undertale seattle edition: papyrus attempts to befriend the fremont troll. undyne gets a little too enthusiastic at the center fountain while playing “dont get wet”. they lose sans in the science fiction museum. alphys loses her shit riding the monorail. asgore is disappointed that golden gardens is just a beach and not actually gardens of golden flowers. they lose frisk in the 5 story downtown nordstrom. toriel stops in a starbucks every hour to down coffee before she loses her mind with having to keep track of her gaggle of toddlers.

try-less  asked:

I couldn't find it in your blog, but what is passive activation? Thank you for all that you do ♡

I don’t think I have that on there actually. Passive activation or passive charging is when your sigil is charged over a longer period of time. For example, setting a sigil as your desktop background, leaving it in sun or moonlight, drawing it on something biodegradable and burying it, carving it in a bar of soap and washing with it. In general a sigil will start working as soon as it has the energy to do so. With passive activation since it takes a longer time to charge the sigil it likely starts working while still being charged. I like using passive methods for sigils that I want to keep around and use for long periods of time, maybe even recharge and use over and over.

On the other hand there is active activation. That is when the charging method is quick and therefore activated right away. For example burning a sigil, tearing it up into pieces, drawing it in food and eating it, drawing it on a balloon and popping it, things like that. A lot of active methods involve destruction. They’re fast and there’s no waiting for the energy to build up enough to get working, it starts, or activates right away. Active methods are good for sigils that you want to happen right here, right now, and not necessarily be concerned about long term. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t last as long as passive methods, they can.

mini messengers.

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)


Some more ramen cubes… because why not… 

Upcoming: ramen sticker set, hopefully they will all arrive in the mail before I leave for study abroad! Enjoy some cube food. https://society6.com/sinistersquids

Due to popular demand the stickers are now available on Redbubble


I would recommend cutting out the stickers because die-cut stickers were not an option (why redbubble…)