drawing this made me feel a little better

Meet business shark. He’s a great white shark and he’s very proud. He’s trying his best

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I remember making the first turquoise design and thinking it was pretty good. Lately I’ve felt like I haven’t made any improvement in a long time. This kind of made me feel better lol. It’s not like SUPER AMAZING improvement, but it’s a little reminder that even when it doesn’t feel like it, hard work pays off even in subtle ways. I guess it’s so gradual that you might not feel it until you look back.


I sincerely hope that looking upon Narancia’s stupid face has made you feel a little better. It usually works for me, providing he hasn’t done anything particularly terrible like going into my room, stealing my magazines, ogling the ladies in them and drawing Buccellati’s attention with his unrestrained bellowing about the size of their various anatomical features. But that was months ago, and I’ve put it behind me and never think of it anymore, and he will never, ever do it again do I make myself clear.


Anyway Anonymous, stop watching that garbage, you’ll rot your brain. Hmph.

Because I Want You

Inspired by this post. 

lucayacanons They end up being the couple that are really lowkey. you never know how nice they are to each other when they’re laying down on Lucas’ bed listening to possibly the only band either of them likes with an untouched pizza on the edge of the bed that Lucas had his mom order. you never see them kiss or hug or anything in public because they save doing all that for the simple yet thrilling nights in the southern boys room 

And this prompt: art class, everyone is drawing the person sitting in the middle that there suppose too. But Maya is Maya and doesn’t wanna. Somehow without realizing it she starts drawing Lucas. It was out of habit, she does when she gets bored. & I think you could turn it into an amazing thing with your awesome writing

(Thank you Nonnie for your lovely compliment, it made me feel a little bit better considering how sick I’m feeling.)

Okay, so from these two things I put together:

So what if no one knows that Maya and Lucas are dating until they start trying to set the two of them up?

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I have to say these … Arn’t as bad as I thought they would be.
I colored these linearts by @cherryandsisters and @elentori-art and the result has been … Interesting.

Actually while coloring these I noticed small insignificant mistakes in the lineart and it actually made me feel so much better about the little mistakes I’ve made. It helped me realise that most of the time the mistakes add to the drawing rather then take away from it. Also the melding of my coloring style and the different line art styles was cool to see.

This was so much fun and I’m glad I decided to do it.

Quick little “How to Draw Elena” tutorial I made for someone on twitter based on some of the tips given to me by her incredibly amazing character designer Ritsuko Notani.

It’s not the most perfect drawing of Elena in the world (I always make her forehead either too big or too small and I see that her neck’s too long which is sort of a habit of mine), but I figured I may as well post it here for people to have access to, since the basics are there… Y’know, just in case someone finds it helpful in some way…

Whew~ It’s done. I wanted to experiment with colors and different layers and BOOM! xD Line art still needs work, and I could probably blend the colors a little bit better, but I’m still proud of how this came out.

I got the idea while listening to the song Centuries by Fall Out Boy, and that song has the vibe to it that says “Remember me”. And one of my goals in life came into mind; to inspire other people. And surprisingly, that dream has been accomplished. And it made me feel great. It made me feel like I can accomplish anything if I try! So… my determined mood inspired me to draw this mess. xD But ya! It looks pretty cool, at least I think so anyway. :3

💖💖 He never thought they’d get so far. 💖💖

Here’s the Stans surveying a sweet sunrise over the seven seas!!!!! (Try to say THAT three times fast!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂) I like to think it’s their first morning out at sea, and it hits Stan that maybe all that stuff Mabel said about dreams coming true wasn’t junk after all.


Some small part of @mothmckrakken ’s fanfiction “13” –> Here’s the link for the fic at AO3!

First of all, I’m so sorry this took so long!! Since I read that fanfiction I wanted to do an illustration for it, but the main problem I had was that I simply couldn’t decide on which scene I wanted to draw. I started with several version of different scenes but I never had the feeling that I could catch the atmosphere in one single drawing. That’s whyyyyy I decided to draw a little doujinshi instead ^^;;; I really hope it’s okay, mothmckrakken, I made some slight modifications so it would fit better in the panels and I hope you like it although it’s a bit messy and quickly done ;; But I didn’t want to make you wait longer. (please tell me that the barkeeper was hot? because i imagined him being hot lmao)

Anyways, dear others, the main reason for this douji is- please take your time and go and read that fanfiction, because if you’re looking for a good RenRuki fic, this is one you should read. I really liked the characterization of both Rukia and Renji and it has very good scenes. Besides, it’s nicely and fluently written and fun to read!

The douji is 8 pages in total and the rest is under the cut. My drawing skills stop at backgrounds and hands, i’m sorry 8D I have some anons with prompts in my askbox as well, I’m working on them now, thank you so much!

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hey guys!
This is a little come back I think :)
I am figuring out what I want at the moment and right now I have a little time to breath and I really wanted to draw Opal again. (It was almost a month… I think)

So I sat down and drew some fanart again. I have to say the weather is much better and I made a compromise with myself that I don’t study illustration but first get a “normal job” so I can make a living and draw things I want to draw beside my job. I guess it’s the best way for me at the moment :) (and it takes so much pressure away from me)

It still feels a bit fragile but I am happy again. :) 

To the drawing: I changed Opals hair a bit because why not :) Loving the rich girls hanging out together ♥

anonymous asked:

Your art is amazing, especially the latest Indess drawing. The lines that aren't super polished feel very natural and flowing, which goes well with the subtle colouring and the softness of the face. Also, to me, she resembles a younger Monica Belucci a little bit. (sorry if that's not what you had in mind)

Gosh, I’ve had the crappiest day… But this made it so much better! Thank you :)