drawing the same picture over and over


“Again?” Carl grumbles. 
Y/N glance over from where they were kneeled by the dvd player. “Problem?”
“Do we have to watch it again?” Carl all but whines.
“It’s not the same one.” Y/N stand to walk over to the couch and dropping down beside Carl placing their legs over his and leaning their head on his shoulder, “Last one, promise and then we’ll watch your superhero movie, cool?”
Carl slums in the chair reluctantly while doing his same bored manner as always by drawing pictures on Y/N leg with his finger as they watched the movie.

Whenever I move somewhere, my head´s completely empty for a while afterwards. It took me two weeks to settle, and this is the first thing I draw. The muse is still strong with this ship.

Sweet Father

Summary: Kyungsoo is the best father who will always help his daughter when she is scared.
Member: Kyungsoo x Reader (Sooyeon is your daughter)
Type: Sweet/ fluff/ Parent!Au
Length: 1,056

This is such a cute thought! IDK, I feel like Kyungsoo would be such a great and adorable father and husband. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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“How was your evening?” You asked Kyungsoo as he walked into the bedroom. He smiled at you, looking exhausted but happy at the same time. He dropped his dance bag on the floor near your dresser and started rummaging through the draws to pull out his nightwear. You were already wearing your nightgown, curled up in bed with the covers wrapped around you and a book in your hand. You reached over and grabbed the piece of paper resting on your nightstand. You handed it over to Kyungsoo. “Sooyeon drew this for you.” You said as he took it. He looked down at the picture of the three of you on a mountain near a river and a rainbow high in the sky.

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Some people have been asking about my art process lately and honestly i’ve never really thought much about it but I put together this basic step-by-step thing (featuring Laura Hollis) just to give everyone an idea of what it is I do.

PSA: this is only one of my coloring styles so I will make separate guides for my other styles as well.

1. Sketch: pretty straight forward, I start with a quick pencil sketch, take a picture, put it into my program and go from there. This is also the stage which I choose dimensions and such (generally I work with a larger canvas and a high dpi if I plan on selling the piece on redbubble)

2. Lineart: My lineart style changes sometimes but I use just the basic pen tool (with pressure sensitivity disabled) and the fade pen tool for minor details. 

3. Flats: Basic colors, no real details just yet. Not-so-Pro tip: I draw a lot of the same characters over and over so I have color palette’s saved for every character which is very convenient for me cause I’m lazy and I suck at color matching. another not-so-pro tip: double and triple check that you are coloring the right layer. NAME YOUR LAYERS dont make the same mistakes i make quite often.

4. Details: At this point its just major details such as clothing patterns (which I do on the same layer as the base color for that clothing item. I just lock the pixels for that layer and work directly on that layer, all my patterns are done by hand cause I dont like using textures and stuff) At this point I also add details in the hair using the watercolor tool to get the blending just right. Cause we all know that hair isnt just one flat color and really Laura’s hair in this case is a jumble of browns and blondes.

5. Highlights + Shading: For this style of shading I use different values of reds and pinks (only cause I love warm colors its good stuff). I use the pen tool and I set the layer to multiply then play with the opacity until I like the way it looks. Sometimes I add more depth by adding multiple layers of shading but I dont do that often. For highlights I set a layer to screen at low opacity and use the pen tool to add any extra highlights on the hair and face (people are shiny and oily and thats just life) in terms of what color I use for highlights I generally just use the base colors from earlier. At this point I also add any other minor details like the shine on the eyes or lips, also any freckles or beauty marks.

6. Overlay: This step is really optional but I like the effect it has. Above all layers (including lineart) I color fill a layer with any solid color (again I use a coral/pink ish color cause I like warm colors, but if you prefer cold colors you could use blue tones) Then I set the layer to overlay and play with the opacity until Im happy with it. Basically it’s just a way to blend all the colors, make sure they all have the same basic tone. I also sometimes add a thicker outline just for aesthetic purposes. Again this step isn’t particularly needed but sometimes it just looks good.

so I hope this curbs people’s curiosity and maybe even helps some of you with coloring stuff.

again I have a few other styles in terms of shading and lines so I’ll do breakdowns for those styles on a later date.  And then an entirely different process for realism and backgrounds.

Anyway, hope this helps and I hope I get the chance to make an actual in depth tutorial on my full drawing process and maybe some drawing tips? I dunno.

Enjoy. And if anyone has any specific tutorials/guides they wanna see, don’t hesitate to ask!

My tools of the trade:

mechanical pencil

Wacom Bamboo Create

FireAlpaca (art program, Paint Tool SAI is also a good one)

A few people on twitter told me that they weren’t really sure how to approach a redraw (to the extent that I redrew it I believe) so here is a process gif of my paint-over! 

I think it’s relatively straightforward - I kept the background and color scheme since it was already well done, and went about painting Masayoshi over as if I had drawn him from scratch. 

I think it’s important to acknowledge that even if it is a paint-over, the way I went about redrawing didn’t actually involve any tracing. Heavily copied, heavily referenced, yes; but you do need to have a grasp of what you’re trying to draw or else you’re going to make the same mistakes as the drawing that you are redoing. :P Just a note!

The original picture + my redraw can be found here!

@everyone drawing Finn

I understand this is your first time coloring folks darker than a paper bag. I’m very happy that everyone spontaneously decided to expand their horizons! And with any growth there are some growing pains

Not to worry, I have a short list of stuff that you should probably avoid when coloring our friend Finn. 

It’s really short. 

Really Really short!

It’s literally just one thing…

(that I keep seeing over and over and over!)

And that thing is:

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Big full and rosy red lips, even if the picture you’re sampling appears to match!!!!

Yes, we know it’s a sign of beauty harkened through the ages. All the training you’ve done points to plump red lips as being the image of beauty you should project in artwork, along with rosy cheeks and thick lashes. 

too heated, by damnation…forsooth…

And yes, if the actor, John Boyega is your type, then he is certainly smoochable. 


HOWEVER, his lips are not the same color! They definitely aren’t light pink. Now yes, his lower lip is slightly redder/pinker than his face, his upper lip simply catches light, especially in portraiture but is actually closer to his skin tone. See, here he is in lighting at different angles.

Actual Finnamon roll

Too good for this world, too pure

This is a really common coloration! I have it! Several of my friends have it! These ladies with no makeup have it!


I’m sure most fanarts that end up with the pink-lip ring are simply using colors picked or mixed from reference. That’s a good start, but when I see drawings of dark skinned characters with lip color color ggoing all around in a contrasting light pink, no matter how unassuming and well-meant, it viscerally reminds me of this: 

Yea, we know you don’t mean to offend. But we also deserve to have people pay attention to our features. That means that we demand artists give the same attention to learning our coloration as they did to learning white peoples. And believe me, you did spend time learning it, or does before-after art work mean nothing to you?

This hasn’t been a big deal in the art community because of two reasons: 

  1. Black people are not popular subject matter
  2. If they are it’s black women, in full makeup.

Now there are unprecedented amounts of fanart of a guy who blessedly fails the paper bag test. There are also an unprecedented amount of artists who have never in their life drawn or colored a black person. (It’s true, no need to dig up your entire archives on my behalf.) Mistakes will happen. Mistakes can be fixed.

Long story short, don’t use the same shortcuts that worked when rendering people you’ve never drawn before. Be careful, pay attention, learn something. It will save us all some grief. 

P.S. Poe Dameron/Oscar Isaac is olive skinned, dammit. 

I’m just getting into a bad habit drawing all this smoke all of the time!

How can you have a Mother 3 print without sunflowers! Its amazing how numb you start to go after coloring the same things OVER AND OVER. Adding in the dark dragon was an after thought but I just really love how he frames the picture! I dont see him really included very much in drawings.

HEY wanna see your face in a graphic novel maybe??

HEY FRIENDS im working on a short-ish comic book that im super excited about. it may or may not ever be finished but i want to do it justice if i can and that means something i am very afraid of: backgrounds. what do backgrounds mean??

background characters.

and that means a LOT of random people standin in crowd shots or maybe with one line apiece, but the last thing i want to do is just draw the same generic person over and over and over because character design is HARD. so i have a genius idea!!

reblog this with a link to your favorite selfie or your selfie tag or whatever and maybe a picture or description of a dream outfit of yours and one day you might (its a very big might keep that in mind) show up in a cool lil graphic novel im writing/drawing :D!! 

seriously it might never see the light of day BUT it would really help me out if i didnt have to agonize over making a million unique background people. thanks to anyone who reblogs or pitches in :DDD 

Clarke’s constant sketching of the same thing has Bellamy intrigued. 
For Ellie’s prompt, but I want some mystery in it so I won’t tell you the prompt until the end. :) 

Here on Ao3

It all started with six dots. She’d put those dots in the same formation on some scrap of paper and then she’d connect them, same way, every time. It didn’t make a picture, like those sheets when he was a kid that the teachers would give out. It was more like a doodle of lines and points that made a series of triangles. Always in the same manner, she’d place the dots out, then stroke up, then back down, then across, then up, down again, across, up, down, repeating until her pyramids had been made. She’d then go over the lines again, darker or she’d start anew.

Bellamy noticed since she’d gotten back that it seemed like a coping mechanism, drawing these little shapes over and over. Not that he’d ever tell her he noticed. He looked away quickly whenever she caught him watching her hand sketch the doodle. But she did it often when she was stressed, or irritated, once when they were stuck waiting for Lincoln outside his old cave she used a stick and drew it in the dirt. Clarke made the design eight times before Lincoln came out. Up down, across, up down, across, up down, across, shade over again before starting a new set.

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Improvement comparisons are bittersweet. You’re relieved and at the same time you’re like wow I can’t believe I ever thought that that first one was acceptable.

I thought I’d compare because they’re similar pictures, especially those Enjolrarses…Enjolri… seems I still carry over certain habits/things. Hair for both has gotten bushier over time though, as it should be.

I want to say how much ditching mechanical pencils for Col-Erase pencils has helped my work look a lot better as well. Sometimes drawing tools make a world of difference and mechanical pencils are actually pretty terrible at getting a soft look. (And yea the mormons were done in colored pencil, as shown here. I just liked the final in greyscale.)

Selfie time ♥

Hey guys, 

I need your help! I want to practice to draw different kind of faces (because I pretty much draw the same face over and over again) and I thought that you could reblog this post and tag your selfie tag, so I can check it and draw a picture of you when you want to!

In that way I could study many different kind of faces and you would get a picture of you :) So just reblog this post with your selfie tag and I will draw you!

check my blog dottedcactus so get an idea what kind of art I like to draw.

I hope you guys like this idea :x