Creator: Alex Hirsch

Drawn by RiddleRed (please be respectful and don’t steal!)

So I thought, wouldn’t it be sweet if little Mabel tried to knit little Dipper a hat to cover up his birthmark? Of course Mabel doesn’t think her brother should hide it, she’s always thought it was pretty cool, but she doesn’t want to see Dipper sad and knitting obviously solves everything. 

and this is how Dipper started wearing hats.

I need to practice drawing on my iPad. Lines are super shaky. Also it’s 3 in the morning and I am very very tired, but still lots of fun! I just couldn’t get this idea out of my head. Now I can sleep.

Goodnight :)


I was reading a fanfic where Nepeta had her symbol drawn on her face, and I thought that sounded super cool, so I designed sweet symbol makeup/tattoos/somefin for everyone!

Some of them worked out better than others, but overall I think it was pretty successful. uwu

Edit: The fic was When You Wear a Highblood’s Clothes by tumblr user pinkycry!!