When you screw up your sleeping pattern over the weekend, you have early work in the morning and all you can think of is how many hours and minutes you have left before you need to wake up… THATS when you start sketching your OC!🙄 So here is my Kíliel, and a mature Kíliel at that, which is a first. And I have to say how absolutely I love all of this sketch, her face and hair in particular!☺️ Can’t wait to finish her! 💜 -

Q: do you have an OC? If so, who are they?^^ -

im gonna be gay nd try to draw a fursona on my iPad it’ll be rad she’ll have huge tits altho I haven’t decided if she’ll be a cat, a possum, or a skunk yet

“See them walking in the park, long after dark…She takes his hand.” 
It’s Quiet Uptown - Hamilton

hundreds of years late to the party, but i finally listened to Hamilton and cried for like five days straight. nabbed mum’s tiny ipad this morning to draw my feels, but i find it’s so much harder to draw on ipad! back to crying now

160818 Jungkook’s Tweet

#CHANGEME #정감 심심해서 패드로 그려보았습니다

#CHANGEME #JungSense I’m bored, so I tried drawing this on my iPad.
[T/N: #JungSense is short for Jungkook’s Sensibility which Jungkook has been using as a hashtag on his scenic photos and such.]

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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