Nexon you can’t fool me I know how hair works in a helmet.


The Nordogs

Denmark: A giant Golden Retriever, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth and love in his eyes. Life goal is to fit three tennis balls in his mouth at once. Loves swimming, bacon, and belly rubs. Hates the vet and his own reflection.

Finland: A sturdy, poofy Finnish Lapphund, maybe that chocolate eclair-looking color combo. Sweet-natured, courageous, devoted to his people. Loves ice baths, rolling in the grass, and taking long car rides with his head out the window. Hates the mailman and getting burrs stuck in his tail.

Sweden: A calm, protective black and white Newfoundland. Because of his giant size, he’s misunderstood and assumed to be aggressive even though he is very gentle. Loves his squeaky toy stuffed animals and belly rubs. Hates vacuum cleaners and being told to get off the couch.

Iceland: A little teeny-tiny Maltese. His fur is short and curly rather than long and straightened like show dogs. Looks prissy but is actually quite active. Likes to take his people on long walks, chill with his owners, and explore his various environments. Hates most other dogs and being forced to go outside in the rain.

Norway: A regal looking cream-colored Norwegian Buhund. Aloof to strangers but gentle and loving to his people. Likes to play in snow, chase birds and squirrels, and lay on piles of fresh laundry. Hates having his tail pulled and when his owners bring strangers into his house.

Mod Amanda


So in case anyone was wondering, the reason that I haven’t posted much art lately is because I’ll be graduating tomorrow and the past few weeks have been very hectic as a result. Also in another week I’ll be leaving for China, so I probably won’t be on Tumblr much. But I’m still here friends!!


some doodles and stuff based on @lumorie‘s hercules au bc i just really love the au ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ