drawing with code


I made some designs (more than just these) and I sell them on redbubble. All of the designs are available on products like phone cases, tshirts, hoodies, notebooks, mugs, laptop cases and much more. I made some random designs but also 5sos, All Time Low and 1D ones.

There is a sale going on right now so if you wanna get 20% off then you can use the code ‘YOUEARNEDIT’. The code only works today so if you are thinking about getting anything you gotta do it today.

I also recreated the hoodie Michael wore the other day. If you wanna see that, click HERE

If you’re reading this..: HERE
Cacti: HERE
Pattern: HERE
You complete mess: HERE
All of my designs: HERE
5sos designs: HERE
All time low designs: HERE
One direction designs: HERE


I really wanted to try out the art style challenge and it was pretty fun. I still feel uncomfortable copying others styles but I think I learned a lot of different techniques.

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“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore


Drew these during summer for the KH zine One Sky 358 Destinies!!

I just had a nosebleed and then I sneezed. It was horrible.

But I was lucky my nosebleed started after I came back in from taking the trash out and running into my cute neighbor. I just couldn’t stop thinking what if I sneezed on him mid-nosebleed if it had started a little earlier.

Oh wait, was he the reason why my nose bled? Because I might or might not have been ogling his butt (Please don’t tell my mom 😂)…

QR codes and finding your inner Pokemon


As many of you probably know, Pokemon Sun and Moon have a QR code feature. This lets you scan the QR codes the Pokedex provides so that data can be passed along (I think? Still don’t see the point).


What you may not have known is that ANY QR code works. I have yet to see one code that doesn’t result in a pokemon. This could be a very interesting play on the whole “spirit Pokemon” idea.

Here’s how it works:

Start off with a QR code generator (it’s the first thing on google search), choose text as seen above, and put your name in. For this example, we get to see what our beloved Ash is if he were in Mystery Dungeon. Simply press the create QR code button, and it will appear on the right.

Then, pull out your trusty 3DS and scan it, revealing Ash’s true identity as a…

Well, Shiftry is pretty cool I guess.

Now, as a fun little challenge, y’all should try this out and draw yourself! (as a Pokemon, I mean). These QR codes are fun to mess around with, and with a huge roster of 802 Pokemon, it’ll be fun to see what people make! I encourage you all to try this out and spread to word! I’ll even add my two cents:

yeah, i got ambipom…AND I LIKE IT OK

Have fun out there Pokefanatics, time to draw them all!