drawing while waiting for my ride

the signs as the things i heard on the first day of school

aquarius: shove that water bottle up your ass

pisces: [while making a name tag] hand me that marker, i’m gonna draw the void

aries: what’s your white mom name? wait nevermind you don’t get to decide, you’re definitely a carol.

taurus: anyone dare me to shove this scissors in my eye? no? i’m doing it anyway

gemini: time isn’t real i swear to god this bus ride is two hours long

cancer: i’m going to cry if he says another word about lunch


virgo: i’m so glad i’m a twin, the world needs more of my genes

libra: your locker is jammed? the stuff in there is probably too big. did you put your ego in there?

scorpio: is the next paragraph in the health class syllabus about [snicker] s-e-x?

sagittarius: i don’t trust gingers anymore. one’s smiling and it’s the first day of school.

capricorn: my pencil case just fell off the top of the bleachers. god i wish that were me.


Anonymous: Can you do a fic where the reader( apart of the team) is being extremly abused by her boyfriend and the team notices. Hotch maybe finds her at home crying and hurt and brings her back to the bau and they look after her.

Warning: domestic abuse

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Y/N stumbled into the BAU, over sized jumper drowning her frail form as her head bowed to avoid Derek’s stern eyes. Y/N shuffled past him nervously, in attempt to block him incoming conversation.

“Hey, doll.” Derek tested, observing her unusual attire. In response, Y/N smiled softly, twiddling the end of her sleeves anxiously as she continued to her desk.

“Wait,” Derek gently placed his hand on her shoulder, causing her to flinch, “Are you okay?”

“Sorry, yeah, just tired.” Y/N mumbled, the action not going unmissed by Aaron, who carefully watched from his office.

Y/N stared at her files, unable to concentrate while she massaged her temple. Suddenly, her phone began vibrating on the desk, his name possessing the screen. Hesitantly, Y/N picked up the phone, answering the call with a hushed voice.

“H-hello.” She whispered, terrified of drawing attention of her friends.

“Shit, darling. At least pretend to be happy to hear my voice. Anyways, I think you feel ill.” He laughed darkly, causing her to whimper slightly.

“W-what?” She whispered, terror dominating her voice while Aaron observed her panicking form.

“I’m waiting outside.” He bluntly informed, hanging up the phone, leaving Y/N physically shaking as she readjusted her sleeves once again.

“Hotch, sir.” Y/N knocked lightly, sleeve riding up her extended arm, wide purple bruises peeking through the edge of her sleeve.

“Is everything okay?” Aaron questioned, concern evidently laced within his voice.

“I-is it okay if I take the r-rest of the day off? I don’t really feel well.” Y/N pleaded, voice shaking over her cowering form.

“Of course, do you need one of us to take you home?” Aaron asked, eyes dark on her terrified face.

“No,” Y/N quickly raised her voice, eyes widening right after her miniscule outburst, “It’s okay.”

As soon as Y/N walked through the door, he pushed her against it, hands tight on her wrists as he held them against the door. Y/N’s face scrunched up, eyes clenching while she tried to wiggle from his harsh grip.

“Stay still.” He spat, thrusting his broad body against hers.

“Y-you’re hurting me.” Y/N cried, body weakening against his violent force. In effect, he threw her body down on the ground, straddling her weak body as his knees kept her pinned to the hard floor. His grasped her face harshly, forcing his lips onto hers causing her lips to tremble against his. Eventually, she pulled her swollen lips from his fiercely but her courage quickly faded as his eyes darkened at her detachment.

“I-I’m sorry,” terror possessed her voice  as tears fell down her face slowly. Although, his anger rushed though his aggressive body, pulling Y/N up by her jumper, tearing it slightly. Immediately he pushed her head back to the solid ground, clenched fist colliding with her quivering face. He stood up, leaving Y/N’s body shaking as she sobbed, chest heaving while she rocked in a foetal position.

Aaron knocked on her door, no sign of reply showing itself on the other side. He knocked harder, pressing his ear against the door to hear the quiet whimpers from the other side.

“Y/N, I’m coming in.” Aaron yelled, thrusting his shoulder into the door. When he emerged, he was met by Y/N’s curled, quavering form,  face tucked into her knees. Within seconds, Aaron was knelt by her side, brushing her knotted hair from her face.

“Y/N, what is it?” Aaron commanded, hands gently running up her back until he accidentally pushed her jumper up, revealing dark purple bruises painted across her pale skin.

“Y/N,” he whispered, the vulnerability overpowering his voice. Y/N lifted her heavy head up, pain burning threw it from landing on the ground. Her tear-stained face met Aarons, fearful eyes flickering between his soft ones.

“ H-he’s coming back.” She trembled causing Aaron to gently wrap his finger around the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him as she sat up nervously.

“You’re coming with me.” Aaron demanded, interlacing his fingers with hers to pull her to stand. Y/N’s knees threatened to give away, legs shaking as she leant against her boss.

“Can you walk?” His voice soothed, fingers still laced with hers while she nodded against his shoulder.

Aaron wrapped his arm around her waist, steadying her vulnerable body as they entered the BAU. Derek rushed over to her, worried eyes inspecting her abused body.

“ What’s happened?” He whispered, holding her other side.

“Take her to my office.” Aaron commanded sternly, breaking away from her weakened grip. Derek sat her carefully on a couch in Aaron’s office, Spencer and JJ following closely behind, worry occupying their gazes.

“What has happened, Y/N?” Derek’s voice cooed, eyes travelling to her exposed, purple wrists before looking over at Spencer and JJ knowingly. Y/N sat there, tense and frozen, eyes locked on one spot on the wall. Aaron reappeared, cold damp cloth and water in hand.

“Can we have a minute?” He asked softly, the team members fleeing out of the office. Aaron knelt in front of her, slowly lifting up her sleeves and placing the cold cloth on her bruised wrists.

“It should ease the pain,” he cooed, looking up at her soft eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered, bowing her head as the lump in her throat broke free. Aaron stood up, cupping her face, thumbs tracing over her damp cheeks.

“He’s not coming near you ever again.” Aaron urged, wrapping his arms around her shoulders while she nuzzled into his neck, tears dampening his shirt.


“Story Time! Once a guy tried out an app and it changed his life. Thank you, Vine”

Yes, Vine. Thank you for bringing Thomas Sanders into my life! And can I just wanna say that I’m incredibly thankful that Vine was a thing!? And since I’ve done so many I felt the need to do one last Vine related drawing since it ended today!

Thomas, thank you so much for being the stupendous individual that you are and continue to be! It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow over these past 4 years!! I’m so freakin proud of you! And with Vine ending I feel we just finished the most recent chapter, that was just volume 1! Your story has only begun, Thomas! And honestly I can’t wait to see where it goes! I love you to the moon and back! ✌🏾️💜💚


KoFi Charms: Crew of USS Sally Ride / Shield of Tomorrow

2018, July - I started to watch Geek & Sundry’s Shield of Tomorrow, ironically the day it ended which I wasn’t aware until after the episode. My timing is always awesome like that. And again to my luck YT only has 20-something episode which is not the complete seasons of it! I can’t pay for Alpha so now I have to wait till the rest of the episodes gets released :/

Anyhow, I immediately fell in love with the GM, the players and the characters. I wish I had started to watch it waaay before but I was oblivious to the fact such stream existed. I need to stop living under a rock… so, between the commissions while watching them I decided to draw the crew of USS Sally Ride as warm-ups. Maybe in near future I can work on some of the awesome NPCs too. 

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“I Still Want You” (Nichkhun Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern

Word count: 1 679

Warning:  none

Summary: “. I still want you. Every single day, every single night – I miss you.”

He was watching you watch him through your lenses. He wasn’t just looking at the camera, but piercing through the lenses just so that you knew he was staring right at you.

“Okay, that’s a wrap! Thank you for your hard work today!” You placed your camera on the table next to the professional laptop.

You were satisfied with the work you’ve got done in one single day. A celebration was required with lots of wine and cheese.

“Excuse me,” one of the assistants approached you carefully, “he would like to talk to you. In private.” And with that she walked away, leaving you to sigh and wonder what was going to happen. Was he actually going to take action upon all the staring?

“I heard you were looking for me,” you started, stopping in the doorstep and admiring your nails like one cold bitch that you were supposed to act like.

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Can I just say that I freaking love what you did with the whole DARKNESS album. ALL THOSE SONGS!! I can’t help but have these animatic scenes playing in my mind while listening to each of them. I would animate them out if I could but I don’t have the skills for it. But damn I would love to draw them out one day.

//I don’t have premium on Spotify but like I don’t care because all these songs are perfect and it’s a ride from one transition to another and it’s so unexpected y'know//



More old sketchbook doodles!✨✨✨

Since I have not enough pictures from any project to post, I might as well continue posting pictures from my old sketchbook :O

The first one was a try at the pokémon Mimikyu! I believe they had recently announced this little duder and I loved them so much I tried to draw them. The second picture is of another OC I designed (and of course, they have no name wowie me). I remember drawing them while waiting for my family’s turn to ride some horses in a “rancho” while on vacation. The third one is a quick doodle of Stevonnie from Steven Universe! I really love that fusion lmao. The fourth picture is a fanart of the SU episode “Mindful Education”. That is actually one of my favourite episodes, since it is a very pretty story and the song is so nice to sing. And the last picture is of Bill Cipher’s (from Gravity Falls) final form in “Weirdmageddon 3”. I can still remember struggling with this doodle lmao

I’m late, but here’s my jasicoper high school au for @polypjoweek! Piper is teaching a very nervous Nico how to skateboard after school while they wait for Piper and Jason’s rides to get there (Nico walks home with his sisters). Also tiny bf steals swol bf’s sweatshirt. Again. Tbh Nico probably has a lot of jackets from his bf and gf that he borrows and forgets to give back, not so accidental thief.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you do part 2s but I was totally in love with your "bidders confess to mc as high schoolers" headcanon, and I was wondering if you could do another part, like mc's reaction or first date? I hope this makes sense! Thank you..!

Eisuke: He took you to a five star restaurant, had a private showing just for the two of you and to top off the perfect first date, he gave you a diamond necklace. “E-Eisuke,” You stammered, “I don’t need all of this. I just want to spend time with you.” You said, handing him back the necklace with a smile. “You’re a strange woman,” He commented, but he couldn’t help but feel stupidly happy inside with your words. 

Soryu: “I have to meet your parents first.” He demanded, “I can’t date you unless I meet them.” Sighing, you reluctantly brought him home to face the ultimate embarrassment of your parents. “I am Soryu Oh, and I am dating Khim. Please let us date!” He said, bowing low to your parents, making you blush. “S-Sor you don’t have to bow.” You whispered, patting his back, “I should, I am dating with the intention of marriage.” He announced, causing your dad to choke on his drink, your mom to giggle and for you to turn beat red, “S-Soryu!” 

Baba: “Come on Khim!” He called, dragging you along behind him as you followed him though the amusement park. It was the perfect first date. Lots of laughter, fun rides, and he even won you the blue little kitten in the claw machine. Although at the end of it all, you wondered how many first dates he went on. He was, after all, Baba, known for his multiple relationships and flirtatious ways. Picking up on your mood he brought you onto the ferris wheel, “Listen Khim, even though i’ve had a lot relationships, I want to take ours seriously.” His kind and honest words bring tears to your eyes. Yup, it was the perfect first date.

Ota: “Let’s go Koro!” He called, waiting for you by the swan boats. “I said stop calling me that!” You yelled, as he held out a hand to help you into the boat. The nice, relaxing atmosphere made the date seem that much more fun actually as you found yourself zoning out as you watched others ride by. After a while, you turned to Ota, to find him holding a sketch pad, “What are you doing?” You asked, leaning over to take a peak. “I’m drawing you,” He said, turing the pad to show a portrait of you sitting in the boat, “Oh my god Ota this is so good!” You exclaimed, “You’re amazing.” With that comment he chuckled, “It’s the model that makes my work beautiful,” He said with a sly smirk.

Mamoru: He felt like such a kid, being nervous and his palms being sweaty. After all, it was just you he was meeting. It wasn’t even a date, no matter how much you claimed it to be one. “Tch,” He sighed, running a hand thought his hair. “Mamo!” You called, running making your way to where you both were supposed to meet up. “Oh damn it,” He whispered, trying to hide his goffy expression on his face. You were just to damn cute.

Luke: “Date? Why do we need to go on one of those?” He asked, cocking his head to the side. “Because we are dating!” You exclaimed, “It’s what couples do. Don’t you want to? Hiro and I always went on them.” He paused at your statement, before grabbing your hand and turning around in the other direction, “Lu-Luke, where are we going?” You asked, running to keep up with his fast pace. “A date.” He said, “A better one than you ex’s.” 

Hishikura: You shouldn’t have expected much as Hishikura brought you to the library to have your first date. And with it ending up as a study session with him grilling you with practice problems made it feel less and less like a date, although you tried not to mind it. “Khim,” He called out, bringing you out of your thoughts, “What is it Hishikura?” With the question he scowled at you, “Didn’t I tell you to call me Shuichi?” He asked, causing you to blush, “Sh-Shuichi.” God was the date so worth it just to be able to call him that.

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Harry's getting head~we kinda share that really~Lou,can I give you a blowjob, I'd love for you to, just wait~I'm quite versatile~no control~Stockholm syndrome~Louis draws a dick on every surface~horse rider, I think he'd be good~he's got one~blowjob innuendos~Louis jerking off a plant while looking at Harry~favorite ride, 'You were mine'~I'd get down on my knees for you ... WE KNOW TOO MUCH

it’s honestly far too much that it’s amazing they’re even a question anymore