Apparently people like Janet, so here! Have more of her. :P

Also, here are some facts about her:

1. She’s a human-gem hybrid, just like Steven, if it was hard to tell. Her mother is Peridot.
2. She’s 13 years old.
3. Her birthday is January 8.
4. She’s been raised by Lapis, and she occasionally goes over to the temple to visit the CGs.
5. Due to her upbringing in the barn and living with Pumpkin, she believes that Pumpkins are just a weird breed of dog, rather than a crop.
6. She goes to school.
7. She inherited metal powers and a talent for invention from her mother. (she also inherited a bit of mannerisms and personality, but that’s another post)
8. I picture her voice sounding like Bart Simpson
9. The color green takes up like at least 80% of her wardrobe.
10. She was given Peridot’s old tablet as a present on her 10th birthday.
11. Despite having no blood relation to Steven, Janet uses his last name “Universe”.