Protection Mirror

This magically enhanced mirror will protect you during your travels and reflect all negativity back to its sender.

What you need

1 hand mirror 

1 cleansing method [salt water/ running water/sage smoke]

1 tbs vinegar 

step 1 

cleanse the mirror so no energy is lingering from before.

Step 2

 Then dip your finger in the vinegar and  draw a pentagram on the mirror and imagine the pentagram giving you protection and reflecting all negativity back to its sender. 


Self insert weekend! Yay! I spent the whole week thinking about this and what to draw, how, who?! It was very difficult, ok?! Finally choose Reno because look at him…who doesn’t like Reno? (shut up Babu) I think secretely I would like to be as badass as these guys…  You know without the whole killing, silencing, eliminating people and whole sectors *cough*

Btw, I wish my hair would actually look like that for more than 30 min after getting it halfway arranged….*sigh*

Taehyung held onto Jungkook’s hand firmly as they hid behind a big metal machine, out of sight of a fluffy green monster that was running frantically, much like the rest. They exchanged small grins and quickly ran through one of the many automatic doors.

Jungkook was smaller, by two years, but he had a lot of energy, so the two of them ran simultaneously, hand in hand, peeking around corners and jumping behind doors. They were playing with the Jimi Monster that visited Kookie and Hobi Hobi that came over to Tae every few nights. They had both managed to get through the doors the monsters came through and then met at the bathroom where they both happened to run and hide into the same cubicle. After laughing and holding each other’s mouth to keep quiet when one monster came in, they immediately decided to play together.

Unfortunately, they didn’t speak the same language, Jungkook being from Korea and Taehyung from America, but they threw in a few hand gestures and a drawing on a foggy mirror and quickly decided to be friends.

As they passes through another corridor, their attention was caught by a big black and nicely decorated door, which just so happened to be slightly ajar. So, naturally, they sneaked inside, closing the door behind them.

It was a huge office room, covered in red tapestry with swirls and drawings, a huge window on the back wall, a pretty big desk and a few black couches and a table. It looked simple, but it gave up a rather uncomfortable feeling for both kids.

Jungkook wanted to pull along and move to another hiding place, but Tae seemed more than a bit fascinated about the interesting room, but most notably the window. He pulled the younger along, and they both peeked outside. It was amazing. They could see an entire town beneath them. Monsters walking around the pave-walk, cars and busses driving about, funny looking birds and dogs and cats, buildings of different colors and-

They both felt like their hearts would pop out as the door began opening and two voices filled the room. Thinking fast, Jungkook pulled the elder and they both ducked under the desk, looking at the door through the small crack the table offered.

As the two pair of feet got closer, they suddenly stopped, along with the talking. One of them whispered something and started moving around the desk. Both kids huddled together, Taehyung bringing Jungkook protectively in his arms, closing their eyes in pure fright. They didn’t know if other monsters were as friendly as Jimi and Hobi Hobi. They were terrified.

Taehyung felt a pair of hands move around his waist and he clenched his eyes even more as he was pulled out, Kookie still safely tucked in his hold.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the two little trouble makers I heard about!”

Both kids were still too scared to look up, but their stiffness started slowly melting away when they felt a warm hand gently caressing their heads, moving in a comforting manner, as a different voice whispered “There, there…Poor children, they look terrified!”

Kookie gulped and slowly opened one eye, peeking over Taehyung’s shoulder to meet three gentle eyes looking straight at him with a soft smile.

“Hello little one~” He cooed, revealing two sharp fangs, however, for some reason, Jungkook didn’t feel uneasy anymore. On the contrary, it was as if the pink monster in front of him was his own mother, what with the gentle and caring look in his eyes.

“Troublesome pair aren’t you…” Jungkook snapped his eyes up to the one that, he now realized, was holding him and his new friend. The monster looked strangely similar to humans. He had the same skin color, the same eyes, and the same ears. The only visible difference he could make out were the pair of huge black, horns. They looked awesome.

“Whoa!” Taehyung exclaimed a huge grin on his face as he pointed excitedly at the pair of arms holding them up. Only then did Jungkook realize the monster had, in fact, four hands.

The pink one laughed, lifting Jungkook so that the horn guy could better hold onto Taehyung. “He’s cool, isn’t he?” Kookie nodded, eyes still glued onto the four limbs now firmly holding Taehyung, who was trying to reach the black horns. “What’s your name then?”

“I am Kookie! I am… five!” The boy happily replied, after counting on his fingers.

“And you are…?” He asked, looking at the other child, now firmly gripping onto one of the horns, much to the monster’s displeasure.

“My name is TaeTae! And I’m seven and three days old!”

“How cute~ I’m Jin, and this is Namjoon” The pink monster said, gesturing the other one as he named him. “Are you the two little kids who have been running around?” Both kids nodded, Kookie yawning and rubbing at his eyes at the same time “Oh my, looks like we have sleepy one over here! Maybe we should take you home, right?”

Namjoon took the child in his hands, pulling Tae down as well and they started walking towards the door.

“No!” Kookie whimpered, hiding his head into Namjoon’s neck. Tae looked on confused, not understanding what he was saying, but obviously understanding there was something wrong.

“What’s wrong?”


Namjoon just blinked once, twice, until he understood, chuckling. “Oh… don’t worry then, I’ll protect you, alright?” Kookie looked up, eyes glossy, and gently nodded.

True to his words, Namjoon offered the nasty eye and one time even a deep growl to anyone who dared look at the two kids or, God forbid, try to touch the. By the time they reached the Doors Room, both kids were looking at Namjoon as if he was their favorite superhero.

Namjoon asked a different, really cool looking monster named Yoonhi? Yoonmi? Yoongi? Yoongi! To open their respective doors. As they waited for a huge row of different colored and looking doors to pass by, Yoongi ruffled their hears, whispering “Had fun kids? Come again, yeah?”

Namjoon offered him a disapproving glance as he passed to one room, placing an already half-asleep Kookie in his bed and tucking him in.

“Wait! Wait!” Tae whispered, gently jumping off his arms and moving to the bed to place a soft peck on his new friend’s cheek.

Namjoon smiled as the two of them made their way outside, locking the door behind and moved onto another one, opening to Tae’s own bedroom. The kid jumped onto the bed, grinning and rubbing his eyes as Namjoon tucked him in as well. “Sleep well alright?” He said gently, in a deep and raspy voice, placing a kiss on his forehead.

As soon as the pair of lips touched his skin, sleep crawled all over him and Tae went to dreamland in less than five seconds, the closet door closing with a click in the darkness.