drawing the same picture over and over

A Roll of the Dice

Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction/oneshot

Word Count: 10,254

Rating: Teen for sin

Pairings: Marichat/Adrienette

Summary: Alya gives Marinette a pair of adult love dice for her 18th birthday. Later that night, Chat Noir suggests to Marinette that they play a game with them to see if they work.

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pedoshit shota guro artists can get away with drawing essentially the exact same picture over and over and over and over again but with different fandom faves bc their fans eat it up and never question it

In particular the outrage over chemical weapons is of course a cultural understanding about how deaths should happen (since chemical weapons often cause prolonged and intense suffering) but it is truly wild to see people not show the same outrage over conventional weapons use in warfare, and I think we should be critical of swallowing whole this idea of the red line of chemical weapons because it was always propaganda. It’s a largely arbitrary line to draw, this notion that chemical warfare is inherently worse.

When you look at pictures of sounds from conventional weapons it becomes clear that they do not prevent prolonged and intense suffering- untold numbers of people have died very slowly on battlefields from bleeding out, limbs have been thrown off by bullets and mines alike, bodies riddled with bullet holes, shrapnel causing lifelong issues if you even make it off the battlefield, all of these are instances of intense and sometimes prolonged suffering as well. Are children killed by US drone strikes, obliterated with US bombs, or murdered in crossfire between any number of actors, any less important? Are their deaths less moving? Are their deaths not moving? It’s nonsense, and it’s pathos used in the worst way to get us to ignore that warfare, violence, death, these are all nasty things no matter how they come about.

This isn’t a defense of chemical weapons either, but I think we need to rethink this idea that conventional warfare is somehow less cruel or violent or nasty.

Paint & Distractions

Feyre tries to paint, Rhys tries to distract her.

Pure post-ACOWAR fluff to make up for Sacrifices of War. Also posted on AO3.

If someone had ever told her the High Lord of the Night Court would be such a creature of the sun, she would have laughed. Now, instead of laughing, a small smile played over her lips as she watched her mate, night incarnated, stretching in a patch of sunshine like a content cat. For a day in late spring, it was unusually warm, the first real warm day of the year. Rhys had taken it as an excuse to get rid of his tunic as warm rays of the sun warmed his broad chest and lazily spread wings.

Feyre wasn’t sure if this was for her benefit or if he got sidetracked in his quest to distract her from painting. He’d appeared not long after she’d set up her things to finish a piece she’d been working on over the last few days. It was a gift for Rhys so she kept it carefully angled away from him. She suspected that he appearing wherever she and that painting were had something to do with the fact that she refused to share it with him. It would’ve been easier to stay in her studio where she could at least lock him out and put up a ward so he couldn’t winnow in either, but the day was much too nice for that. She was almost finished anyway. Besides, Rhys was so distracted with distracting her, the painting was all but forgotten.

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Little Ham Man (Small!Hamisquad x Reader) 2

Welcome folks, to another installment of “The Adventures of Little Ham Man”! In this episode, the reader desperately tries to finish her essay! When she arrives at the library, what will happen? Will she finally be able to finish? Or will the little hamlisquad get in her way? Stay tuned! @sin-cake-finished-and-baked

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“Hey! Why not me? I’m mature, I’m nice!” Mulligan said, moving in front of his friend. “And Lafayette was in charge last  I’m the next in line!” He complained. You rolled your eyes at him, throwing your bag over your shoulder.

“The last time you were in charge, Laurens had a broken leg and Hamilton was digging through my underwear drawer,” Hamilton yelled at your response.

“Hey! That wasn’t on purpose, I was just looking for more blankets!”

“Yea, sure. But anyway, Laf is in charge. I got to type up these papers, and my laptop is fried. So, again, see you later!” You heard complaining but continued walking.

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Ichabbie First Kiss Challenge

Inspired by @thymelady‘s wonderful Ichabbie First Kiss drabble, I thought we should have an Ichabbie First Kiss challenge so the great writers and artists in this fandom can create that first kiss we never got on screen. BECAUSE THIS DOESN’T COUNT!

Write a drabble. Write a full-length multi-chapter fic leading up to that first kiss. Reblog or post a link to a story with your favorite Ichabbie first kiss. Make a mood board. Draw a picture. Reblog your favorite scenes that obviously should have ended in a kiss because I can think of a few. 

I know it’s not the same as a million gifs of that first kiss (and you know we’d still be reblogging that over and over and over) but this fandom could always imagine great things. Tag it #ichabbie first kiss. Don’t tag the show’s name. There are no deadlines. Just have fun. 

Aidan at the BFI / RT Television Festival 8/4/17 - some thoughts.

I took no pictures. I just listened and watched very carefully. It was the first time I had seen him irl and didn’t want to waste any time with buttons, shutters and seeing if my thumb was in the way again.

The audience were incredibly polite in how they received him and asked him questions, and gave him gifts during the Audience Question section at the end.  It was through courtesy or blind and utter shock, put it that way, but it was not a melee.  Someone should have served tea and cucumber sandwiches on best china.

He came onto the BFI IMAX theatre stage to no special fanfare, no rapturous or out of place applause.  It was quite muted.  We had been told to come and take our seats before he arrived, so the reception committee outside must have been pretty thin and according to some he was just left with the professional autograph hunters to receive him (I didn’t see any of that - I was in there and up in my seat pretty quickly, like a greased ferret through a drainpipe actually).

They showed 2 clips from Series 3.  This perhaps was the reason behind the request “no recording of any sort whatsoever” at the beginning.  People did though.  Some of the ushers were moving around trying to stop people recording or taking pictures using mime gestures (”cut it” slashing fingers across throat), which reminded me of the old days when they would try and stop teenagers kissing in the back row at the pictures.  That approach worked just as well as it did all those years ago.

He didn’t move around a great deal.  I’d heard stories of Restless Fidgety Turner, but no, he wasn’t.  Mostly sat there with his left leg crossed across his right, and his hands out in front resting on the bucket lounge type of chair you find in Costa Coffee (other coffee retail outlets are also available).  His hair was down to start with.  It had obviously been cut since filming but it was still mid neck length.  He had brought his elasticated hair band with him, and this was on his wrist most of the time.  The beard was in good health but not out of control.  It wasn’t Odessa level of frizzy.

There were minor issues with technology.  One of the clips was shown right in the middle of someone answering a question (forgive me, I think it was Damien) and it took them a while to realise and halt the clip half way.  It involved a scene with Demelza’s brothers who are new characters in series 2. 

The other minor issue was with Alison Graham’s voice microphone which packed up too.  Aidan was able to project his voice beautifully to the back of the auditorium without any assistance, and all those lessons from Ian MacKellan on not muttering must have sunk in and stayed there from his days on the Hobbit and from 5 years in theatre too of course. [note to self - his mike was working just fine, but attached on very securely to his paler than usual tee-shirt].

I am not able to remember everything.  There were times I even forgot

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“Hey, what chya lookin at kiddo?”

Reset!Sans belongs to me/@resetale-blog

Chalky belongs to @anna-blue-strike along with the mentioned Anna! :3

Created at 5:37AM 3/2/2017. 

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you know me, one track mind who just draws the same characters over and over before jumping to other characters. also i hate shading clothing so everything i do is like…. flats but with shaded skin+hair. gotta stop that

this picture looks super deliberately and professionally awkwardly posed no matter how you crop it and donovan is probably hating it

Things I’m honestly surprised that the Servamp fandom doesn’t have:

- A road trip AU

- A meta AU

- One of those chat thingy AUs

- A super popular angst series (we’ve got a fair share of angst but there are none that are like… renowned. Maybe we have too many)

- A popular crack AU (Same reason as above prolly)

- One of those blogs dedicated to purposely creating bad ms paint drawings

- A shitposting bot/person specifically for the fandom

- genderswap AU (I’ve seen some fan-art but it’s pretty sparse, they’re all real good though either way)(I also may just be missing them somehow)

- A blog known for obsessing over the female characters (I would happily become that blog tbh, who wouldn’t)

- A blog known for obsessing over the male characters

- A snapchat blog (as in they post snapchat pictures of pictures of the show or manga with a caption)

- A headcanon blog(? I don’t think we have one of these, do we? Maybe…)

- One of those facebook blogs if anyone knows what I’m talking about (is this a dead trend?)

- A blog that only posts long, convoluted analysis’ of characters or plot points or headcanons

- No really popular and widely accepted theories (Not that I know of anyway)

- A Servamp imagines blog (again, not that I know of)

- A blog that collects and organises all the AO3 fanfictions (I mean, we don’t have that many so this is understandable)

- Appreciation blogs (though I’m willing to say that people have basically dedicated their personal blogs to this)

- A “relatable pictures” blog (not that I know of again)

- “___ of the day” blog

- “Food that looks like” (is this a dead trend)

Okay as stated some of these may exist but excuse that. Feel free to add to the list if you can think of any. Also, sorry if I repeated stuff.

tenfacedhyunomai  asked:

I like to just picture Rayman watching Raymesis playing Rayman 1, 2, or 3. BUT instead of properly playing the game, Raymesis just stares at Rayman with a smug look as he repeatedly makes game-Rayman walk to his death over and over and over. I just can't really figure out what Raymans reaction would be~ [I sometimes do this same thing when I'm frustrated with a game.]

p much these

Whenever I move somewhere, my head´s completely empty for a while afterwards. It took me two weeks to settle, and this is the first thing I draw. The muse is still strong with this ship.

Patater Art AU

Kent Parson as an art student at the same university as Tater and Kent is still a hockey player but maybe Tater got injured senior year of high school and had to stop playing (don’t think about that sad part)

so anyway Kent likes to sit in the library and draw people for extra practice, and Tater is always there working on projects (probably something math related since English is not his strong suit) and he makes faces at his work all the time, and Kent thinks it’s adorable, so he likes to draw Tater when he sees him

 and Kent starts getting really invested in this kid he doesn’t even know because he’s really pretty and all sharp angles and don’t get Kent started on his hands omg, and so a few weeks into the semester Kent’s sketchbook is filled with drawings of this guy, and oops one day tater actually notices Kent staring at him, and Kent looks away all awkward and blatantly avoids looking at him for the next hour,

so the next day on his way in Tater sees that Kent looks really invested in his work and he takes the long way around to his usual table to get a closer look and “you are drawing” and Kent nearly jumps out of his seat because they guy I’ve been drawing for several weeks is looking down at my sketchbook right now help

and Tater sits down next to him and just blatantly asks “I saw you looking at me, you draw me? Can I see?” and dammit he’s got these puppy dog eyes and Kent can’t resist so he just nods dumbly and hands over his sketchbook wtf is he thinking rn

and Tater is flipping through this kid’s book and he sees some really well done drawings of himself and also a lot of pictures of shoulders and forearms and hands- wait, that drawing has the same cut that I got on my arm last week? and my class ring too? and oh, Tater gets it now, and he looks over to Kent, who is red as a tomato and is pointedly not looking at Tater

so he just slides the sketchbook back and goes “is very good” and he wants to ask Kent if he wants more drawing practice (but he can’t do that that’s way too embarrassing he is 18 for God’s sake) and so he just kind of awkwardly stays there until Kent finally looks at him and blurts out “you have great hands!” a little too loudly because a few people turn around to look at them and Kent wants to die but Tater is laughing and also kind of red and still here, so Kent thinks it can’t be going that bad

and long story short these two awkward boys somehow manage to actually talk to each other for a minute and set up a date to a local diner and Tater ends up in Kent’s room after laughing because here he is shirtless with his hair all messed up from the kissing and Kent is scrambling off of him to grab his sketchbook and some charcoal because “you’re perfect and I need to draw this right now” and Tater can’t think of anywhere he’d rather be

Trouble (Tattoo Artist!Jungkook)

Plot: 088: “I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint.” + 098: “I think we should have another.” with tattoo artist!Jungkook

Word Count: 687

A/N: so the link to the original tattoo artist!kook post is right here and since this does involve father!kook, all of the father related posts are here, as always it’s not required to read any of the mentioned posts but they’re just there in case you’re curious about them or wanna have a backstory for this post

Your children had always looked up to their father, from the smallest ways to the biggest. They liked to copy his small mannerisms, sitting with their legs apart, adding in a slight slouch. They would laugh whenever he did, even if they didn’t know what he was laughing at but purely because they wanted to be in on whatever their father was laughing at this time. They rarely left his side except for when he had to go to work but even then they would visit him during his free time. They would “help” him doodle new tattoo designs, both of them sat on his lap as he could only smile at them. As mischievous as they were, they loved him and wanted to be like him as much as they could.

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// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

Fun Facts & Q&As under the cut!

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