Actually managed to get this thing finished! woo

I’m considering opening up an online store for shirts and prints of my art in the not so far futue so real talk, would you wear this on a T-Shirt?? (Please ignore whether you could afford it or order it, just pretend it was free or something)

Obligatory question mark so tumblr makes this answerable: ?

So yeah. On a train I decided, let’s try drawing on an old iPad and heck, let’s try coloring it. I think the last time I drew digitally and/or with coloring was about 9 years ago and I sucked then as well. This is far from perfect, but I’m quite happy with this as a first shot. Gotta keep practicing though…

hailhathnofury  asked:

Hi!! I just followed and I noticed in your description it says you draw with an iPad! I also do and was wondering what program for you use? Your style is so pretty and I love the way you colour.

Thank you! I use the app Procreate for all the paintings that I post on this blog. 

I will also sometimes use the app Pixlr to apply some color adjustments or a color splash on some of my greyscale drawings :3