drawing this made me feel a little better

The Next Picasso || Jughead Jones

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word count : 905

pairing : jughead x reader

warnings : reader being bullied on, cursing.

summary : Reggie and his goons all gang up on you, taking you sketchbook and make fun of you but Jughead steps in to stop them.


     You always tried to live your life one day at a time, and making as little noise as possibly. You weren’t one to be in the lime light and having any attention on yourself was very stressful. You mother always said you were too backwards for your own good. You would only laugh and sneak off to your room where you’d spend the next few hours drawing or whatever art medium you were messing with that day. 

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Hi there!! I just wanted to say that even though I've been sick and pretty :( this whole weekend (bleh bleh) seeing your nap time with fluffly friends made me cheer up so much!!! So thank you so so much!!!!! ( ´▽`)

Oh dear! get better soon!!! ó^ò)/ and oh gosh im glad my little drawings could help you feel a little better

here take some more fluffers to cheer you up and get better soon!!

Love Like A Comic Book || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: your friend gives you a worn notebook filled with a drawn comic that depicts you together with spider-man, however, there’s just one problem.

you can’t draw to save your life, and you have no idea who would be crushing on you hard enough to draw you as spider-man’s love interest.}

inspired by Nathaniel Kurtzberg’s character on Miraculous Ladybug. Pls pretend that peter is somewhat artistic for this story.

also, this is dedicated to my dead laptop. RIP bae, you will be missed as I attempt to type all of my future stories on my phone 。゚(TヮT)゚。

warnings: none

OC mention: David “Dave” Pennington: [Name’s] best friend

[author’s note: okay so Dave has been a long time OC of mine, and admittedly, I drew inspiration from Dave Strider in personality and appearance. However, just to make this a bit more fun, you readers can also picture David Pennington as looking like Harrison Osterfield ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


{As she talked to her friend,/ that smile of hers looked so sweet,/ Her form was like the heroine of a comic I drew in my head/ It was love at first sight/ I truly, truly came to like her/ But with the way I look,/ She would definitely hate me.}

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Elaborate and Sweet

Title: Elaborate and Sweet

 Summary: When Dwalin and you get in a huge fight, things are said, feelings are hurt, love is questioned…until he makes an elaborate and sweet apology that sets everything right.  

 Warnings: Mild Language. Angst. Fluff.  Arguments.  

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by ghisborne

You loved Dwalin, you really did, with all of your heart.  He was strong, courageous, and such a sweetie.  No one who didn’t know him personally wouldn’t have guessed that, but it was true.  When he had a moment alone with you he would just pull you into his arms and lavish you with kisses and praise.  You loved the little moments like that.


But Dwalin was also stubborn, pig-headed, prideful side, and also had a short fuse.  It was a very volatile combination.  You knew this, ever since you had met him on the journey.  You learned it first hand in fact as he was stubborn and pissy about you, a human girl, joining their company to reclaim Erebor.

But all that had worked out.  You were skilled in fighting and healing, was quick to prove your worth, and around the time you all got to Beorn’s, had won over Dwalin’s heart.  That was a night you liked to re-visit when you and Dwalin had your little spats or arguments, remembering how gentle he was, how all his walls came tumbling down as he bared his heart to you, how he kissed you when you both admitted your love for each other…

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Finally got around to doing this.

Fun little get-to-know-me page! I wasn’t tagged to do the “Meet the Artist“ challenge, I just genuinely wanted to do this. I won’t tag anyone though. If you wanna do it, too, please feel free!

Oookay. So. I guess this is a Christmas/General holiday present for @thatsthat24 because I love him very much.
I worked a good 2 weeks on this because I’m busy and don’t have time to animate much. Not counting when I wasn’t working on it this still took a good 10 hours. I’m not proud of how choppy the animation is, but I hope, Thomas, that you can appreciate it? Plus I’m relatively proud of the art itself

Anyways, for @thatsthat24
I made this because you pulled me out of a terrible place. I’ve had crippling anxiety since losing my dad at the age of 6, and some form of depression with it since I was young, and I’ve been suicidal for many years. Pretty much for the past two years I’ve had nights at LEAST once a week usually more where all I wanted at all was to be dead and for the pain to be gone. And for many of those nights there were things and people who snapped me out of it for the time being. But the feeling came back every time, within a week. And those people have saved my self.

However, I’ve been watching your stuff since around when you started making Vines and you always cheered me up at least a little. But it wasn’t regularly. After a while I lost you for a few months until a month or so ago, when I rediscovered you and was instantly hooked, far more than before. I instantly started drawing things for you and sending them and you saw all of them and said such nice things and it just boosted my low confidence so much and made me so much happier. Your words make me smile and cry but in the end it all makes me feel better and not worse, no matter how strong my reaction. And not just your words to me, it’s your undying love for your fans, both as your fans and as individual people that keeps me going and feeling loved.
Since I got hooked with you and started actually interacting with you, I’ve definitely had some extreme lows. Many anxiety and panic attacks and more than a few mental breakdowns. But never since I first registered how much you meant to me and how much happier you make me have I wanted to kill myself or wished death upon myself. That’s progress for me.

This is getting long so I’m gonna try to wrap it up.
This animation/gif thing is pretty much to show how Thomas made my month a happy time with sad times in it not a sad time with happy days sprinkled through, and how he brought a lot more happiness into my every day life.

Tldr; Thomas Sanders is an angel who saved my life

….when i was feeling pressured because the home wi-fi had problems, i need to do some research for final college assignment, having important conversations with some people while the only way to do it is using the internet, and i couldn’t go out to find one because of reasons….

drew some things with my tablet almost right after the wi-fi suddenly lost connection… call it a little bit of stress relief

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[This fic was requested by the greatest little nugget @lilsizzler, I hope you all enjoy!]

“I hate him!”
           My fingers stilled on the keys and I couldn’t help but smile softly. Picking up my mug of coffee I turned around in my seat just as Julian stormed into the room. I don’t know what it was about Barry Allen that worked him up so much, I mean technically I did, but part of me felt like there was more to his hatred for Barry than he was letting on.
           "What did Mister Allen do this time?“ I asked.
           "He’s a fool, a stupid, gangly little fool with little to no regard for anyone but himself-”
           My brows furrowed, Julian seemed angrier today. I was used to the odd rude comment but the venom in Julian’s tone was surprising.
           Setting my mug down on my desk I crossed the room, touching his arm and his gaze jerked to mine his anger fading slightly. It was only then that I noticed the bandage on his arm and the hospital bracelet.
           "Did Barry-“
           "No, but he bloody well have!” He hissed.
           I smoothed the deep line between his brows and he sighed closing his eyes. I traced his face with my fingertips, running my fingers through his hair as I pulled him close and held him to me. He noticeably relaxed in my arms and I felt his lips on my shoulder before he pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes tiredly.
           "Why didn’t you phone me and tell me where you were these past two nights. You said you were working a case but you lied,“ I said gently, moving a lock of hair out of his face.
           "It’s nothing serious, a concussion and frostbite. I didn’t want to worry you needlessly, Y/N,”
           I leaned up to press a kiss to his lips, “I always worry, I missed you,”
           He smiled then, it was a small one but it was a smile none the less.
           "And I, you,“
           "You can tell me all about Allen in the morning, but for tonight I’m going to run you a hot bath and you are going to rest,”
           I turned to go to the bathroom, looking back at him when he wouldn’t release my hand.
           "What did I do to deserve you?“ He whispered.
           I smiled softly, “I have no idea,”
           ***Julian’s P.O.V***

           I was sprawled out in the tub, the aches and pains in my muscles were slowly being soaked away. I had hated Barry from the beginning, but this whole business with Caitlin Snow had only served to confirm all of my suspicions. He liked to play the oblivious and innocent role and he may have had everyone fooled but not me. He never fooled me for a single second.
           "You’re thinking about him,“
           My eyes snapped open and I watched as Y/N slowly lowered herself into the tub across from me. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them. She was so beautiful it almost hurt sometimes, I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t know her, I couldn’t imagine a life without her.
           "Come here,”
           She moved to me and turned so her back rested against my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.
           "How have you been?“ I asked, feeling guilty that I seemed to make everything about me.
           She shrugged, drawing nonsense on the palm of my hand, "Okay, nothing exciting happening on my end,”
           She turned her head when I made a small noise, “Does your head hurt?”
           "A little, but I’m fi-“
           My blood grew thicker in my veins, an familiar euphoric feeling washing over me for a few blissful moments before it was gone. My eyes opened again a few moments later and I felt no pain at all. Y/N had grown paler, using her gift always took a toll on her but she smiled at me, placing a kiss on the back of my hand.
           Taking her chin between my thumb and forefinger I guided her lips to mine. Her tongue slipped past my lips and I wound my fingers into her hair, feeling a growing need for her with every passing second.

***Y/N’S P.O.V***

           We washed and dried ourselves, but when I pulled on my silk robe he grabbed my wrists to stop me from tying it. His hands moved up my arms and he slipped my robe off my shoulders so it fell to the ground. His mouth burned a trail down my neck and I reached down to stroke him.
           "I want you, Y/N,“ he whispered, and I felt heat pool into my belly.
           "I want you so much I can scarcely take it,”
           He lifted me into his arms, entering me as he carried me to the bed and I let out a long sigh.


           I woke up with my cheek on his chest in the early hours of the morning. He was awake, I could tell by his breathing so I decided to break the silence.
           "What did Barry Allen do?“
           Julian sighed, running his fingertips up and down my spine.
           "His friend, Caitlin Snow is a meta, and not the friendly kind. She is a danger to this city, yet Allen had the gall to try to defend her, she’s ‘ill’ he says. He had the audacity to come to me in the hospital and implore me to be silent about his ‘friend’. I could have been killed and yet he defended her. He’s insane!”
           I bit my lower lip, “Julian, if he believes Caitlin is sick I could understand why he would want to protect her. I’ve met Caitlin Snow, she’s a very sweet and intelligent per-”
           "Don’t you start now, too. She is a menace! She is dangerous!“ he groaned.
           "Look,” I propped my head up on my hand so I was looking at him.
           "If she wasn’t in control, perhaps Barry wanted to protect her because he knew the police wouldn’t be able to get her the help she needs. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. When I met you I thought you were  the most arrogant asshole in existence,“
           "Ahh, splendid, that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside-”
           "And I was right, you are an arrogant asshole. However, you also happened to be very gentle and kind,“
           His brows furrowed, "Are you trying to say that Allen is a delight underneath it all?”
           "I’m saying you’re not really giving him a chance to see-“
           "I’ve given him plenty of chances, Y/N,” Julian scoffed.
           "Have you though? Really? It’s not really a chance if you are rooting for him to fail. How can anything he do convince you he is innocent if you are so dead set against him? When you met me do you remember what you said to me?’
           Shame crept into his eyes and he looked away, “Don’t remind me,”
           "You said I was foolish, you said that I had my head in the clouds and not a cruel bone in my body. You said that this city would squash me like a bug… and when you found out I was a meta. Even before you found out what my powers were, you said that I was the scum of the earth,“
           I turned his head so he was looking at me, but I wasn’t angry, instead I smiled.
           "You said all of those hurtful things and yet here we are. Were you right about me?”
           "No,“ he said softly, stroking my cheek, "What I once found insufferable and revolting about you has only served to make me love you more, damn you,” he sighed.
           "If your opinion of me could change so could your opinion of Barry,“
           "You want me to fall in love with Barry Allen?”
           I laughed lightly, rolling my eyes, “You’re such a dick. If falling in love with Barry Allen is the only way you can get along with him then so be it, but all I want is for you to give him the benefit of the doubt,”
           "I don’t think that is possible-“
           "Try, I think you’re making a lot of assumptions with only half of the information. Whatever you decide though, whether it is to hate him for all eternity, befriend him, or forget about him all together I will follow your lead,”
           He placed a kiss on my forehead, “You’re far too good, do you know that?”
           "Are you complaining?“
           "Never,” his lips found mine. 


I have to say these … Arn’t as bad as I thought they would be.
I colored these linearts by @cherryandsisters and @elentori-art and the result has been … Interesting.

Actually while coloring these I noticed small insignificant mistakes in the lineart and it actually made me feel so much better about the little mistakes I’ve made. It helped me realise that most of the time the mistakes add to the drawing rather then take away from it. Also the melding of my coloring style and the different line art styles was cool to see.

This was so much fun and I’m glad I decided to do it.

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I read Honenuki got in through recommendation like todoroki and yaoyorozu why do you think he ended up in class B instead of A?

Oh, I’m pretty sure the sorting is somewhat casual - I say somewhat because I think the classes are made trying to keep the overall strength balanced between the two groups, but that’s about it? It’s not like class A is inherently better than class B just because they’re called “A”, it’s mentioned more than once during the story that the potential should be overall the same and the only difference is the battle experience class A has

Anon said: holy shit I lose my shit bc of that text of yours. I mean I knew already how the case was between Baku and Kiri, but it still hit my heart to read that all in one text. I’m so blessed welp X’D

I nearly cried while writing it so guess what you’re not alone anon we can cry together ( ձ ̥̥̥ ヘ ձ ̥̥̥ )

Anon said:  I started watching BNHA because I love your art and I wanted to understand it (came for Haikyuu!! stayed for everything) and oh wow I’m only 7eps in so far but I really like it!!!! Thank you! Your art is incredible keep up the good work! : D

AHHHH THANK YOU!!!!!! I’m glad you’re liking it!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

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Elixir Vitae

AU fanfic set around the time of IWTB.

A/N: Finally…..

Find previous chapters here: Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III / Chapter IV / Chapter V / Chapter VI / Chapter VII / Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Another movie night is in the making.

Two bowls of popcorn - a bigger one buttered and salted, a smaller one plain - sit on the coffee table, a copy of one of the Indiana Jones movies - I can’t remember which one - is popped into the DVD player, the logs are crackling in the fireplace, and I’m sitting on the sofa with a blanket on my lap waiting for Scully to join me.

I hear her hopping down the stairs and she greets me fondling my neck.

Oh yeah, keep doing that, Scully!

“Sorry for letting you wait,” she apologizes and makes herself comfortable on the other side of the sofa. Without asking or hesitating she puts her feet on my lap and I can’t keep myself from rejoicing over the fact that this has become the most natural thing for her. I pull the blanket over her feet and tuck them in.

“Ready to start?” I ask, handing her her bowl of popcorn.

“Sure,” she answers. “I love that movie.”

I’m startled by the remark. How does she know she loves it? Tonight is meant to be a relaxing fun evening for us, no therapy session, so I don’t inquire but grab the remote and start the movie.

It’s the third part, ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’, and she surprises me again when she says even before the opening credits appear on the screen, “you know, I love Sean Connery in this one.”

She remembers Connery in that movie, but not me in her life.

It hurts.

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Meet business shark. He’s a great white shark and he’s very proud. He’s trying his best

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crisandax  asked:

I just want to say one thing, i really love your art!, that style you have is so cool, i hope i'll can draw like you someday, oh and arigato for inspiring me (i don't know if i written well ;-;) (and yes, i can speak japanese.... But just a little :'3)

Aww that’s so nice to hear ♡
Thank you for this lovely message! I was actually having a pretty bad/sick day until, I read this, that’s made me feel better much now 。゚(TヮT)゚。
I hope that some day I’ll see your drawings! I can only tell you: Keep drawing! ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ” Arts give us a lot of fun!

I remember making the first turquoise design and thinking it was pretty good. Lately I’ve felt like I haven’t made any improvement in a long time. This kind of made me feel better lol. It’s not like SUPER AMAZING improvement, but it’s a little reminder that even when it doesn’t feel like it, hard work pays off even in subtle ways. I guess it’s so gradual that you might not feel it until you look back.

By society’s standards My Best is not always very good–but I will continue to do My Best and hope that it will make the world a little bit of a better place.

Fanart Monday!

Yay for Fanart Monday! I still smile like an idiot when I get a fanart <3 Thank you, guys <3

In other news, I’ll be streaming later today!

Fanart of the week by @hologram-umbreon!! [Special fanart, since they drew one of my OCs <3 <3 <3 Man, I love it, I can’t NOT put it in here <3 Thanks a ton!!!]

More under the sexy cut ;D

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