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If you don’t mind me asking, how good is your iPad Pro? Is it worth its price? I wouldn’t be drawing with it like you are so do you think that the regular iPad would be best? I’m sorry I know that this is weird to ask, but I saw a post that you just got a pro and it’s usually best to ask someone who owns one.

Hmm honestly even if i wasnt drawing. I would get the ipad pro because the sound is amazing, its super fast, and very sleek.

My parented have a regular ipad and its really bulky and hard to use.

I use mine for class work and taking notes during class because my laptop is too bulky and heavy to carry with books :/.

I found my ipad for relatively cheap online on ebay for 448.00 refurbished and its completely brand new like. A new ipad (recent generation) runs about 200-400 or 600$ regular price in stores.

So honestly i would see what YOU want in a ipad. I say go for the pro because i love it for school, work, and art. but if u want general use ONLY then get the regular ipad.

I wanted to end this week with a tribute to the wonderful animated short ‘In A Heartbeat’ by Beth David and Esteban Bravo! It’s beautifully made and its message is so important, particularly for us at the moment in Australia 🏳️‍🌈💕 Happy #FanArtFriday everyone!

(Drawn in @adobe Draw on iPad)

sketching some kids