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A Roll of the Dice

Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction/oneshot

Word Count: 10,254

Rating: Teen for sin

Pairings: Marichat/Adrienette

Summary: Alya gives Marinette a pair of adult love dice for her 18th birthday. Later that night, Chat Noir suggests to Marinette that they play a game with them to see if they work.

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In particular the outrage over chemical weapons is of course a cultural understanding about how deaths should happen (since chemical weapons often cause prolonged and intense suffering) but it is truly wild to see people not show the same outrage over conventional weapons use in warfare, and I think we should be critical of swallowing whole this idea of the red line of chemical weapons because it was always propaganda. It’s a largely arbitrary line to draw, this notion that chemical warfare is inherently worse.

When you look at pictures of sounds from conventional weapons it becomes clear that they do not prevent prolonged and intense suffering- untold numbers of people have died very slowly on battlefields from bleeding out, limbs have been thrown off by bullets and mines alike, bodies riddled with bullet holes, shrapnel causing lifelong issues if you even make it off the battlefield, all of these are instances of intense and sometimes prolonged suffering as well. Are children killed by US drone strikes, obliterated with US bombs, or murdered in crossfire between any number of actors, any less important? Are their deaths less moving? Are their deaths not moving? It’s nonsense, and it’s pathos used in the worst way to get us to ignore that warfare, violence, death, these are all nasty things no matter how they come about.

This isn’t a defense of chemical weapons either, but I think we need to rethink this idea that conventional warfare is somehow less cruel or violent or nasty.

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Any art tips?

I was going to say practice a lot, but then I remembered that that answer is given a lot so I’m going to expand on it a little bit.

While sheer volume can you make you improve, so does the quality of that practice.

What I mean by that is this. If I’m trying to draw the same thing over and over and over again, be it an object, or anatomy or what have you, I will improve. I will slowly find things that I did well, or things that I like, and it will get easier to recreate those things.

But that progress will come heck of a lot slower if I’m just relying on my head especially in the beginning when you’re trying to build your foundations. When we picture something in our head we picture an idea of what that thing is. A representation. So, for example, if I’m drawing an apple for the first time the things that might come to mind will be “Oh. It’s round. It’s red. There will be a stem and maybe a leaf.” and that will be what I draw. And if I keep drawing that idea over and over again I might improve, but that improvement might be kind of slow.

But if I actually draw from looking at an apple, and I mean really looking, I’ll pick up on so much more. That the apple will have lumps. I’ll see that there’s the reflection of light in the shadow. That there are little spots, that the stem is curved,  that there are more colors to it, that colors from objects around the apple reflect off the apple. So even if my first few renditions of this apple aren’t too great in the beginning, I’ll still improve so much quicker, and will pick up on more information that I can use. Not just in drawing apples.

SO use references. Draw from life. But really, really look at what you’re drawing from. Because you’ll pick up so much more information. And the stronger your foundations get, the easier it gets when you want to distort those things you learn. A strong foundation will improve your art even if you want to draw cartoony. Even if you want to draw colorful, and exaggerated things. The more you practice, the easier it is to recreate. The better you know the rules. The easier it is to break them in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing to you.

Hope that helps!

Little Ham Man (Small!Hamisquad x Reader) 2

Welcome folks, to another installment of “The Adventures of Little Ham Man”! In this episode, the reader desperately tries to finish her essay! When she arrives at the library, what will happen? Will she finally be able to finish? Or will the little hamlisquad get in her way? Stay tuned! @sin-cake-finished-and-baked

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“Hey! Why not me? I’m mature, I’m nice!” Mulligan said, moving in front of his friend. “And Lafayette was in charge last  I’m the next in line!” He complained. You rolled your eyes at him, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“The last time you were in charge, Laurens had a broken leg and Hamilton was digging through my underwear drawer,” Hamilton yelled at your response.

“Hey! That wasn’t on purpose, I was just looking for more blankets!”

“Yea, sure. But anyway, Laf is in charge. I got to type up these papers, and my laptop is fried. So, again, see you later!” You heard complaining but continued walking.

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Some History, and How Things Work

Early this morning we were contacted because someone claims their Fan-Fic was used–without their permission–in a YouTube video.  This is an unfortunately common issue.  

We reviewed the channel, and an Incident number has been assigned and it is in our Queue. Sadly, there is little more that we can do at this time:  the creator of the Fan-Fic is already aware of the problem and appears to have reported it.  If we knew of other creators whose content was used without permission on that channel, we would contact them.  If they issued strikes against the channel, that would hasten the process.  However, we do not–at this time–have anyone else to contact.

This situation offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of this blog and of protecting Creator’s Rights in general.

First, a little history about how this project came to be.

@art-defense​ was created at the end of the  Miraculous Blackout.  (Important:  @art-defense​ is not affiliated with, nor was it sanctioned by, the Miraculous Blackout team.  We are totally separate. We don’t even know if they are aware of us yet.)  The Miraculous Blackout was a two-week “strike” by many fan-work creators and their supporters during which they posted no content.  For more details, check out that blog.  

As the Blackout ended, @talvin-muircastle​ wrote a post  in which he expressed his feelings on theft of art and promised to continue to support artists as he had done before.  After his post received reactions far beyond his expectations, he created this side-blog as a place to fulfill that promise and allow others to volunteer their time as well.

So What Exactly Do We Do Here?

When we become aware of an account that may be infringing upon the legal rights of fan-creators, we add it to the Queue for review.  As time permits (all volunteers, here!), the account’s contents are reviewed.  If there is any uncertainty, we contact the artists privately and ask, “Was this used with your permission?”  

Once we feel we can reasonably assume that infringement of rights may have  happened, we turn the Incident into an Incident Report.  These are the posts on this blog that usually start with “You have been tagged in this post because….”  Each creator–where we can identify them–is tagged, and then a list of URLs is given to pages that appear to include their work.  

We go back and re-review old Incidents and issue updates when appropriate, such as when new content is added or a significant amount of content is removed.  

That’s it.  That’s what we do.  The rest is up to the rights-holders, the owners of the content.  The artists own their own creations–that is at the very heart of why this blog exists–and only they can decide if they wish to act upon the information we give them.

What Do We Not Do Here?

We do not contact alleged infringers ourselves.  

We do not condone “get everyone you know to report this” campaigns.   That is morally and legally defined as harassment.  

We do not outright accuse anyone of theft.  Only the owner of the content can do that.

We do not get in the middle of disputes regarding who actually owns a particular piece of content.  If the actual ownership is disputed, that is a legal matter.

While we respect the rights of Corporate rights-holders, we do not work to defend those rights.  A company such as Marvel Comics, or ZagToon, or Paramount, already has employees and contractors to defend their rights–they do not need volunteers.  Too, the relationship between Corporate creators and Fan creators is a complex one.  Some, such as Zag, appear to actively encourage fan-artists: the official Miraculous Ladybug account here on Tumblr regularly reblogs and applauds fan-made artwork.  Some companies have taken strong legal action against fan-creators:  look up “Axanar” for an example.  

That is not our fight.  We stay out of those.  Our mission is to help the “little person”, the solo fan-artist or writer who has no one else to speak up for them. 

Why Is Asking Everyone To Report A Video A Bad Idea?

The situation that inspired this post involves fan-fiction that was allegedly taken and used as the script for a YouTube video.  

YouTube has a procedure in place to remove videos that infringe on someone’s intellectual property rights.  By law, they are required to.  Everyone involved has to follow the law.

Now, the law does not care how many friends you have.  It does not care which side has the more popular argument.  The law–when it works as it should–only cares about what is true, what is just, and what is legal.

YouTube doesn’t care how many friends you have either.  They care about the law, because if they follow the law, they don’t have to worry about getting in trouble alongside one of their users.  

We use the terms “creator”, “rights-holder”, and “owner” fairly interchangeably around here.  To be honest, that’s actually playing a little fast and loose with the terms.  We aren’t lawyers, and we aren’t dealing with things on the level of a lawyer.  Lawyers will use those terms far more carefully and precisely.  

At the level of fan-art, we can usually (not always!) use “creator” and “owner” and mean the same thing with each.  “Rights-holder” gets more complicated:  if you draw a picture of Batman, you own that picture of Batman, but that’s it: it does not mean you own Batman!  DC Comics owns Batman, and even though you own that picture of Batman, DC can cause trouble for you if you use that picture in certain ways, because DC has certain rights over all pictures of Batman.  We aren’t going to follow this part any further:  you’d be better off asking an attorney.    Still, you do have some rights over that picture of Batman.  Even DC Comics cannot use that picture without your permission.  

That’s the important thing: you, the creator of the picture, have rights.

That means that only you, or someone who is a properly authorized agent (think “Power-of-Attorney” here), can report it as stolen.  

Your friend cannot.  We cannot.  A thousand people who were recruited online most certainly cannot.  

That can actually make things worse!

How Can It Make Things Worse?

Let’s take this off the Internet for a few minutes and talk about Garden Gnomes. Specifically your Garden Gnomes.

You have some very nice Garden Gnomes on your front lawn.  You made them.  They are pretty popular among your friends and neighbors.

Somebody down on Main Street, who gets a lot more traffic by their house, saw your Garden Gnomes and decided they really liked them, too.  So they stole one of them!  Put it in their own yard!

And now they are telling people they made it, and that they have never heard of you!

Well, you have proof that you made them.  You have pictures of that gnome in your garden next to other gnomes of the same style that you have made. You even signed the gnome.  

Option A:  Contact the police.  Fill out a report of stolen property.  Wait for the legal system to work.  Maybe, if you think the legal system is going to need to be pushed a little, get a lawyer.   Also, tell all your friends what happened, and tell them to make sure everyone knows that that is your Gnome, don’t believe this other person.  

So far, you are in pretty safe territory.  That last bit might get a little out of control, but if everyone behaves, you’re OK.

Option B: You are not satisfied with Option A. You ask all your friends to fill out police reports as well.  (But the police already have a report, and it’s not your friends’ property!)  Ask all your friends to call and email that person on Main Street and tell them what a horrible person they are for taking your Gnome.  Somebody goes and spray-paints “THIEF!” on the side of their house.  Somebody steals their Yard Flamingo, because after all it’s only fair.   They start getting death-threats….

The Law does not just protect your rights as the owner of that Garden Gnome.  The Law protects everyone’s rights equally, at least in theory.  As it happens, that Gnome-stealer up on Main Street has rights, too!  They have a right to due process, to a fair trial, and they have a right to protection from harassment.  

In fact, taking a Garden Gnome may not be viewed by the law as being as serious as telling someone to go kill themselves for stealing a Garden Gnome.  

So Option B: everybody gets hauled in front of the Judge.  The police, having had to deal with two hundred reports of the theft of one Garden Gnome, plus vandalism, Grand Theft Flamingo, harassment, incitement to harassment, possibly inciting a riot, threats of bodily harm, and who knows what-all else…

Well, the police are not sympathetic witnesses.

The Judge is not going to say that our friend up on Main Street was in the right by taking the Gnome to begin with.  That’s the Law.  But they are going to rightly point out that all this other stuff violated the rights of the accused, and so now you are in trouble too,  and so are any of your friends they can identify and lay hands on who did something to violate the rights of the accused.  The Judge thought they were going to deal with a simple case of theft, and now they are in a Very. Bad. Mood.  Judges have all kinds of nasty–and perfectly legal!–ways of dealing with people who get on their nerves.

Option B was not a very good idea at all.

Bringing it back to the Internet:  unless you have gone straight for the Lawyer option (and the Lawyer is going to tell you “Let me handle it!”), you are dealing with YouTube Customer Service.

YouTube Customer Service is not a Judge.  They are not a Lawyer.  They are probably like anyone in any Customer Service job anywhere:  trying to do the best they can on a low wage while keeping the Supervisors happy.  YouTube is spending money on this problem, and they want the fastest resolution possible with the best possible outcome for YouTube.  

If they are dealing with Option A, even if it is twenty different rights-holders properly using Option A, they are more likely to give the rights-holders a positive outcome.  In fact, if you can find 19 other people that have had their content stolen, that channel is probably going to be shut down, and if they monetized, the money won’t be paid.

This is why we have this blog.  We notify the creators so they can exercise their rights.

If that YouTube Customer Service employee is dealing with Option B, they are going to see clear cases of harassment, threats, reports-not-by-the-rights-holders, and other violations of the YouTube Terms of Service, and they are going to act on those–that’s what they are paid to do.  They might catch the valid and legitimate complaint by the actual rights-holder in all that, or they might not.  It’s a gamble.  

And thus we come around to a restatement of the Mission Statement of Art-Defense:

“The Art-Defense Tumblr Blog will be the home of a small group of volunteers dedicated to notifying artists in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom (and possibly other fandoms) of accounts on this and other platforms that appear to have stolen, reposted, misattributed, and/or monetized artwork.  It will not confront reposters directly, nor will it engage in or condone any form of harassment or bullying. [Emphasis added.]  Above all, it will practice and encourage respect of Artists’ rights over their own creations, and defer to the Artists’ wishes regarding those creations.”

That’s what we do here.  


Day 2 of Preyweek !! tuesdayy Doodle

I had some plans another for today, but I’m real busy, I have some doodles instead prey. My skill sets includes drawing the same expression over and over again and changing 70% of how I draw in 10 days

Also click on the pictures for captions

Monday | x | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday 

Follow the event by #preyweek @morganyuprey : ’D

Peterick AU idea

K so what about an AU in which Pete is either a Photographer or an artist from the early 1900s and Patrick is his muse and he just really loves taking pictures and drawing this beautiful boy over and over again.

But because Pete and Patrick are from different social classes, they just cannot be more than an Artist and his model.

Then in the present, Past! Pete is now a world known artist like Van Gogh, and art historians and normal people are all equally fascinated by the numerous pictures/drawings of one and the same boy, who’s identity has become a mystery because of the time.

And then Patrick and Pete get reborn into our time and they find eachother at an exhibition (most likely in a museum) of Past! Pete’s pictures and this time they actually can be together because the thing with the social differences isn’t an obstacle for them anymore.

@sinful-brendon-urie @the-last-of-the-soft-boys @the-black-melody ( @dr-deathdefying even tho I know you don’t ship Peterick.) What do you guys think of this?

Thinking about it you could make this AU about more or less every ship in existence.

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Kagehina for the ship ask?

Who said “I love you” first Hinata. He said it a lot, always bright and slightly carefree. Then suddenly he said it with more feeling, soft and sure and that was the time Kageyama knew he really meant it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background Kageyama. He tries to hide it every time Hinata looks over his shoulder at his phone, and is very possessive of it if someone asks to use it. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror Hinata draws pictures of volleyballs and occasionally lewd pictures that are very inaccurate. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts Both of them! Sometimes they’ll even come home with the exact same thing, then argue over who had the idea first and who has to bring theirs back to the store. They end up keeping both.

Who initiated the first kiss Hinata. He didn’t know he was going to do it until his lips were on Kageyama’s, and when he pulled away both of them stood there in shock until Kageyama pulled him back in for another, longer kiss.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning Kageyama. It’s rare he’ll wake up before Hinata, but when he does he takes full advantage. He never means to actually wake him up, just to kiss him and breathe in his scent and smile at the softness of his skin and the slow rise and fall of his chest.

Who starts tickle fights Hinata. He’s determined to win at them, whatever that means, so most of the time its a surprise attack and he ends up on his back pinned to the couch after Kageyama starts to fight back. Much laughing and shrieking ensues

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower Hinata doesn’t so much ask as barge in while Kageyama is already showering. He’s almost made him slip in surprise too many times, but after a few quick kisses and some mild groping Kageyama isn’t too bothered.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch Kageyama. He’ll text Hinata he’s outside, standing awkwardly and holding some take out. He’s too embarrassed to bring it inside, but he relaxes once Hinata comes out and they eat together on a bench somewhere

Who was nervous and shy on the first date Kageyama. He could barely look Hinata in the eyes without blushing. When they were walking home his hands shook so much Hinata noticed and grabbed one to hold. 

Who kills/takes out the spiders Hinata. He takes them outside, but not before picking them up and showing them to Kageyana, very close to his face. 

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk Hinata is a very affectionate drunk. He clings to Kageyama, slurring his words and showering him with almost disgusting amounts of compliments. Kageyama calls him an idiot despite the bright red blush on his face.

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Hey so like how do you feel about tracing? I mean it's obvious like "don't do it wtf" but I'm asking because my friend believes that if you're doing it to learn then it's okay but I think that you're just tracing over the outline of someone's work and that's not the same thing as *learning* how to do something to that level. Thoughts?

yeah lol if youre just tracing over the lines you havent learned shit youre just mimicking. and not even GOOD mimicking which is when u learn to copy something just by looking at it; youre literally just drawing lines over top of pre-existing shapes. the most skill that takes is identifying where a shape is, and then putting your pencil over it. a child could do that. if your friend is older than 5, & already has basic hand-eye coordination, theres absolutely nothing to be learned from tracing pictures lmao.

Ichabbie First Kiss Challenge

Inspired by @thymelady‘s wonderful Ichabbie First Kiss drabble, I thought we should have an Ichabbie First Kiss challenge so the great writers and artists in this fandom can create that first kiss we never got on screen. BECAUSE THIS DOESN’T COUNT!

Write a drabble. Write a full-length multi-chapter fic leading up to that first kiss. Reblog or post a link to a story with your favorite Ichabbie first kiss. Make a mood board. Draw a picture. Reblog your favorite scenes that obviously should have ended in a kiss because I can think of a few. 

I know it’s not the same as a million gifs of that first kiss (and you know we’d still be reblogging that over and over and over) but this fandom could always imagine great things. Tag it #ichabbie first kiss. Don’t tag the show’s name. There are no deadlines. Just have fun. 

so weird to think about how depressed i used to be that i literally was incapable of creative thought. like i still would draw but id draw the same picture of the same character over and over with only slight variations. now im just like overflowing w ideas for things to write and drawings and music like when i was a kid and i just wonder why that all went away for a while when i was about 15

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Can you give me any tips for improving anatomy? ヽ(´o`;

I’m not that well-versed with anatomy myself but I hope that these tips can help you:

1. Keep drawing even if it seems bad

I used to really hate drawing anatomy cuz it looked awkward so I used to avoid it all costs but after forcing myself to draw it, I got a lil bit more comfortable each time I did. Even if it seems wonky at first, it doesn’t mean it’ll be bad forever. Practice makes perfect!!

2. Search for references or inspiration pics

Refs (in an anatomy sense) are usually pictures that involve real people doing a pose that you want to incorporate in your art. Since you use the same pose from the picture, the ref acts as a guide to help you understand the way muscles work and such. This should not be confused with tracing over the picture which is a big NO NO! Tracing over the picture doesn’t really help you because you didn’t even try to understand how the pose works since you basically just copied it straight from the ref. Btw, it’s important to site the sources of the refs you use or else it will be considered plagiarism.

Insp pics on the other hand can either be drawings or real people doing a pose that you wont necessarily incorporate in your art. They just drew/posed in an interesting way that helps you understand how anatomy works in certain angles. You can keep them as like a future guide or somewhat of a moodboard if ever you wanna draw someone/thing in a totally different pose yet still have a bit of an idea on proportions or whatnot. They really help your imagination by allowing you to piece different styles and poses to create a totally new one from scratch. (This is a tad bit hard to explain lol but I hope you get the gist)

3. Look at yourself in the mirror

If you can’t find the right ref and can’t solely rely on insp pics to construct one in your brain then do them yourself or ask friends to do em for you!! 

5. Bend the rules a bit!!

Good anatomy in art is not really about the intense accuracy (well unless you do realism) but more of the fluidity which makes it all the more creative as opposed to how bodies move and act in reality. If you see the movement in cartoons, anime and animated movies, you will notice how each frame is like a wave that bends to and fro. This allows each pose to be less stiff or awkward and more pleasing to the eye. But don’t stray too far (unless your going for that surrealism /cubism vibe or something) because the pose might seem to far out and impractical. In the end you just gotta feel what’s right and know when to bend the rules!!