I completely forgot I made this! This was only one line in the entire book but it was amazing

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again :) Most of these are to be pretty flexible so you can be as creative as possible! Draw, paint, glue things, make a collage; however you want to answer these prompts is up to you!

  1. use your non dominant hand 
  2. favorite tv show
  3. inspired by your favorite artwork (sculpture, mural, painting, etc.)
  4. draw your own coloring book page
  5. color it in! 
  6. tea or coffee?
  7. paint something using your favorite from above
  8. use a grayscale color scheme
  9. self portrait, without looking in a mirror
  10. draw with your favorite pen! 
  11. your pets (and/or your future ones) 
  12. what do the clouds look like today? 
  13. favorite quote? 
  14. your crush (celebrities count) 
  15. draw the room you’re sitting in from your perspective
  16. draw with crayons! 
  17. what did you have for lunch?
  18. what would get tattooed? (or what’s your next one gonna be?) 
  19. your favorite art supplies
  20. do you play (or want to learn) any instruments? 
  21. favorite moment from this week? 
  22. favorite article of clothing? 
  23. what song has been stuck in your head? 
  24. city or countryside? 
  25. your phone wallpaper
  26. where do you wish you were right now? 
  27. a song lyric that describes your mood
  28. draw something using only triangles! 
  29. what were your interests in 2012? 

 if you do any these and post them on tumblr or instagram, please tag me (i track #coffeesforstudiers on tumblr) and my instagram is coffeesforstudiers


So I spent several hours completing this Lapis Lazuli painting. Lapis herself is completely done in watercolor, with only two shades of blue used, the black outline is in acrylic, and the background is also in acrylic blues and whites. I, personally, am quite proud of this. However, I had told myself I’d do Lapis in acrylic but I chickened out and did watercolor instead. I feel that the watercolor looks better, though. This is my contribution to the fandom.

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Hello ! I took part in a drawing contest for  Polymanga Convention. It is a very big conversation and I am happy to announce you I will have a stand there ^^ So if you like my art, please give a like to this drawing ***Here*** !
Thank you very much !!

Bonjour ! J'ai pris part cette année au concours Ma Bulle du Polymanga. c’est une grosse convention et je suis ravie de pouvoir annoncer que j’y aurai un stand ! Si vous appréciez ce dessin, n'hésitez pas à lui donner un like ***Ici***!
Merci beaucoup !!
Le Polymanga est dans moins de deux mois, j'ai hâte !

there’s some snakes bigger than spirals