drawing wooo

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

“How could you tell me that I’m great? When they chewed me up, spit me out pissed on me?”

Dipper overthinks a lot, and stressing out on such little details…and always thinks if Bill’s going to get tired of him eventually; to have been tossed away like some broken toy just to collect dust over time…to be just forgotten and ignored..to be…not loved.. He was scared of that and he knew that it’s always going to happen someday.

Well, of course, Bill always proved him wrong.

♔ lion king ♔ 

(a redraw of a pic from three years ago)


I remembered to record myself drawing!  Wooo!  (I haven’t uploaded anything in forever, gaahhhhh, I fail at Youtube lolol)  Here’s how I did the lineart and coloring for this picture

(I hope you like my song choices!)