incredible thing happened. After dinner, my little sis came to me, phone in hand, and said “Hey Ana, you won’t believe what I found. There’s this girl who makes amazing art of all the fandoms you’re in. Her drawings are gorgeous and she has so many!”. She showed me your tumblr. I wanted to laugh and cry. She was amazed when she saw your old drawings and your current ones; speechless.

(8) She fell in love, and you know what? Immediatly after, she went to draw. She’s been doing so the past hours. I know this was offensively long, but Viria, I needed to thank you for what you did. Your art has always been SO much more than just digital drawings of fictional characters. It’s been the source of peace, safety and joy that so many of us crave. You have wonderfully impacted and influenced many people across the world with everything you make.

(9) I am so glad you exist and do what you do; you gave me the hobby that grew into my passion, thaught me so much, inspired me beyond belief and most of all, you helped make life more bearable. And now, you have made the same for my sister. Viria, the world wouldn’t be the same without you. You are truly a magnificent light among us, and for your existence and passion I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you, and may you always live the beautiful, happy, awesome life you deserve. Thank you.

I’m not even kidding I was sitting here peacefully chewing sandwich and by the end of these messages the sandwich was too salty so was my cappuccino I swear you got me to tears and now i’m just like

I’m a shaking emotional leaf but thank you so much for writing me! It means so much and i’m so touched and i just wish you and your sister all the best of luck, though it seems like you don’t really need it. Thank you, and I hope life goes wonderfully for you and your family! 

You Who... [M] (ft. Jeongguk)

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Drabble Game Prompt 96. “Here, let me.” with badboy/jock!jeongguk

→ badboy football jk (warning: overstimulation, cumplay, fluff, and fuckingjeonjungkook)
→ 1.4k words

A/N: i have no idea where this came from, my hand sort of slipped, jfc what have i done

“There you go, yes, you can do it babe,” Jeongguk encourages, as you bite down on your lip.  

He grins up at you as you move your hips slowly against his, finding the way you squeeze your eyes shut tightly the cutest thing ever. 

“J-jeongguk I-I can’t–” you stutter, arms clutching at his bare shoulders as your movements stutter and begin to slow down. But you whimper instead at the loss of friction between your legs and begin to cry tears of frustration as you don’t know whether to continue grinding against him and chase after another orgasm or to stop completely. 

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Family’s What You Make Of It

Family’s What You Make Of It | It starts when Dan stumbles through the door of his two bedroom flat with an attractive stranger attached to his mouth, and it ends with, well… a family. Or, the one where Dan is a single father of a three year old, who intends for Phil to be nothing more than a one night stand until he see’s him interact with his daughter for the first time. | Phan | Mature | Smut, self-neglect, implied self-esteem issues, single father Dan | 4,374 Words

Thank you so @phansdick for encouraging me (as always) and then being wonderful and beta’ing for me without me even having to ask ;)

(Ao3 Link)

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4am messy sketches. Wanted to sketch out @motherish and @zenshousewife‘s DnD characters!!! Just seeing the chat when we were discussing it, I can tell it’s already going to be a disaster, but I’m excited lmaoo.

BTS Reaction | Making them cum

Anon request: Okay, first of all, I just adore your writing 🖤 second of all, could you write one where they’re grinding on their gf or whatever and she makes them cum in their pants? (sorry if my English is bad haha)

A/N: Thank you!

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