drawing when your sick is hard


Send her a text
Denounce your ex

Bring her some flowers
Give her your hours

Take her on a dinner date
Let her out with her mates

Give her a daily kiss
Never a birthday miss

Take hold of her hand
Draw hearts in sand

Love her every dress
Even when she’s a mess

Make breakfast in bed
Softly stroke her forehead

Compliment her often
Your hard heart soften

Talk shit in the night
Hold her close & tight

Drool at her swinging hips
Gently bite her lip

Tell her she’s your friend
The best til the end

Care when she’s sick
Apologise real quick

Tell jokes, make her laugh
Run a fragrant bath

Miss her when apart
Open your male heart

Go for country walks
Listen when she talks

Lie together in grass
Don’t say she’s got a fat ass

Buy her a diamond ring
Make her heart sing

When she’s feeling miffed
Buy her a special gift

When she’s feeling sad
Say no to the lads

When her tears you don’t understand
Take hold of her hand

If she says you don’t care
Prove you’ll always be there

Give her your soul
That’s the ultimate goal

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Can you do a blurb where Gemma and Anne don't like Harry's girlfriend and think she's using him for money. Harry doesn't know and then finds out and is really upset about it


“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you?”

“That I’m the fittest bloke you’ve ever laid eyes on?” She could hear the smirk through the speaker of her phone, knowing that he knew damn well what she was talking about. “As many times as you want.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” She wasn’t angry, per se- just overwhelmed, for lack of better words, at how much he spoiled her. “Just because I remarked how nice a bracelet was last week doesn’t mean I wanted it.” She sighed, the sparkle of the diamond on said bracelet catching the sun from where she had it laid on the kitchen table in front of her. “And if I did happen to want it, I could buy it for myself.”

“Know you could.” He didn’t sound the slightest bit phased because she put up an argument every time. “Just wanted to spoil my girl,‘s that really such a crime?”

“Yes.” She was quick to answer. “I don’t want you thinking I’m only here for the gifts and the money.”

“I know you’re not.” He shook his head, despite knowing she couldn’t possibly see him. “But it’s my way of showing you how much you mean to me.”

Admittedly, it warmed her heart how much thought and love was behind each and every gift, none of them were ever just a splurge of money because he felt like he had to buy her over.

“And I’m really thankful, but I honestly don’t need gifts to see that you’re genuine about us.” Her voice was much softer now. “Just- promise me you’ll stop spending your money on me all the time? I really do appreciate it but it would make me much happier to see you spend it on one of your ridiculously expensive scarves or something.”

“A’right I promise.” He sighed jokingly, as if she was asking a lot off him. “I hope you know I’m only going to go crazy on your birthday and at Christmas, though.”

“I guess I can live with that.” She reasoned and he chuckled.

He was one of only a few others sitting in the departures lounge of the airport and he was thankful for his own space in the corner, happier to bicker with his girlfriend than to make small talk with anyone else. After speaking for a little while longer, the voice on the speaker announced his flight, notifying him that there was only five minutes until the gates closed.

“I’ve got to go love but I’ll see you later on.” He stood up, throwing his carry on over his shoulder and making his way towards his gate.

“Ok, call me when you land safe.”

“Will do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


On her way to the airport, (y/n) decided she could kill a bit of time by calling in with Gemma as it would beat sitting on an uncomfortable metal bench for god knows how long until Harry’s flight came in. She also figured she could pick up his charger that he mentioned leaving there last week.

Having only been with Harry for just under 10 months, she had met Anne and Robin four times, Gemma three and Des just once. There was the whole formal ‘meet the parents’ meal a few months in and, afterwards, it was a rare occasion that she was able to travel with Harry to see them on his time off- she did have her own work commitments after all.

Despite that, she wasn’t entirely nervous about meeting with Gemma again; she seemed easy enough to talk to when Harry was present so she was sure going solo wouldn’t make a huge difference. After pulling up to the apartment block and being allowed to walk on ahead through by the security guard who had come to know who she was, she made it up to the fourth floor in a matter of minutes and gave a light knock on the oak-wood door.

“Hi!” She greeted the female clone of her boyfriend as soon as the door opened. “I was on my way to the airport to get Harry but figured I may as well drop in to say hello and pick up his charger for him.”

“Couldn’t he have done that once he landed?” She tried to ignore the bitter tone to her voice, deciding instead to laugh it off.

“He’s usually too tired to function after a long flight.” She laughed.

“I know.” She gave her a pointed look. “He’s been my brother longer than he’s been your boyfriend, y’know.”

This time, she decided to stay silent and chose not to address the bitterness in her voice. Without any further word, Gemma trudged back through her flat. Not knowing if she was welcome to follow or not, (y/n) hovered awkwardly by the doorway before deciding to just follow her anyway.

She could hear her talking to someone in the kitchen, but couldn’t make out – and didn’t really have an interest in- what they were saying.

“Hi, Anne.” She gave her a warm smile once realising who the voice belonged to on her arrival to the kitchen. “It’s lovely to see you again.”

“Thanks.” She gave her a tight lipped smile, not bothering to maintain any eye contact.

“I’ll just get that charger then-“

“New bracelet?” Anne nodded to the diamond link on her arm; the brand new one that had only arrived from Harry mere hours ago.

“Oh.” She looked down at it. “Yeah.”

“How’d you afford that?” The harshness in Gemma’s voice was painfully obvious now and (y/n) didn’t miss how her mother winced slightly at the tone she had certainly not been brought up to use, but she didn’t bother reprimanding her.

“Harry got it for me.”

“Of course he did.” She laughed a dry, bitter laugh. “Just like everything else you own.”

She was taken aback to say the least and couldn’t find any words to answer with, because what exactly could she answer with?

“What she means is that you seem to be getting an awful lot off Harry lately.” Anne tried to ease the awkward atmosphere in the room but didn’t back down on defending her son from someone she thought was taking advantage of him.

“I don’t-“

“I mean, if it’s not him taking you out everywhere and paying the bill every time, it’s you getting these expensive gifts off him.”

“I don’t ask him to.” She was making a poor effort at defending herself against the two strongly opinionated women, sounding nothing short of timid and nervous. “I don’t like when he buys me things all the time.”

“Sure you don’t.” Gemma rolled her eyes. “Listen, Harry’s an adult and neither of us two can tell him who or what he spends his hard earned money on. But we just wanted to make it clear that we can see you for exactly the way you are and we’ll never accept someone into the family who takes advantage of him.”


“No, Mum.” She snapped. “You said it yourself. Harry only thinks he’s in love and she’s taking advantage of that.”

She looked to Anne for confirmation that she hadn’t said such a thing after being so nice when Harry was there, but when her head stayed bowed down, eyes focused on the table, she took a deep breath and stuttered out a quiet “I’m sorry.” Before bolting to her car where she would be able to let out the hurt she was feeling.


Landed safe. Just getting my bags xx

In the café x

“Boo.” (y/n) jumped, startled from where she was in deep thought and didn’t have to fake the smile on her face when the familiar feeling of her boyfriend’s arms were engulfing her. “Well, somebody certainly missed me.” He laughed, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“I did.” She mumbled into his shirt.

“C’mon, let’s get home, yeah?” He suggested.

“Do you want a coffee before we go?” She asked, pulling a note from her purse that would cover the price of a coffee each.

“I’d love one, actually.” She stopped him when his hand went to the pocket of his jeans where he kept loose change.

“I’ll get it.”

“Love, ‘s only a coffee.” He smirked. “Am I not even allowed to treat you to that now?”

“Not when I’m fully capable of buying it myself Harry!” Her volume had increased slightly, but not to the point where she was drawing any unwanted attention to them. “I do have a job, you know.”

“I’m aware.” He spoke slowly, trying to read her expression.

“And could you please take this,” She pulled the bracelet off her wrist. “back? I’m sick of you throwing away all your hard earned money on me.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to stay right where she was until he figured out what the hell was going on in her head. “What’s this all about? Where did you take this notion?”

“I’m not taking advantage of you.”

“No one said you were, poppet.”

Everyone says I am!”

“Well I don’t care what everyone says,” He shrugged. “I know you’re not.”

“You only-“ She took a shuddering breath in. “You only think you love me.” His face fell at her statement. “And I’m taking advantage of that.”

“No this isn’t-“ He shook his head. “This isn’t you. Is this the fans? I’ve told you not to look at what they’re saying.”

“No, it’s not the fans.”

“Who, then?”

She didn’t want to tell him; didn’t want to be the reason for a possible argument with his mother and sister. But the desperate look on his face made her want to take away all his worries.

“It doesn’t-“

“Who, (y/n)?” He was more stern now.

“Your mum and Gemma just pointed out a few things.” She swallowed. “I don’t blame them for thinking how they did.” He looked confused, angry and hurt that two of the people he cared most about were saying such things about one of the other people he cared deeply for. “It could be true-“

“It’s bullshit.” He asserted. “Complete and utter bullshit.”


“Let’s go home.”


Much later that night, Harry crawled into bed after having a shower and could tell by how his girlfriend was breathing that she wasn’t asleep, but was still facing away from him. He decided to give her space but laid one hand on her hip, tracing mindless little patterns.

“I called mum earlier.” She didn’t respond with words but he seen how her shoulders tensed up. “I made sure she knew how wrong that was of them to say such things about you.” Still no response. “She just worries sometimes but I’ll not let them speak to you like that again.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Her voice was cracked with the emotion that had built up inside her all day.

“It’s because I love you.” He placed a kiss on her shoulder blade. “And I know I do.”

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hi! can i request a street performer! au for seventeen like what they do and how they catch your attention and start talking to you and stuff and yeah whatever you want lol

- interactive performance
- takes requests from the crowd to “make them part of the performance too”
- does anything from juggling, to 50 push-ups, to song covers and pretty much any doable suggestion
- every day, you pass by the same district to see the same handsome boy doing the most random things
- you didn’t pay attention at first but one day, you were like “i’ll go check it out, why not”
- you manage to find a spot up front, and almost instantly….. you have eye contact with the boy
- and almost instantly, he gets this grin on his face
- he starts getting requests from the crowd, and sometimes it feels like he’s looking in your direction but you always think no….. it can’t be
- you come by often to watch him perform, and you’re pretty sure everyone around you has requested something at least once, while you never did
- one day, after his performance, he walks up to you and he laughs “hey!! no requests from you yet??”
- you say “me??? oh no i can’t think of any for now”
- and he says “how about we switch things around then? if i requested something from you?”
- you ask “what do you have in mind?”
- he grins “can i have your name? and maybe get a coffee with you later?”

- singing covers
- you’re going around the city taking pictures with your new camera to test it out
- your pictures are mostly of the sky and the busy streets, but you soon lose interest because you need more excitement, right??
- you walk further into the city while looking through the pictures you took when you hear beautiful singing…..
- you follow the singing to see this boy—no. this MODEL, this ANGEL singing into a microphone
- he’s so beautiful….. you hold your camera up and take a picture of him
- but then your camera flashes…. and you want to sink into the ground and DIE when everyone turns to you because HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO TURN FLASH OFF
- when his performance ends, the boy gets a round of applause and you try to sneak off because the embarrassment still haunts you
- but the boy blocks your path and says “so…. you’re the one who took my picture, aren’t you?” and you try to act dumb and say “me?? no what are you saying aaaaahahah”
- he chuckles and says “next time…. don’t forget to turn flash off.”
- you get super flustered and while he’s walking away, you say “hey!! you….!”
- he turns to you and grins “it’s jeonghan. try to take a picture from over there next time—that’s my best angle.”

- acoustic covers
- you’re walking around downtown lost because you went out the wrong exit, but while trying to find your way….. you suddenly hear this beautiful voice
- you follow the voice to see a boy singing an acoustic version of a pop song while playing the guitar and you find yourself just standing there listening to him sing
- a bunch of people pass by without looking in his direction, or some stay for a few seconds before leaving, but you stay there the entire time
- when he finishes his song, you clap for him and he looks up to smile at you
- you approach him and say “wow you sing so well, and you play the guitar so well too!!!”
- while packing up his guitar, he says “thanks!! i’m glad you stopped by to listen. so….. which way are you going??”
- you smile sheepishly and say “i…. don’t really know. i’m trying to find the train station but….”
- he says “oh i’m headed there too!! we can walk there together….. if that’s okay with you??”
- you say “i’m good with that. i’m (name), by the way”
- he says “joshua. nice to meet you!!”
- while walking in the direction of the station, you say “so that song you were singing…. you listen to them too?”

- magician
- you’re sitting on the bench, on your phone searching up the directions to get to your location to meet up with your friend when you hear a crowd of people clapping
- you look up and in the distance, you see a little crowd all huddled together watching what looks like a street performance and cheering for “jun”
- you walk over to see a handsome boy doing a bunch of magic tricks
- they’re small things like card tricks and disappearing objects, but you can’t help but clap and grin after each trick
- plus the magician’s really handsome too….
- near the end of his performance, he walks over to you with a hat, and pulls a bouquet of flowers out of it and hands it to you
- you look at him in confusion and he just grins “pretty flowers for a pretty person”
- you’re like how cheesy LOL but you accept the flowers with a laugh
- you hug the bouquet tightly in your arms for the rest of the afternoon, and when your friend asks about them, you say “let’s just say i met an interesting person”
- the next day, you come back to see jun in the same place….. and he makes sure he puts on a great performance that day

- comedy skits
- you’re having a pretty bad day and you honestly just want to go home and die in your room
- while walking towards your house, you suddenly hear a bunch of people laughing loudly near where you are
- you turn to see a group of people watching a boy doing a bunch of body gags and you’re like what’s happening???
- you decide to stop by for a quick second to see what’s going on, and…. that’s when you find yourself DYING of laughter because this boy’s so FUNNY (and he’s cute too!!)
- he re-enacts a bunch of scenes that happened in his childhood or even events that happened days earlier
- you find yourself forgetting all about your bad day, and whenever you’re feeling down, you come by to watch the boy’s performances
- he eventually notices, and one day, after his skit, he walks up to you and says “hey!! did you enjoy the show??”
- you nod “i always do!! you make me smile on my saddest days”
- he then says “i’ve seen you frown sometimes you know….. you shouldn’t. you’re really cute when you smile.”
- you feel your cheeks heat up, and the boy just says “i’ll see you around. keep smiling!!” and for the rest of your shift…… you just can’t wipe the smile off your face

- chalk art
- everyone knows about the chalk artist named wonwoo who draws beautiful things on the streets
- his art is so beautiful, so genuine…… they really capture things happening in people’s daily lives
- you love his art, you always feel happy whenever you see them on your way to work
- that same day, your shift ends later than usual and you’re so tired and to make things worse it’s raining and you didn’t bring your umbrella
- so you take your hoodie off and hold it over your head while walking back home…… when you see wonwoo packing up his art supplies
- his beautiful masterpiece from earlier is completely washed away by the rain…..
- wonwoo’s getting drenched by the rain and when he sneezes, you walk up to him and hold your hoodie over both of your heads
- when he looks up, you say “hey! uhh i hope i’m not being too weird or anything but it’s raining and….. you’re going to get sick”
- wonwoo smiles upon hearing your words and he says “thank you…. that’s thoughtful of you”
- he gets up on his feet after packing up all his supplies and he TOWERS over you, and that’s when he says “i’ll hold the hoodie you if you hold my chalk?? they’re not heavy at all, don’t worry”
- you agree to it, and you walk him to the bus stop with your now soaking wet hoodie
- he says “thank you for all this…..” and you say “it’s no problem!! you work hard to draw for people…. you don’t deserve to get sick you know….”
- you say good night to each other and you think it’s sad because he might forget about all this by tomorrow
- but when you pass by wonwoo’s usual spot….. you smile when you see a drawing of two people shielding themselves from the rain with a hoodie, surrounded by puddles of rainbow

- instrumental covers
- there’s this boy who always plays instrumental covers of songs in the shopping district
- he’s able to play so many instruments….. sometimes he plays the piano, other days the guitar, drums, clarinet, etc
- he’s so talented and you really love his song arrangements because they always sound so lovely and calming
- a piano’s been placed on the street one day, and you see the boy walk up to it
- you decide to stop for a while to listen to what song he’s going to play next and when his fingers come in contact with the piano….. you fall in love
- you’ve never heard of the song before but it’s so beautiful??? and you’re not the only one who thinks so, since a crowd quickly forms
- when the boy finishes his song, everyone claps but you’re just left standing in absolute awe
- you approach the boy when the crowd leaves, and you ask “hi!! i just wanted to know what song you were playing?? i don’t think i’ve heard it before, but i love it”
- he looks at you in surprise before looking away and saying “….i made it.”
- you say “what??? you made that song????” and he says “yes….”
- you exclaim “that’s amazing, you’re so talented!! i’m really looking forward to your next song”
- he thanks you and unknown to you….. you really helped him with his confidence and he wonders…… if he’ll be able to write a new piece on pretty you….

- stand-up comedy
- it’s dark and cloudy outside…. and you can’t help but think it matches with how you’re feeling
- you didn’t exactly have the most pleasant day at work….. and you just need something to cheer you up
- you tried calling your friends, but they were all busy so you’re like ok i’m just going to have to make myself happy again
- while walking down the street, this guy bumps into you and accidentally makes you fall over
- you’re like great can this day get any worse….. but then you look up to see this boy looking down at you with a worried expression on his face
- he accidentally screams “AH ARE YOU OKAY?? ARE YOU HURT?? I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE YOU” and you get embarrassed by the attention and also accidentally scream “I’M FINE!!! DON’T WORRY”
- he helps you get back up on your feet, but then he says “i’m kind of in a hurry!! sorry!!” and he runs off without another second to lose
- ….but literally ten seconds later, he comes back and says “you know what?? come along with me!!” and you say “UM NO?? what makes you think i’d trust a stranger—”
- he says “i’m not a creep i promise!! you can leave if it gets too weird for you!!” and you sigh like ok fine why not
- you end up following him and it’s at the park that’s right around the corner
- you ask “what’s this??” and he grins “you’ll see”
- and when a crowd forms around you two…. you find out that he does stand-up comedy???
- he introduces himself as dk to the crowd and he must be popular because you soon find yourself next to almost forty people
- dk’s so funny….. you laugh the whole time and you even feel sad at the end of his performance
- when you go up to him, you say “you’re so funny omg i’m so glad i decided to follow you”
- and he says “yeah? i’m glad i was able to make you smile”

- costumes
- you know when you’re walking around the city and there’s a group of people going around wearing costumes so that people can take pictures with them??
- well this particular mascot is reaaally popular and you have no idea why, so you decide why not figure this out while i’m here
- his name is apparently mingyu (he accidentally said his real name instead of the character he was dressed as which is bong bong)
- so you’re out to hunt him down and figure out why he’s so loved by everyone in comparison to the other mascots like hello guys um kakao talk friends are super cute what are you doing
- you finally see the familiar mascot in the distance and while marching over to him, he suddenly takes his mask off and you…. stop walking because holy. crap.
- he’s GORGEOUS now you understand why he’s always surrounded by people
- you kind of just….. stare at him….. and his eyes suddenly land on you and you get so flustered because you just got caught staring GOOD JOB
- you walk away and pretend you didn’t see anything….. but while walking around the area, you get stopped by bong bong who asks “would you like a picture??”
- and you think “HE’S TEASING ME NOW” but you reply “oh no it’s fine!!”
- he then takes off his mask and grins “you sure?? i’m pretty sure i caught you staring earlier….” and you’re like AAAAHH WHO ARE YOU STOP
- in the end, you do end up with a picture with him…… and maybe you got his number too…..

- b-boy
- you’re walking around the city late in the evening with a couple of friends, when one of them notices a breakdance battle going on in the distance
- they drag you over to go take a look, and you see two people standing in the middle with the crowd forming a circle around them
- the person in front of you leaves, letting you move forward to have a better view of the battle
- immediately….. you notice the tall and thin boy watching his opponent dance
- you think no way…. that boy looks too soft and cute to be doing breakdancing????
- but does he surprise you because he starts off STRONG
- the whole crowd is chanting “the8” while you just watch in silent awe
- the8 suddenly starts doing a bunch of acrobatics like backflips, but he goes a little too far and almost kicks you
- he quickly turns to you and asks “AH are you all right?? i’m so sorry!! did you get hurt??”
- you laugh and shake your head “no no no i’m fine!! don’t worry about me, just focus on winning!!”
- he shoots you a cute smile before heading back into the battle and KILLING IT
- the8 clearly wins in the end and you find yourself cheering along with the crowd when he’s announced the winner
- he walks up to you when it’s all over and your friends are like hehehe oooohhhh
- he says “hey, i just wanted to make sure you’re all right???” and you laugh “i’m fine, really. you did great by the way, you dance so well”
- the boy BLUSHES and says “thanks!! so…. will you be around here tomorrow again?? there’s another dance battle….. you know…..”
- you turn to your friends and their eyes scream OHHH MY GOSH HE THINKS YOU’RE CUTE WE’RE COMING BACK TOMORROW OK
- you turn to him again and say “i’ll be here. i’ll be looking forward to seeing you dance again”
- he grins “i’ll be looking forward to seeing you again….!” his smile disappears after realizing what he said and he kind of speed walks away in embarrassment
- but you just laugh because….. how could someone be so cute??

- variety
- your shift luckily ends early that day, so you grab a quick meal at a nearby store
- but on your way home, you see a huge crowd of people cheering “BOO SEUNGKWAN” over and over
- you walk over to see a boy smiling and shyly covering his flustered face, thanking the crowd over and over for their support
- you get interested so you stay for a while to see what he does and this boy…. is a variety STAR
- he did comedy by making a skit about people reacting to tsunamis in movies, he danced to popular girl group songs, and between breaks, he even tells everyone to get take a break and get something to eat so they don’t get too hungry while watching
- as a final act, seungkwan decides to sing a song….. and you were NOT expecting such a beautiful voice
- you look around as everyone sways from side to side, and at the end of his performance, he bows while everyone cheers loudly while chanting his name over and over
- when the crowd disappears, you’re about to start walking back home, when you hear someone’s stomach growling….. and you think you know whose it is
- you turn around to see seungkwan looking around with an embarrassed look on his face
- you look down at the food in the plastic bag you’re holding and you walk up to him with a friendly smile on your face
- you say “hi, i um… i watched your performance just now…. you really are meant to perform variety, you know?”
- seungkwan grins “you think so?? that’s so nice to hear—”
- his stomach suddenly growls again and he covers his face, muttering “sorry!! that was embarrassing…..”
- you hold out the food you have in your hand and say “you tell everyone to eat well and take care of themselves, but you’re not following your own words. you must be hungry…. i hope you like what i bought….”
- he accepts the food and thanks you nonstop, wondering if there’s any way he can repay you
- you say “it’s fine!! just be well, okay?” and you leave for home
- the next day, you come back to see seungkwan….. and his face lights up when he spots you in the crowd

- freestyle rap
- when you’re walking around the city and see a bunch of street performers, most of them are singers, dancers, musicians and the usual
- you’ve never heard of a freestyle rapper….. until you see him
- he calls himself vernon, and you know this because he always mentions it somewhere in his raps
- he sets up his stereo and plays an instrumental version of a song…. and then he freestyles to the melody and he’s so amazing at it???
- you’re sitting on the bench closest to where he is and you listen to his rap while pretending to play on your phone
- his raps are so calming to you…… it’s weird to say because it’s not like it’s soft singing or a piano playing….. but his voice is so nice to listen to
- no one really claps for him during his performances which makes ZERO sense to you because??? HELLO this boy just made the most perfect rap ever with the backtrack of like a ballad how in the frICK do you ignore this??
- when you see his defeated face at the end of his song because no one cared to clap, you get up on your feet and clap as loud as you can
- vernon turns to you and his eyes sparkle as he says “thank you” to you
- you walk up to him and say “hey!! don’t get discouraged!! your raps are beyond amazing”
- and he says “o-oh, thank you for thinking so! you’re….. really helping me feel more confident”
- you say “BE confident!! you have a gift.” and vernon just smiles at you because you’re so…. kind….
- and he thinks if it would be too cheesy to write a rap about you??? LOL

- freestyle dancing
- you’re on your lunch break from work and you see a crowd of people clapping to the beat of a song and you’re like what’s going on there??
- you go on your tippy-toes and take a peek and you see….. this cute boy dancing around with a group of kids and you’re like…… my heart
- he makes sure that none of the kids feel left out, and you can tell he’s truly so excited to be playing around with them
- while dancing, he looks up and locks eyes with you and he gets this huge grin on his face
- he pushes past the crowd, grabs your hands and says “dance with me!!”
- you say “i can’t dance???” but he drags you into the circle anyway and spins around with you as you laugh
- when his performance is done, the boy says “and that’s all for today!! my name is dino, or lee chan if you prefer, please don’t forget me!!”
- and when slipping your extra dollar into his hat….. you make sure to drop a piece of paper with your number in there too
- later that day, after your shift, you check your phone to see a text message that says “hey, it’s chan! um, will you be free again tomorrow around the same time?”

thank you for your request!!

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Hey, so I saw that nice ask about saeran with a wounded cry baby mc, so how about mc getting a real (real) bad injury and being all "meh, its nothing" but baeran is freaking out? (Also, your writting is top quality, babe!)

A/N: Writing this because I’m so stressed out and frustrated today and I need to let all this steam out somehow. And thank you, anon! You’re so sweet! :)

Nothing registers fully in your head. Only that you’re swaying slowly from side to side like a slowing pendulum, and that your vision is starting to blur as the world around you tilts sideways.

Someone is shouting your name, but it’s like you’re underwater, and a voice is trying to reach you through the thick layer of water that you’re buried under.

There’s a sharp, terror-filled scream that cuts through the air, one that you don’t recognise, the moment your body hits the ground on your side. It only dawns on you that it belongs to you when you feel flames licking the walls of your throat a few seconds later.

And then – and only then – does the pain set in.

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Mine (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by breakthedisttance

Requested by Anon: “Haii!~♥ Can I request where Reader is like Joker’s girl. Despite being bad-***, he'is really over protective of her (Kinda like yandere, but Reader loves him). Cause of this, Harley gets a lil’ jelly and tries to get Reader dead, but gets caught?”

Warning: Violence, Reader Abuse

Harley’s blue eyes were focused on you as you straddled the Jokers lap. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you laughed, the smirk on your lips managing to make her even more jealous. He had thrown her aside and she wasn’t handling it well. Throwing herself into a spiral of drunken nights where she wanted nothing more then to go to him and beg him to take her back. It was killing her to see you with him.

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anonymous asked:

jimon + jace doting over his bf and panicking when simons sick with the smallest cold ever

asdfghjkl jace is so extra

Jace knows something’s up as soon as he walks into the Institute. Alec is leaning against a table, waiting for him, trying incredibly hard to look casual, which he could probably achieve if he didn’t look like he’d just swallowed a lemon. 

“What’s wrong.” Jace demands as soon as he draws close. 

“Hey, Jace.” Alec responds neutrally. “How was your mission?” 

“Fine.” Jace says shortly. “Now tell me what’s wrong.” 

“Nothing’s wrong, why would anything be wrong, things are going fine?” Alec says rapidly, his tone getting higher towards the end. Jace blinks. 

“It’s like you think if you speak fast enough, I just won’t hear any of it.” 

“That’s not true.” Alec protests. “Look, it’s no big deal, you wanna spar? Go a few rounds with staffs, and then switch to blades?” Jace squints at him; the request seems natural enough, and he’s not averse to hanging out with Alec a little. Maybe Alec was talking to Magnus before Jace walked in; the man usually leaves Alec out of it. It’s adorable.

“Sure.” Jace says, finally relaxing. “Let me go drop my stuff off in my room and change into something more comfortable. Simon’s still asleep in my room, I think; I’ll wake him up and then join you, so - “


Jace pauses from where he’s halfway turned towards a corridor, pivoting back slowly to stare at Alec, who’s looking panicked now. 

“I mean, come on Jace, I haven’t seen you in so long - “

“You mean in two hours - “

“ - why don’t we hang out right now, in another room - “

“Mm-hm.” Jace says, frowning, turning his back on Alec and making his way to his room. “You’re hiding something from me.” He yells over his shoulder, and he hears Alec’s exasperated sigh fade away. So there’s something in his room they don’t want him to see, and he’s pretty sure the only thing in his room is Simon. Did Simon break something? It wouldn’t be the first time, Jace thinks, amused. Supernatural speed translates into supernatural clumsiness as well, which is cute and all but sort of deadly for all of Jace’s breakable possessions. 

“Jace!” Izzy says, appearing in front of him. Jace startles back, blinking, before he straightens up and looks at her. “Hey, why don’t you come to my room for a bit? I need some advice.” 

“Advice” He repeats flatly. “With what?” 

“…fashion.” Izzy says confidently. “You are the resident expert in leather jackets, aren’t you?”

“Sure.” Jace responds pleasantly. “I’ll just go to my room and change first - “

“No, why don’t we go straight to my room - “

“Yeah, not happening.” Jace shakes his head, smiling despite himself. “Alec already pulled this song and dance. Come on, whatever it is, I’m sure it isn’t that bad. Let me go to my room.” 

Izzy sighs, stepping aside and shaking her head. “Just try not to overreact, okay? It’s really not a big deal. It’s under control.” 

“I don’t overreact that much.” Jace says, indignant, as he reaches his room. “I’m sure you’re all misreading the situation. And me.” 

He pushes the door open and walks through, freezing at the sight that greets him. Simon is curled into a ball in his sheets, his face blotchy and red. His boyfriend looks feverishly sick, sweat mingling with the bloody tears leaking out of his eyes. Clary is sitting in a chair besides him, pressing a damp washcloth to his forehead, and Simon is making these pitiful little groans that stop as soon as he sees Jace. 

“I told you to keep him away!” Simon moans, at the same time that Jace bellows “MY BOYFRIEND IS DYING?”

Oh yeah,” Izzy mutters quietly, “we sure did misread this situation. You’re not overreacting at all.” 

Jace ignores her and stalks over to the bed, falling to his knees and pressing his hands against Simon’s cheeks. Simon sighs. 

“I’ll be fine in like twenty minutes.” He mutters. 

“He really will be.” Clary chimes in. “It was just a batch of tainted blood, his body’s already healing itself.” 

“You look miserable. You can’t keep something like this from me, you - fuck, you’re burning up. What can I get you? Magnus, we should call Magnus. He’ll know what to do. Maybe Catarina? She can help, right? And Raphael and the rest of the clan. They probably have a few ideas too. And - “

“Stop.” Simon wails. “I don’t need a goddamn army for a tiny cold that will be gone in eighteen minutes now.”

“Twenty minutes.” Clary says, exasperated. “That’s all they needed to delay you for.” Jace ignores her, his gaze roaming over the rest of Simon’s body. He’s under a huge pile of blankets, his hair in disarray and the faint imprint of pillow marks across half of his forehead. The feverish sweat is reducing, but Jace thumbs over a bloody tear leaking out of Simon’s eye and bites his lip. What if he doesn’t get better, what if it gets worse, what if something unimaginable and horrifying happens to Simon and he never gets to see that pretty smile again, what if he doesn’t get to grow old with this man - 

“Breathe, Jace.” Simon says calmly, his hand reaching up to cover Jace’s, and Jace startles out of his thought, taking a deep breath. Simon looks carefully at him, and then struggles into an upright position. 

“Can you guys give Jace and me a moment?” Simon asks, and Jace is distantly aware of Clary and Izzy filing out. 

“I’m not good at this.” Jace mutters once the girls have left, finally letting his hands drop to Simon’s waist. Simon laughs. 

“Yeah, no shit.” He grins. “I think you forget that I’m basically immortal.” 

“That doesn’t make you immune to getting hurt.” Jace argues mulishly. Simon shakes his head, another snicker escaping him, and tugs at Jace’s shoulders. 

“C’mere.” He murmurs, something softer in his voice, and Jace goes willingly, rising up and letting Simon rearrange them until Jace is sitting in between Simon’s legs, Simon’s back against the headrest. They’re pressed close together, and it soothes something in Jace to have his knees pressed against either side of Simon and broad hands wrapped around his back, anchoring him. 

“I’m okay. I’m not going anywhere.” Simon says, and Jace closes his eyes and clutches Simon closer, his fingers digging hard into Simon’s hips. 

“You sure?” he asks, his voice low and worried. “I can bring you extra blood, or take you to someone if you don’t heal fast enough - “

Jace.” Simon says firmly. “I’ve stopped sweating and my head is clearing up. I’m a vampire, and you have to let me be one.” 

“Alright.” Jace exhales slowly, nodding, and Simon beams at him. “I might - a little - I mean, I know that maybe I…can come on a little too strongly about this.” His boyfriend snorts at that. 

“A little.” Simon snickers. “The first time I got sick you were about to go out with a hunting party to track down the poor blood bank that I got my blood from. A hunting party. For a blood bank.”

“I stand by it.” Jace says proudly, ignoring Simon’s laughter. 

“Of course you do.” Simon shakes his head, fond. He presses a slow, gentle kiss to Jace’s lips. The soft push-pull of their mouths eases some of the tension in Jace’s shoulders, and he feels it begin to be replaced with the radiating warmth that being around Simon always brings, and with it a slow, lazy tendril of lust. “You’re a little neurotic about my health. It’s cute, in a I can’t believe my boyfriend is weirder than me way.”

“I’m not.” Jace grumbles. “I’m sensible.” 

“Sure babe.” Simon placates. “Sure.”

spideyseth  asked:

You're still defending the svtfoe comic though! They are fucking minors but no, in your eyes they can draw what the want, even if it counts a pedophilia, nah, they just draw what they want, and it's kinda hard to stop whining when it's obvious I'm not the only one that's sick to their stomachs with this shit, it's disgusting

You’re beggining to split hairs here.

I got involved in this whole thing not as an incest or pedo supporter that’s mad that his content is getting shit on, that’s common for everything to get criticism like that.

I’m involved as an artist that doesn’t like seeing effort and art being downplayed as “pedo shit” or “disgusting kink material”.

I’m pretty tolerant to other’s opinions as long as they either bring up something positive on their side, are well constructed or at least don’t boil down to basically insulting a person.

I’m not supportive of their content, I’m indifferent. Life is not black and white, you’ll see a lot of grey if you want to see things from a neutral point of view.

I stand by artists such as jumpjump or areablog because I’m not defending their content, I’m defending the person.

If you walked past Area in the street you wouldn’t see a caricature of a fat acne-riddled artist with a pen in their ear and a “I love pedo shit” shirt on, you’d see a regular person. That’s the one I’m defending.

The content they produce is not what they are, the way they treat people that talk to them are the real signs of what they are like.

That’s why I stood up for jumpjump instead of that 14 y/o girl that kept annoying him, her blog is filled with hate posts she does whenever she has the chance while his blog is mostly fun reblogs and interactions.

You want me to sit back down and stay in my business, and I want too. But that’s the thing, everyone would have to sit down too, and I know you don’t want that, you wanna fight for what you believe is right. And so do I. So I won’t sit back down and I’ll keep defending the artists for who they are, not what they make. And I would defend you too if someone came and constantly bullied you for, I dunno, for no other reason than liking a certain show or whatever.

Sddm along with others created Wholesome Week. Then other users start to mock it. Who’s the bad guy in this situation, the “pedo” who kept his stuff to his blog or the “good guys” who actively went after him and tried to ruin a nice thing for the fandom?

We Have Rules For A Reason [Chapter 4]

Originally posted by jordragon

Chapter 4 of We Have Rules For A Reason

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3

Series Genre: AU, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Adult Content

Mark laced his fingers with yours and led you into the bathroom. The sound of the running shower made the butterflies in your stomach reappear.

“Get in” he commanded.

You moved slowly and opened the glass door to his massive walk in shower. The warm water from the several different heads hitting you from multiple angles felt amazing. You closed your eyes and let it completely cover every inch of you.

Mark stood there, watching, entranced by your exposed, wet form.

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  • “who knows what I will become?”
  • “I’m becoming my own salvation!”
  • “More than just survival…”
  • “I’ll walk through the fire.”
  • “I’ll admit it’s been painful, but I’ll be honest I’m grateful.”
  • “This won’t take too long, you’ll see.”
  • “We don’t have to fall from grace.”
  • “This world can be an ugly place.”
  • “Put down the weapons”
  • “Everyday a small piece of you dies.”
  • “You’re willing to fight?”
  • “I want you all to myself.”
  • “Come on give me a taste.”
  • “You’re metaphorical Gin & Juice”
  • “And I’m trying but I can’t keep my hands to myself”
  • “The doctors say you’re no good.”
  • “But people say what they wanna say … ”
  • “you should know that if I could I’d breathe you in every single day.”
  • “Give me your all and nothing else . . ”
  • “You can’t take back what you said!”
  • “Take away your things and go!”
  • “You left me in pieces.”
  • “It’s too hard to breathe.”
  • “I’m so sick of that same old love, that shit it tears me up.”
  • “don’t you try and change your mind. Cause I won’t be changing mine.”
  • “my body’s had enough.”
  • “Feels like I’ve been blown apart.”
  • “We fall for each other at the wrong time.”
  • “I guess I don’t know where to draw the line . . ”
  • “You know how to make me want you.”
  • “You don’t know how to love me when you’re sober.”
  • “You’re saying all the things that you’re supposed to.”
  • “I know I should leave, I should … but your love is too good.”
  • “Why is it so different when we wake up?”
  • “I know what’s next and I want it so much.”
  • “You’ve got a hold on me.”
  • “I gave you everything.”
  • “You say I got a touch so good, make you never want to leave.”
  • “Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight.”
  • “I wanna look good for ya.”
  • “Let me show you how proud I am to be yours.”
  • “I’m not trying to mess your image up.”
  • “You know you did good don’t you?”
  • “You threw in towel, I broke your heart.”
  • “There’s a first time for everything.”
  • “All these memories feel so old.”
  • “Who would’ve thought you would feel so cold?”
  • “And to think . . you were my everything.”
  • “Remember when we’d talk all night?”
  • “Time ain’t easy on us … how can love die?”
  • “I got so much shit to say.”
  • “I can’t help but feel like I’m camouflaged.”
  • “You were mine just yesterday now I have no idea who you are… ”
  • “It’s good to see you here again.”
  • “I don’t wanna say goodbye.”
  • “I have to catch my ride . .”
  • “Life’s so fragile I feel like I could cry.”
  • “I’d never tell you just how I felt.”
  • “You might just not care and it might just not help.”
  • “What if the feelings just don’t make no sense to you?”
  • “everybody wants to be touched. Everybody wants to get some.”
  • “you built me from a broken heart”
  • “Now what’s mine is ours.”
  • “I still have proof in form of scars.”
  • “Know me like the summer, baby don’t let go.”
  • “My lips have found a new obsession.”
  • “you can hold onto your sadness like a souvenir.”
  • “You can tap into the strength you never knew you had.”
  •  “But your kiss don’t feel the same.”
  • “Is it real or am I going out of my mind?”
  • “I bet she has it all - bet she’s beautiful . .”
  • “I hear you talking ‘bout her in your sleep.”
  • “I can taste her lipstick it’s like I’m tasting her too.”
  • “Maybe I should be more like her.”
Feel Safe

McCall Pack X Reader

Word Count: 529

Requested: Anon

Request: Hi💓can you do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader is like 14(the youngest of the pack) and her father abuses her but the pack doesn’t find out until they’re all at her house one day and he literally hits her right In front of them. Thank youu🌺

Warning: Abuse 

Originally posted by jane-foster

You hadn’t felt safe in a long time that was for sure.Your mum left you through no fault of her own, it was hard to deal with the fact that your mum was sick and it was hardest on you. No one stuck around long enough after to see that you were not safe. You’d learned to live with the that whatever you did it was wrong and you deserved to be punished. Your Dad knew that giving you Black eyes and broken bones would draw attention and so he stuck to the bruised ribs and arms. You wore long sleeve it was just your fashion sense so it seemed like nothing changed when you went to school. You were laughing at something that Liam had said, the whole pack was sat around the room just being normal, you were all talking about Scott’s lack of Star Wars knowledge.

“(Y/N)!” Your Dad yelled as he walked through the door. You got up and walked out of your room closing your door as you did. You found him in the kitchen where he was leant over the kitchen counter.
“Yeah.” You answered in a weak voice.
“Why is there no food in the house?” He asked, for some reason in his head you were now in charge of all housework.
“I- Shopping isn’t until tomorrow.” You answered quietly.
“You go shopping whenever there is no food in the house!” He yelled throwing a bottle at the wall behind you drawing the attention of your friends. He walked over towering over you and finally kicking you in the side causing you to curl up but then he was gone and you heard a body hit the fridge on the other side of the room, you heard Stiles talking to his Dad and Scott, Liam and Malia stood in front of you protectively.

Stiles Dad and Scott’s Mum were there in a few minutes and Melissa checked you over diagnosing that you had two broken ribs. “Has he ever hit you before?” The Sheriff asked.
“Um never that hard, he’s never kicked me before.” You answered your eyes glazed over as the pack hung around Stiles sitting in the chair next to you and Scott stood behind you gently rubbing your shoulder when he heard your heartbeat increase effectively calming you down.
“Why haven’t you told anyone before sweetie?” Melissa asked.
“He’s hurting.” You answered simply glancing in the direction that your dad had been taken.
“Yeah, that doesn’t mean that he can hurt you.” The Sheriff said reaching out and gently touching your cheek and you forced yourself not to flinch away.
“She can come back to mine,” Melissa said upon taking in your shaken state.
“Yeah, at least we’ll know that she’s safe.” The Sheriff nodded.

Later that night Melissa walked into the living room to find that you had your head on Stiles’ shoulder, your feet on Scott’s lap you hand laced with Lydia’s, Malia had her hand on your side where she’d been taking your pain to help you breath and Lastly Liam was lying with his head on Lydia’s lap. You were all asleep.

*Part 2* *Part 3*

Requests and general question!

anonymous asked:

so i know youre away right now but when you get back i was wondering if you could draw Soren from the TNG episode "The Outcast." i watched it tonight with my mom and it's so heartbreaking. as a transmasculine enby, it just hit me so hard, that if i were born in the wrong time and/or to a less accepting family, i would have been seen as sick and in need of "curing," like Soren was by her society. i just wanna see her happy, since she didnt get that ending. i cried so hard after this episode.

au where riker manages to get soren away in time and even though it doesn’t work out between them (what with riker being riker) she still has a great time aboard the enterprise hanging out with keiko in the arboretum

anonymous asked:

Razzle dazzle

razzle dazzle: describe your music taste

oh man that’s hard because my music taste HIGHLY depends on my mood. When i am drawing i love soft music like jazz and soft voices or classical music but some  other times i really like upbeat songs i can just sign along to and there there is the other times in which i just feel like listening to sick guitar solos for hours so hard rock is the choice

ask me a question!

anonymous asked:

Maybe a blurb where Harry is sick and the missus picked up their daughter from school and she runs upstairs to her parents room to give her dad a drawing she did at school to make him feel better and she helps the missus take care of him

Small story today, my lovelies. In the mood for some Daddy Harry stuff today because I’m a mushed mess of Harry feels. I’m not so sure about this one but let me know what you think. x

“Promise me that you won’t be loud around daddy, okay? He’s still not feeling too well,” you warned, fishing around in your pocket for the keys assigned to the house, ready to open the door to shield you both from the cold December weather. “He might be sleeping so you promise me that you won’t wake him up if he is, yeah?”

“I promise, mummy. I promise,” Persephone cooed, shifting her weight from foot to foot as she waited patiently for the door to open, her rucksack strap falling off of her shoulder and her lunch box held tightly in her small fist, a piece of paper - covered with scribbles and glitter and glue and a drawing picturing the life she had outside of school - held tightly in her free hand. “Is tha’ why daddy didn’t drop me off at school today?”

“That is why, sweetheart. He woke up not feeling well and he just wanted to sleep and lay in bed all day to get better for when you got home,” you explained, pushing the door open with your shoulder and letting her scurry in beneath your arm. 

Harry was one to look after himself; he always had been from a young age. 

He wasn’t one to get sick easily so it hit him hard when he’d woken up that morning with a chesty cough and a closed throat as well as a stuffed-up nose and a head that was throbbing with any slight movement he made. 

Getting up at the regular time of half past seven to make Persephone’s lunch and get her up and dressed and ready for school was a challenge for him, with stinging eyes that turned into a coughing mess whilst he was making her sandwich, only getting worse when he made his way up the stairs and woke her up to get dressed, just after quarter to eight; a sniffling and snotting and sneezing mess standing in her doorway as he tried to coax her from her bed, trying not to get too close in order to prevent her from coming down with something that he knew she wouldn’t enjoy having.

But to no avail was the outcome successful.

And he’d felt that God was on his side when you’d appeared in the hallway dressed in a thick jumper and a pair of jeans that he knew needed a wash and were pulled out from the wash basket in the bathroom. A gentle hand pressed to his back as you gave him a soft rub and pressed your lips to his bare shoulder, the slight and unpleasant taste of sweat lingering on his skin. You’d given him a whisper in his ear of running a bath and cooling down would be his best bet to turn too as well as a promise to pop into the store and get some painkillers and flu tablets on the way home from dropping your daughter off. 

With a freshly bathed and sweet-smelling body of mint leaves as well as three flu tablets later, Harry was succumbed to sleep and had been found snoring throughout the majority of the mid-morning, waking up for lunch and falling asleep almost instantly after you’d taken the tray from his lap. With a full belly of tomato soup and a fresh mug of tea set on the bedside table for him to hydrate himself on and your presence in the house, it was enough to make him feel content in falling asleep happily and well looked after. 

You’d woken him moments before you’d left to pick your daughter up from school, and with a soft mumble of what you presumed was ‘okay, I’ll be awake when you get home. Sort dinner out n’everything for us’, you were out of the door.

“Can I go and see daddy now, mummy? Wan’a show him my drawing that I did at school,” Persephone wondered, dropping her rucksack to the floor and kicking off her polished, black and shiny shoes, handing you her empty lunchbox to be stored in the drawer until tomorrow morning. “D’you think he’ll like it, mummy? It’s got you and daddy on there and there’s a baby because you’re having a baby and it’s our house in the background,” she explained, holding up the paper she’d had a tight hold on throughout the entire journey home.

“He’ll love it, sweetheart. Go and see if he’s awake, yeah? If he isn’t, don’t wake him, okay? He needs his sleep,” you stated, lifting up her rucksack and hanging it up on the hooks holding coats and scarves ready for the winter season peeking around the corner, “I’ll be up in a minute, okay? You’ve got glitter and glue in your hair so you need to have a bath and a hair wash. I don’t want you messing around and causing problems.”

“I won’t, mummy,” she grinned, her socked feet slipping on the floor with each step she took towards the stairs leading her up to the second floor of the house where her father - awake or not - was in bed and anticipating her arrival. “Mummy?”


“If daddy is well enough, can he give me a bath and my hair wash?” Persephone wondered, taking each step slowly and one at a time, a tight grip on the bannister as she made her way up the carpet. “Daddy makes my baths fun and he draws funny pictures with my crayons and he lets me give him a bubble beard.”

There had been many moments when you’d witness a moment between the two of them as you stood in the doorway of the en-suite master bathroom, the both of them co-bathing and messing around in the tub with bubbles in her hair and bubbles coating his jawline. Smiles galore and laughter sounding around the room throughout the time Harry promised would be filled with cleaning and washing, yet none of that happened until you’d warned them both to hurry.

“If he’s feeling up to it, sweetheart,” you warned, watching as her figure disappeared and the door to your bedroom was creaked open, her voice being heard with a cough and a sneeze following in suit. 

“Daddy,” Persephone whispered, “daddy, are you awake?”

A sneeze left Harry before a cough followed in suit, a heavy and chesty cough that required a sip of water to be needed. 

“I’m awake, poppet,” Harry cooed, poking his head from beneath the duvet and straining his neck to see his daughter standing in her school attire - a green jumper covering a white polo shirt and a grey skirt paired with white knee-length socks, one pulled up to her knee and one falling down to her ankle - with a small smile on her lips and a piece of paper in her hand, his eyes drawn to the plain side. “How was school? Did you have fun? I’m sorry daddy couldn’t drop you off today.”

“S’okay, daddy. Mummy let me listen to your music on the way,” she grinned, her socked feet slowly walking towards the bed, “are you feeling better now?”

A smile lifted up his cheeks, a dimple popping at the corner of his mouth.

“I’m feeling a little bit better, poppet. I still have a bit of that nasty cold but I’ll be well enough to drop you off at school tomorrow,” he mumbled tiredly, shuffling upon the bed and making room for his little girl to climb into, “come sit with me. I’ve missed you.”

“Missed you too, daddy,” she wisped, “I made you a drawin’ at school though.”

Her socked feet carried her over to the bed, standing to the side Harry slept on as she handed the piece of paper over to his awaiting hand, his fingers curling around the corner as his eyes scanned the array of coloured lines and shining glue ad glitter beneath the lamp-lit bedroom. Her small body climbing up onto the mattress, and instantly falling against his pillow as she curled up beneath his arm, her cheek pressed against his chest as she looked at the paper he was so invested into looking over. His chest tight and filled with love.

“D’you like it, daddy?”

“I love it, poppet. I think I might hang it in my office downstairs,” he mumbled, looking down and catching her eyes, “you even included the new baby, hm? Are you excited about that?” Harry cooed, his lips pressing against her hair. Strands falling from her ponytail and cascading down her face in soft tendrils, tickling at her chin and statically standing on end. “Y’gon’a be a big sister, hm?”

“When is the new baby comin’, daddy?” Persephone cooed, looking up at him with wide and green eyes, a curious look lacing between her features, “Mummy said he won’t be here for Christmas and I wanted the baby here for then so we could share presents together.”

A chuckle left Harry’s mouth as he set the drawing down on his bedside table and coughed into his hand to remove the lump in his throat, his head turned away from Persephone to ensure she didn’t have any germs enter her immune system. 

“The baby won’t be here for another few months, poppet. I’d say maybe June or July or next year,” Harry explained, his voice raw and rough and raspy, cracking with each word rolling off of his tongue, “but, it’s exciting, isn’t it? Are you gon’a help me look after mummy when she needs help?”

“O’ course, daddy.”

“She’s gon’a need all the help we can give her,” Harry reasoned softly, squeezing his little girl to his chest before his attention turned from Persephone and over to where you appeared in the doorway, “speakin’ of mummy, look who’s here.”

“C’mon, sweetheart. Time for a bath and hair wash,” you stated, stepping further into the bedroom and pulling open the wardrobe doors, retrieving Persephone’s Minnie Mouse towel from the midst of the white and fluffy towels used for when you needed a relaxing soak. “How are you feeling now?”

“I’m feeling okay,” Harry smiled, “I think I might go for a walk in a bit and get some clear air before we eat dinner. I need some fresh air after being stuck in bed all day,” he chuckled, as Persephone’s face turned up to his.

And he - and you - knew what was coming from her mouth next. A question, need it be.

“Can I come with you?” She questioned.

“But, you’re havin’ a bath and hair wash, poppet. And it’s cold outside, too,” he explained, a frown forming on her tiny facial features, “I might just go and sit down in the garden for a bit before we have some dinner. Would that be better? You can come and sit with me then. Maybe with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.”

“We’ll see,” you smiled, walking over and hoisting her up onto your hip, “c’mon now, sweetheart. The quicker you have a bath, the quicker you can spend time with daddy.”


“She wants you,” you smiled, poking your head around the door of the bathroom and looking towards the bed, his figure sitting up with a book in his hand and his face dipped down with wandering eyes taking in the words on the page, “a bath might do you some good as well. The steam will open up your passages and help you breath clearer.”

“You already lathered my chest in vapo-rub,” Harry mumbled, sticking his bookmark into the right page and closing the book up, “tell her I’ll be in in a minute, yeah?”

You gave him a warm smile, turning on your heel and stepping back upon the tiles of the bathroom, bending down and rinsing off the suds lingering on Persephone’s long and brown and curling hair; hair that resembled Harry’s when he was a young teen finding the best hairstyles in life that made him look better than he did at 16-years old.

Once he’d grabbed himself a towel and tied his hair back into a half-bun - hair that he wanted to grow back out to a longer length to go back to the length that many people, you included, had loved prior to cutting it short - he’d appeared in the doorway with a box of tissues and a bottle of vapo-rub to apply beneath his nose to help him breathe a little better.


“Hi, poppet. You ready to have a bath with daddy, yeah?” Harry cooed, a smile on his lips as he helped you stand to your feet, pressing a kiss to your cheek as you sauntered from the bathroom. “What have you been drawin’ on the tub then? Let’s have a look, shall we?” 

With a groan and aching muscles, he perched himself down into the bath and submerged beneath the bubbles, the water soothing his aching legs and immediately making him feel relaxed and content and happy. His chest feeling less congested and his nasal passages opening up slightly to help him breathe a little better than he had done throughout the day.

“Haven’t drawn anythin’, daddy. I was waitin’ for you to come in and join me,” Persephone grinned, reaching to the little cove and pulling the box of bath crayons out, passing over the blue crayon to Harry as he politely took it from her offering hands, “can we play that x and o game? We played it las’ time.”

“Y’mean tic-tac-toe? O’ course we can,” he grinned, “and m’gon’a beat you this time. You were sneaky last time, weren’t you, hm? You cheated.”

A frown passed over her features as she rolled her eyes and pushed his shoulder. 

“Didn’t cheat, daddy. You le’ me win.”

You’re Beautiful to Me (Request)

Please could you do a Joe Sugg fan fiction where the reader is a little chubby and she hates it, a lot. But Joe makes her feels special and tells her that she is perfect the way she is? BTW your writing is great and I love your blog, if you don’t want to write this it’s okay… 


so my friend and I spent some time writing this up and talking of some ideas for this one shot. she says hi to all you guys and hopes that you enjoy it. Thank you to the person who requested this, I really liked this idea and between my friend and myself I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did coming up with the little ideas for this one shot. :) xo 


“You too,” You smiled in response to the cashier as she handed you your receipt. You smiled and scooped your shopping bags into your arms. Zoe laughed and handed you your drink after you balanced the bags in one hand.

“Honestly Y/N,” Zoe smiled and walked into the parking lot confidently, “Joe is going to love it,” She said, referring to the lacy red lingerie you had ummed and ahhed at for over an hour. You had eventually caved and spent your last paycheck on the overpriced underwear.

“Are you sure…?” You sighed following Zoe into the too bright car park. “Maybe I should return it…” You said and Zoe shook her head.

“They look amazing on you,” She sighed and opened the trunk of the car for you to place your bags into, “Stop doubting yourself,” She smiled and opened the door of the car, sinking into the driver’s seat. You shook your head, smiling to yourself before sitting in the soft passenger seat. Zoe started the car and you turned up the radio. The two of you spent the drive to Joe’s singing off key to Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran.

After Zoe had left you had run up the stairs to the apartment, your hands holding three over stuffed shopping bags. You wiggled the key into the lock and pushed the door open with your shoulder, grunting as you did so. You placed the bags on the counter and put the keys by the door. You turned around and stopped when you saw your boyfriend, Joe, smiling at you. 

“How was your day out?” He asked and walked over to you. He enveloped you in a hug before pulling away and kissing you gently. You felt a smile spill onto your face as you kissed him back.

“Great,” You replied and set down your hand bag before bending down to take off your shoes. You tossed them aside and stood straight, the height difference now greater than before making you feel small. “Zoe is amazing at finding a bargain,” You said and walked over to the couch. Joe caught your hand in his and pulled you back to the counter.

“Try them on for me?” He asked, “The clothes?” You laughed and looked at him. He stuck out his lower lip, “Please, Y/N” He said and you looked down.

“Okay, for you Joe,” You smiled and leaned up to give him a small kiss before grabbing the bags off the counter and running down the hall to the bedroom.You slowly began to make your way through each bag. After putting on a new dress or shirt you would walk out to the lounge where Joe was waiting for you. He would compliment you and occasionally so something romantic or funny.

You eventually got down to the bottom of the third bag and saw the red lingerie mocking you. You pulled it out of the bag and sighed. You tried them on and looked in the mirror. While the silky material felt nice on your skin you just couldn’t feel comfortable in it. The way it made the flab of your thighs stand out like a sore thumb made you sick. You turned to the side and sucked your stomach in but you couldnt make yourself look skinny in the lacy pair. Oh well, you thought and bit your lip softly, I guess it’ll just go in the draw with the other bits of skimpy black fabric. You sighed and shook your head. Your weight had always been a sore spot for you and you were deeply insecure about it. You felt tears come to your eyes as you remembered how hard you had to try to find clothes that flattered you. You jumped when you heard a knock on the door.

“Y/N?” You heard Joe’s sweet voice come through the door, “Are you okay? It’s been a while, can I come in?” He asked and you sniffed slightly. Wiping your eyes and sighing. He can’t see me like this! You thought hurriedly.

“No! I just…” You started but it was too late, Joe had opened the door. You wrapped your arms around your stomach and looked down, “Have to change…” You finished in a small whisper. You felt your face flush as red as the underwear as he stood in the doorway staring at you. His mouth was ajar as his eyes took in the sight before him.

“Y/N…” He breathed and closed his mouth, “I… you…” He tried to tell you something but he couldn’t get it out. 

“I know,” You whispered and felt the tears come back. “It looks horrible,” You said and felt your eyes fill with tears again. Joe seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in and frowned. He marched over to you and placed his fingers under your chin, he lifted your head up slowly so you had no choice but to look into his beautiful deep blue eyes. You pulled your head away, “I don’t know why I bought it, it’s a terrible colour, it doesn’t fit right. It just makes me look…” 

“Look like what?” He prompted.

“It makes me look fat…” You whispered looking down ashamed of yourself. Joe frowned again and put his hands on your shoulders. He looked you sternly into your Y/E/C eyes.

“Y/N,” He said seriously, “You are beautiful exactly the way you are. Pale skin or dark skin, curly hair or straight hair, makeup or no makeup, freckles or no freckles, skinny or not. You’re perfect to me and that’s all that should matter. You are amazing, talented, and beautiful in every possible way. Even the people who pass you on the street can see that you’re a good person. Don’t ever doubt yourself because you’re amazing and I would never ask you to change. I love you, Y/F/N Y/L/N,” He stated carefully towards the end of his speech, he watched you carefully waiting for your response. He lifted a pale hand and wiped your tears away. You stared at him as your stomach dropped, your mouth slightly ajar. Did he just…? You thought to yourself. You felt a small smile tug at your lips. You wound your arms around his neck and kissed him, by the time you pulled away the both of you were out of breath. You opened your eyes and felt your smile widen.

“I love you too, Joseph Sugg.”

Falling Out, Falling In (Ch. 2) | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Angst/Drama/Healing/Friendship
SUMMARY: You catch Zen cheating on you, and you try to recover from the shock as he tries to mend your relationship.


Ah, there it is,” you thought idly to yourself when you saw a fancy car pull up in front of you. It looked extremely out of place in this area, and you would have laughed had the current situation been any different. A familiar face stepped out of the driver’s side, and you smiled in greeting as soon as you wiped a few stray tears away from your face with your sleeve. “It’s nice to see you again Driver Kim,” you try to sound friendly, but your voice shakes and falters near the end. Obviously, you’re not in the mood for idle chatter, and Driver Kim is more than understanding. You open up the passenger door, giving one last glance towards the apartment. A part of you had hoped that maybe Zen would have followed after you, but he was nowhere to be found. He was still in there with that woman, and you didn’t know how you felt about that.

You cursed to yourself as you forced yourself to finally look away, whatever remaining hope you had left shattering. You enter the car, making yourself comfortable before Driver Kim starts driving. The driver was somebody you could trust without fail, so as soon as the car started moving, you finally allowed your tears to flow freely. But it wasn’t enough. The pain and agony was so great that they couldn’t be soothed by just crying alone. But not yet. You can’t break down just yet. You needed absolute solitude first.

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anonymous asked:

You said you're doing requests for our favorite ghostly couple? How about Vivi taking care of Lewis when he's sick? That'd be so cute. C:


I remember going
when I was small
on a business trip
with the man in black

it smelled like
salt and the ocean
and cold hands
against my cheeks

and the people were nice
like friends you haven’t
quite met yet
but you want to

it stayed in the back
of my mind
even when I dreamed of
my bright New York

Boston was the backup plan
the place that was welcoming
and calming; something I had
fond memories of

and I love the song
you know the one
it drags my mind back
to this place every time

but then I met you
how far are you
from the city again?
a half hour? less?

I said I wanted to move there
one day
I’d move hours away
just to be near your heartbeat

because I always
invested just a little bit more
into us
than you did

and I daydreamed
about the harbors and
wooden docks
even though I hate fish

and the Patriots, even though these days
everyone hates the Patriots
(let’s be truthful here)
(for once)

but now,
with these trembling hands
how can I ever go
to Boston

what if I run into you?
what if I don’t?
“It is so easy to make monsters
Out of the people I have loved.”

it will always be your city
in my mind
so I will stick to Philly
and New York’s busy streets

hell, I’d go to Georgia
before going to Boston
and babe you know that
song too

I hope you like your clam chowder
even though you’ve always
hated it
since it made you sick when you were small

and I hope you enjoy your
football team, even though I know
you hate everything about it
just like me

we were always so similar
carbon copies of the
flower child and
pretentious poetry

I hope you make good of the salt
the birds, the boats, the sea
your hair against your face and
sand against your feet

the way everything feels magical
draw comfort from the breeze
darling, hold onto that
more than you did to me

i was thinking the other day that when you’re chronically ill life can become entirely about your illness and it almost feels like there’s no room for anything else. like life is meant to be multi-faceted, when you’re able-bodied it can be about having kids and getting a degree and holding down a 9-5 job and trying out lots of different hobbies and falling in love with someone and traveling the world, and none of those things cancels out the other. but when you’re chronically ill the illness can become this overarching thing to the point where you’re literally unable to see any of that other stuff, and it feels like life is just about being sick. but it’s like, where do you draw the line?

life can’t just be about being a sick person, but it also can’t not be when you have a chronic illness, and it’s so hard to stop seeing yourself just as that sick person and start allowing yourself to be a mother or a university student or an office worker or a traveller or a concert-goer or a husband or a socialite, because it’s constantly in the back of your mind that you are sick and you always need to be considerate of that. finding that balance between your health and the person you’d like to be or the life you’d like to have is so, so hard