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Study tips for the three types of learners

●Auditory learner
-teach content to others
-use your phone to record lectures and listen to them when its time to study.
-set vocab words or facts to music
-listen to youtube videos or podcasts of what you’re studying.

●Visiual learner

-Visiualize what is read to you
-color code e v e r y t h i n g
-write down key words or phrases
-draw pictures to understand concepts.

●Tactile learners

-make charts and graphs
-take breaks when studying
-make an event out of studying
-do something with your hands while studying
-walk while studying

#34 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “hiya !! i really love you’re writing (especially the ones where van climbs into the bath and shower with the reader) and i was wondering if you could do another intimate piece like that, like even when van and the reader aren’t necessarily romantically involved but just depend on each other for comfort yknow ? so like, maybe if van was upset and the reader and him are both just standing in the shower or laying in the bath together ? just comforting each other with soft touches and hushed words x”

Note: “Anonymous,” I know you. Also, fuck you, I’m excited. Alright, because I’ve already posted a fic that was set primarily in a shower, I didn’t focus too much on that, but I worked it in. My main goal was to show that gentle comfort. I really hope you like this, because I really loved writing it.

“You know it doesn’t matter what they think. You said that yourself. It only matters that people are coming to the shows,” you tried to reason out for him. He was too upset to listen. You sat by Van’s side as he attempted to play Fifa. He was competing against the ghost in the machine, and he was losing. That was a rare event within itself, but combined with Van’s uncharacteristic sadness, and his genuine worry about the bad album review, everything about the situation was just wrong. He was chewing his bottom lip and trying to hold back tears by pulling his eyebrows into a frown. “Van?” He started to smash the controller’s buttons harder, and the ball went into the wrong net. He threw the controller at the floor and it smashed into pieces. The game automatically paused, leaving the room to be filled with only the sound of the refrigerator motor in the background, and Van’s heavy breathing at the forefront.

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You know what’s nice about being an artist? After reading a fic that you like, you can go the extra mile and make the author’s day by drawing something related to it. Likes, reblogs, kudos, and reviews are all ways to show appreciation; what’s one more on top of that? 

We all know that unfortunately writing often doesn’t get as much recognition compared to art, so why not make an author happy by giving them a picture you made? 

It could even be beneficial to both! Your art can make rounds which in turn can get more attention to the fic; a win-win situation!

GAINING PERSPECTIVE ON GRAPHIC NARRATIVE: essential/ worthwhile/ personal favorite books regarding comics as an art, technique, style, or serve other significance

in short, i work at a book store and take great advantage of the ability to order whatever i want for the store without bearing the responsibility of paying for anything. i read a lot of books and texts about comics because i’m driven to make a graphic novel i’m proud of, these are just some of many i find noteworthy- b/c no one actually needs a bunch of courses or an art degree to obtain a broader upstanding of the illustrated narrative and subsequently grow as a comic artist.

  1. binky brown meets the holy virgin mary - justin green (duh. essential for contextualizing early crumb/ spiegelman/ a lot of work in the comix scene & era as well as serving as the ultimate ideal model for the autobiographical comic narrative.)
  2. graphic women: life narrative and contemporary comics - hilary l. chute (adore this one- its subjects and contents are the bible for women producing autobiographic comic content)
  3. panel discussions: design in sequential art storytelling - durwin s. talon (an essential and personal favorite and all around perfect book)
  4. comics versus art: comics in the art world - bart beaty
  5. the power of comics: history, form and culture - randy duncan
  6. cartooning: philosophy and practice - ivan brunetti
  7. german expressionist woodcuts - shane weller
  8. the art of the woodcut: masterworks from the 1920s - malcolm c. salaman
  9. wordless books: the original graphic novels - david a. berona
  10. graphic witness: four wordless graphic novels - masereel, ward, patri, and hyde (this and the former three are the best introduction to textless graphic novels/ expressionist woodcuts that i’ve come across. woodcut narratives have been so huge for me.)
  11. critical approaches to comics: theories and methods - randy duncan 
  12. underground classics: the transformation of comics into comix - james philip danky
  13. from staple guns to thumb tacks: flyer art from the 1982-1995 new orleans hardcore scene / punk is dead punk is everything (not a universal necessity but punk flyer art has always been a big inspiration and love of mine. it had visual command that lends well to comic structure)
  14. the visual language of comics: introduction to the structure and cognition of sequential images - neil cohn
  15. the art of possible! comics mainly without pictures - kenneth koch
  16. a hummet: a treated victorian novel - tom phillips 
  17. une semaine de bonte: a surrealistic novel in collage - max ernst (this and the former are some personal favorites and incredibly useful/ inspiring for incorporating collage elements into comic narrative)
  18. comics and sequential art: principles and practices - will eisner (any of eisner’s books are applicable here)
  19. the system of comics / comics and narration - thierry groensteen (all groensteen’s pieces on comics are so great.)
  20. how to draw noir comics: the art and technique of visual storytelling - shawn martinbrough
  21. comics and language: reimagining critical discourse on the form - hannah miodrag (a touch bloated and precociously academic but an insightful read nonetheless)
  22. best of comix book: when marvel comics went underground - stan lee
  23. panel one: comic book scripts by top writers - dwayne mcduffie
  24. AX volume 1: a collection of alternative manga - various authors (another personal favorite. but i think any comic artist can benefit from AX- it’s an amazing and diverse collection of highly stylized shorts that take really interesting and surreal narrative directions)
  25. vanishing point: perspective for comics from the ground up - jason cheeseman
  26. rebel visions: underground comix - patrick rosenkranz
  27. drawing words and writing pictures/ mastering comics - jessica abel & matt madden (yeah anything jessica abel touches is perfect)
  28. the graphic canon vol 1-3 - russ kick
  29. graphic subjects: critical essays on autobiography and graphic novels - michael a. chaney
  30. projections: comics and the history of twenty-first century storytelling - jared gardener
  31. lynd ward: six novels in woodcuts - lynd ward (..,,there’s nothing i can say about ward that would do him justice really. he was the master of the craft and i just consider his work so intrinsically important.)
  32. the language of comics: word and image - n.c. christopher couch
  33. the daniel clowes reader: a critical edition of ghost world and other stories, with essays, interviews, and annotations - daniel clowes 
  34. comics, comix, & graphic novels: a history of comic art -roger sabin (one of my favorites)
  35. a comics studies reader - jeet heer (an on point essay collective, way really impressed with the diversity of topics addressed)
  36. making comics: storytelling secrets of comics, manga, and graphic novels - scott mccloud
  37. love and rockets: the covers - los bros hernandez (the entire series is more ideal of course but l&r’s covers are engaging even in a secular context from their narrative)
  38. writing and illustrating the graphic novel: everything you need to know to create great work and get it published - daniel cooney
  39. 99 ways to tell a story: exercises in style - matt madden
  40. framed ink: drawing and composition for visual storytellers - marco mateu-mestre
  41. perspective! for comic book artists - david chelsea
  42. TO END ON A FUN NOTE ::: wampus, vol. 1 - franco frescura & luciano bernasconi ((the stupidly fun dated as hell french comic book that’s supposedly a cult classic but i’ve never encountered anyone else who’s actually read it so like, help me out here)


hiding under the blankets with luke when it’s storming outside and it definitely sounds like the rain and thunder are going to knock the whole building down so he distracts you by drawing pictures and writing words across your collarbone and having you guess what they are and after he’s done writing ‘penis’ and drawing a cat and a house he goes to write something cute like 'i love you’ but the house shakes with a much louder clap of thunder, the room lighting up for a second with a flash of lightening and he squeaks instead, hiding his face in your chest and squeezing you tight to him with a little whine and a hushed, 'baby, i don’t want to dieeee’ cause apparently it wasn’t you who needed the distraction

Hello, fellow Portal admirers ! 
I’m happy to finally announce an event dedicated to one of the most ambiguous characters in the Portal franchise. Please welcome:



Q: When will it take place?
A: I’ve chosen the second week of August (08-14) as gives us two weeks to prepare for the celebration!
Q: What can I do?
A: EVERYTHING! All kinds of content matter! Draw fanart, take pictures of your cosplay, write fanfiction or some words about your headcanons or share some personal stories about how Doug influenced on your in-game experience (and maybe your life). Let’s show some love for this wonderful character! But please, don’t forget to tag ur posts! I’ll track the tag so I can reblog all the posts i like into my blog! Also I’ll create a special blog where I’ll be reblogging all the tagged posts (for science, of course)!
Q: And what is the tag?
A: #rattmannweek2016 Remember, it’s okay to draw Doug with anyone you’ll find appealing, it’s okay to create AUs, it’s okay to make a fem-version cosplay, everything you’ll do will be okay as long as you do it with love and enthusiasm! Two weeks to get ready and one week to post it all! Decide what day (or days?) on the week suits you the most and participate! The number of posts you can do is unlimited. I believe we can make Tumblr see that Portal fandom is Still Alive and prospering (well, I hope in the end of the week they wouldn’t Want Us Gone). Let’s show Doug the love he deserves! Get ready and good luck!
Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Read-Along!

The big day is finally here - the Read-Along has officially begun! This is, to my knowledge, the only Tolkien Read-Along that’s been hosted here on Tumblr (and if there’ve been others, this one is automatically better because it has you!) Together, as a group of over 800 Middle Earthlings, we’re going to read through JRR Tolkien’s great trilogy. Many of you have read the books before, and most of you are at least familiar with the story from the Peter Jackson adaptations. But 15% of you are first time readers, which is fantastic!

The focus of this Read-Along is to, of course, read the books. But, thanks to our beloved internet, we have the opportunity to do so much more. So read through today’s introduction posts. Meet your fellow Middle Earthlings. And over the course of the next few months, read what they write about their reading experience. Write some words of your own. Draw a picture of Gandalf, knit a scarf that reminds you of Pippin, or create a playlist perfect for a party in Minas Tirith. And share share share share share. Let’s form our own fellowship, and make the spring of 2014 a truly Tolkienian experience.

If you only just arrived, take a look around the Read-Along blog. The FAQs page should be pretty helpful to you, and of course the Schedule is very important. Spend some time exploring the Bingo Cards, and take a look at the other platforms the Read-Along has a presence on. Make yourself at home!


I was tagged by my luv plantcreep to do this cute thing where you list 16 things you want in your life and draw little pictures and write words you think of when you think of the word happy, it was v fun!! I tag thereshegoghs eggplahnt eggypal tiniestpeach skyfluff and monetswaterlily and anyone else who wants to do it!!!!💖

Les Mis Holiday Exchange (Valentine's Day Round)

Hello, hello! Welcome to the Les Misérables Holiday Exchange (Valentine’s Day round)!

What’s this?

A secret fic and art exchange hosted on AO3!

Everyone is matched to a person and writes them a fic or draws a piece of art. In return, you will receive one from another person. After all fic/art are posted, it will be revealed who made what!

There is also an option for treats.

What kind of fic/art?

Fic: Minimum word count 1,000 for this round.

Art: At least one illustration, cleaned up. Basically, something more than a sketch. B&W or greyscale is perfectly acceptable, as that’s an artistic choice thing.

Any rating welcome! Gen is welcome! Smutty, smutty kinky porn is welcome! You will be able to specify what ratings you are comfortable writing/drawing.

You can request any Les Mis characters, pairings, OT3s or more. You will only be asked to write characters you are comfortable writing/drawing.

What do I have to do?

  • Sign-up on AO3. If you need an AO3 invite code, give us a shout.

  • Fill out the sign-up form. It asks you for between two to four prompts (examples on the form), and also two to four things you are willing to give in return. Please specify if you have a preference for fic/art, or a preference for no fic/art.

  • Write 1000 words or draw a picture, and upload it to the collection on or before February 11th!

What’s the timeline for this?

  • Sign-ups: 1st – 11th Jan 2015

  • Assignments will be sent by: 13th Jan

  • Drop-out deadline: 9th Feb
  • Posting deadline: 11th Feb

  • Reveals: 14th Feb.

What’s a drop-out deadline?

If you’re unable to finish your fic or art (which happens, because life!) we would love it if you could ideally tell us by then so your person still gets a gift from a pinch-hitter. It’s not really a deadline as such, since we’re hardly going to pounce through the window and maul you if you have to drop-out after that, but it gives us a much better chance of getting your recipient a gift.

What’s a Treat?

They’re extra presents to people. Unlike your main assignment, they would have no word minimum, and can be sketches, and you may participate even if you’re not in the exchange. 

People may opt to make their prompts public. Those who do will have their prompts collated for people to browse. If you want to write them a fic, you can do so! You upload your work on AO3 to the Les Mis Holidays Treats collection. Works would be anonymous at the time of posting and reveals would be at the same time as the exchange (15th Feb).

Treats are not a substitution for an assignment, so if you have an assignment, you should definitely focus on getting that done first.

I’m confused, still!

The AO3 page has a more comprehensive FAQ. If you still don’t understand after that, just pop us an ask or an email!

I missed the sign-up date!

You can volunteer to be a pinch-hitter, if you’d like! 

What’s a pinch-hitter?

Pinch-hitters are volunteers willing to substitute in for people who have dropped out. Often, this means doing a prompt on short notice. If you’d like to be one, please send us an email, or an ask with your email in!

Who’s running this show?

defractum, and I’m contactable through the ask box and at lesmisholidays@gmail.com. I also track the tag #lesmisholidays!

TL;DR What’s different from last round?

1. We’re open to artists this round!

2. We’re not having live postings. All fic will be revealed on the 14th regardless of when it’s posted.

3. Word count is lower, since there’s less than a month to make your prompt.