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do the mods have any tips on how to draw digitally? i just got a drawing tablet and i'm having a hard time getting used to it

((Hello! Abbi the artist here!

I’ve been drawing digitally since I was like 13, with a tablet since I was about 15, and in the last half a year I’ve also been drawing on an ipad (all my Viktor drawings for this blog are done on ipad).

First of all, it’s going to take a bit of time and getting used to. Some people take to it really quickly, some not so quickly, and some people never quite feel comfortable drawing with a tablet. I know one thing some people do to help with the transition is lay a piece of paper over your tablet. You should still be able to draw through it on most tablets (I believe).

Play around with your tablet settings - the default pressure sensitivity/tilt etc may not suit you. Go into the tablet settings and also the brush settings in whatever drawing software you’re using. A lot of drawing software will also have some kind of stabilising function, which makes it easier to draw smoother curves for people just starting out with a tablet. Basically just play around with ALL settings and do plenty of doodling until you’re happy.

Another thing that I find helps a lot is to have some good, natural brushes on whatever software you’re using. I tend to use a brush that mimics pencil for sketching (even though I hate using actual physical pencils), just because the look and feel is more natural.

Look up tutorials! Lots of them! So many! And watch people’s process! Everyone has an extremely different process when working digitally, so copy a whole load of artists’ processes and see what works for you. Maybe you do your linework the same way as one artist but use another artist’s method for colouring.

Make good use of things like layers and your ability to resize things, adjust colours, add filters etc. These days I use a lot fewer layers, but when I was starting out I found it very useful to have loads of layers because it means everything is easy to edit.

That’s all the advice I can think of off the top of my head without knowing what software you’ve got and what sort of drawing/painting experience you have, but I hope it helps! If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask - I’ve used ipad apps, photoshop, illustrator, firealpaca, SAI, GIMP… all sorts, so I’m happy do advise!

Good luck!))