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clap your hands if you love Diana Wrayburn

*clapping with extreme enthusiasm

I should call this one “Marichan should finish her other drawings and works instead of starting to draw something new as always” and “She immediately gets into something when it comes to her OTP” lol

I was hooked with @sourgrapelaffytaffy ‘s AU so I’m in this now adsda
(I also wanna draw the mother-son reunion between Hortense and Donald sm!)

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I got bored in Chinese Class and since I’ve been checking the Gwenvid week tag and came across the Hanahaki Disease ones and decided to draw my own version of it on my textbook.

Alex Fierro - Magnus chase and the gods of Asgard 

Puede que comiencen a ver spam de alex muy seguido, debo decir que es mi nueva musa. Le amo <3 Gracias Rick por este personaje.

Cress has only been waiting HER ENTIRE LIFE to get her ears pierced, no big deal. 

Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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