drawing your attention to the nose ring

ghost of a past

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muses: yoongi x reader x taehyung
type: reincarnation au / soulmate au
word count: 1.4k
genre: fluff / angst (?)

“In another life, will you stay?”

The sun was shining too bright overhead that day, basking his skin a perfect shade of tan, brown eyes turning honey under the blue sky, bangs covering forehead and loose undone button ups hanging on broad shoulders. Kim Taeyhung had never looked more gorgeous. 

It killed you, to look into those deep eyes, those eyes that had always held you in their vision, always softened at the mere sight of you - and let the lie hit the air.

“Only if you don’t accidentally feed me unripe tomato.” You smiled.

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DL really really love reader and doting on them so much?

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you cast a charm on Ciel,” Lu says bluntly one day.  You blink at the out-of-the-blue topic.


“He’s constantly thinking about you,” Lu elaborates, with her mouth twisted into a pout.  “Like, literally always.  Haven’t you noticed how often he’s around you?  Whenever he gets up, he asks if you need anything.  You can lean on him at any time and he just cuddles you.  He legit had a dream last night about you sleeping on his lap and him playing with your hair.  For fifteen minutes.”  Lu wrinkles her nose.  “It was actually sort of sickening.  Sweet, but sickening.”

Besides the weirdness of Lu apparently picking up human slang (legit? Sort of? The demon language doesn’t have those words), her sentiment rings true, now that you think about it.  Wherever you are, Ciel is never far.  Whenever you need him, he’s right there with that soft smile and those sharp eyes.

“You’re smiling,” Lu grumps, drawing your attention to it.  Yes, you are.  You’re smiling at just the thought of him.

“He’s adorable,” you defend yourself, feeling your smile stretch wider.  “You know, most people like it when a guy dotes on them.”

Lu crosses her arms.  “Yeah, well, don’t take him completely away from me,” she grumbles, and then almost as soon as she’s said it, she perks up.  “And oooh, if you ever kiss, I’ll be there to throw flowers.”

You make a mental note to get Lu out of the way before you and Ciel make out tonight.