companions of inquisitor frisk! in the order of mages, rogues, and warriors :D

frisk themselves is a rogue, although if they can, they use their stealth abilities to avoid/flee from battles lol

tbh i did this crossover to draw ut characters in dai clothes, but actually drawing the armor… it was fun but just lay me down to rest……

my favorite stripper trio
blank meme by croxovergoddess


It’s like this every day. Every day.
Sketch again by Raffe, inks and colors by me.

(Coffeeshop AU by Raffe and me, check out everything related to it here.)

Here it is!!!! The second drawing I did in the stream!!! So because this is an orchestra AU, I have the excuse to doodle the matsus with their hair gelled back. I think it looks pretty cute (not sure if I brought out its potential in this drawing tho!!) 

Osomatsu is the conductor! (I initially made him the pianist, but I feel like he’d really like a leader position!) I’m gonna work on the other bros too. Next is Kara…that should be fun!!! 

ajkisbee asked:

For some reason I always imagined that sans would fit well into RWBY, well at least his personality and that weird ability to move people would. What do you think?

“- always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.”

I think I like this concept alltogether too much oh dear.



Hey look it’s the Dreemurr family, I finally drew them!! ᕕ(*´・ヮ・)ᕗ 

Toriel never left Asgore in Underfell because she’s down with murdering children. All hail Queen Toriel.