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Crap Gorillaz Headcanons

-Secretly has Tinder
-Multiple girls have approached him and have had real life meetings, but they all turn down because he’s “catfishing”
-2D has claimed to see Murdoc messaging other men through Grindr
-Murdoc is secretly a tsundere
-Quiet often he gets tired of walking and usually gets Noodle to push him around in a wheelchair
-Behind the scenes, Murdoc has up to nine strokes a day
-He enjoys hentai - especially with the guys that look either like him or 2D           -Murdoc’s bedroom is just a dark, endless void

-2D grows very animal like when he’s incredibly angered or threatened - his only tactic to represent that is by running around on all fours, hissing at anyone who comes near him
-He makes “poetry” on his typewriter in his spare time
-Has nightmares about having “eyes”
-Makes dolls of himself and the other band members - he plays with them and pretends Murdoc and him are good friends
-Murdoc breaks the dolls in front of 2D whenever he catches him doing this before letting them melt in a fire, and 2D is forced to watch this whole process
-Murdoc then says something along the lines of “This is what happens when you make friends.” 2D runs into his room crying before smoking away his problems
-2D purrs when happy and barks when annoyed. He’s most likely an Otherkin
-2D has a Vaporwave-themed playlist and loves aesthetics

-Family game night exists, and Noodle always wins
The order is this: 

1.Murdoc abuses 2D’s character before an instant fight to the death               2.2D wins that round                                                                                               3.Murdoc becomes pissed and swears in Satan                                               4.2D ends up killing his character straight after because he also sucks at games 5.Russel doesn’t even give a damn and purposely lets his character die     6.Noodle wins

Russel:                                                                                                                     -Grows tired of beating Murdoc all the time (also because Murdoc is old), so he instead carries around a jug of holy water and flicks it on him - Murdoc then is forced to hissing before fleeting away to restore HP

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Sorry if this is annoying... but it would be really cute seeing you making a comic in your style... kind of what kaaragetarou did with Chirei Den (that cute SA comic)

Doing a short 3- or 4-panel comic would probably be really testing my skills right now, doing an entire book would be way beyond my current ability

But I’m glad you think so! It’s really nice to hear you like my drawings that much!

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.


Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.

It looks like the time has come and we can upload our artworks, sooooo…..My art for @thedestielartbook !!! 
It was a honor and pleasure to take part in it <3 

I hope you will like it, honeybees!!