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i hope prime didn’t just hear him yell ‘fuck’ or There Will Be Trouble

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Day #9 - Favorite ship of the LOVE SQUARE

I don’t really have a preference when it comes to the love square, but I do love Ladynoir’s “we are an unstoppable team” dynamic! 

Today was supposed to be day #10, will I ever be able to catch up? Who knows. But day #10 is “favorite side characters ship” and you all know who I’m drawing!
[Insert evil laugh here.]

Actually, I posted a little wip in my Instagram stories~

You can check out all my drawings for this challenge here.

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FINALLY made a digital portrait! Here’s our beloved Sammy sleeping in the car (because I really like how the boys spend the nights on the road)!

This week will be mostly like this from now – by ‘this’ I mean sleepy, dark, sometimes bloody. I hoped I’ll make a full rainbow out of week 3 but I forgot to check what the prompts are… Hopefully I will do more colorful drawings next week xD

For @winchester-reload’s Supernatural-themed Inktober challenge

Haha I forgot to post this

Milo just doing different things with his hands and also an open shirt Milo for reasons.

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Day 17 of Inktober and I drew Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 cosplay as Junko Enoshima from the Danganronpa series!

Honestly I drew this PURELY out of extreme curiosity. Without accounting the art style, Ann and Junko look similar to each other, so then I thought: “what would happen if I try to draw one in the other’s outfit? Would Ann still be recognizable in Junko’s clothes?”

Before I wrote Ann’s name on the drawing, I asked a couple of people around my college campus who this is, and they all said “Junko”. So I’m like, holy SHIT– in a full body composition of a character, clothing matters a lot. And then I remembered I drew Monokuma before asking, and then I was like, “shitshitshit that could’ve reinforced their guess.”

Bottom line, my experiment failed. Oh well. At least I finally got myself to draw fanart again.