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Cute art! Just askin' how to draw beautifully, as my drawings are not so good.

Step 1: Draw circle(?)

Step 2: Draw a line

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Draw the body

Step 5: Draw the clothing

Step 6: Draw the line and erase the sketch

Step 7: Ink it/color it

Step 8: Add background

Step 9: Add the extras and effects if you please c:

Step 10:

Regret :D

Character used is Palette @angexci

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I've had moments where I was really passionate about drawing cartoon. But I somehow always seemed to mess up the body... it just always looked so unnatural in comparison to their head. So very blocky and odd looking. I was wondering if you might have any advice for me to maybe pick up the cartooning again. By the way I love your blog, your whole vibe is so very positive and your doodles are amazingly cute❤ xx L.M

That is a very real and common struggle for artists that are just getting into figure drawing. I myself grew up drawing portraits, so when it came time to learn how to draw a full body, there was a huge gap between my head drawing skills and body drawing skills.

My advice is that you need to stop thinking of your drawing as separate parts, and work on the entire thing as a whole. I hope that makes sense? The temptation is to draw a really great head, then attach a body to it, but that just makes the drawing look funky. You have to take each stage of your drawing as one piece. Look at the shape of the entire body, with the head, and as you add more detail, do so all around the drawing not just at the parts you’re most comfortable with.

First, figure out the overall action and gesture of the body.

Then, block in the big shapes and try to make the proportions of the head and body parts look right.

Keep adding detail.

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COME ON GURL! That's true! You drawn really good~!!

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Golly gravy o-o

I mean… it’s just I’ve not seen any improvement within my own art for a few years now. While this might be just me - that’s just how I see my art. 

And for me - I’m a perfectionist. And someday I really want to perfect my style. At least to a point where I can make things other than humans or humanoid creatures. Cause while I’m okay in that, I can’t draw backgrounds, objects, variety of body types, animals, mythical animals, just - a lot of stuff. So I hope to focus on some of that more plus when I start making some smaller comics! 

I don’t know why but for some reason I just love to draw these toe going toe to toe with each other. It might looks a bit weird since I decided to try out the guidelines from Disney, since most of the time I draw them based on human body instead of anthro. Maybe I’ll consider bring this to the big sketchbook one day, for now the small sketchbook is good enough for practice.

Enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend.
-Aquila Silverwings- 🦅

Woo, look at that relaxed pose. I think the best part of this picture is the author names. Why did I choose these book names? Strangely they’re the first names that came to mind.

I had a lot of fun drawing this, since I don’t draw bodies at awkward angles… At all and I think I did a pretty good job at not completely ruining his anatomy. Not completely, it still looks like it flows for the most part. I can’t wait to try more strange posing, it kinda creates a fun style if I use it when it makes sense.


So one of my best friends asked me to draw one of her OC’s and Lion-o or however it’s spelled and to be honest I’ve tried watching Thundercats years ago but couldn’t get into it so I think this is the first time I’ve drawn a character from a show that I’ve honestly not been that interested in.

On a side note, I hate muscles and ignore my sucky galaxy background. I didn’t feel like drawing a full body picture so this happened.

Please be aware that I’m still experimenting with coloring and everything and this is the first time I’ve drawn Lion-o.

The OC belongs to @rositabluemoon and Lion-o doesn’t belong to me either, this is simply fanart.


More work, and more mistakes, i’m becoming crazy! 😅 wip 3!

Edit1 : Clean (missing the eyelashes and the crown)

Edit2 : Colors+crown+eyelashes, next round (and it will be the last one), shadows+lights !

Edit3 : Final turn around, I know there is still a lot of mistakes, but i think it was a pretty good HARD exercise ! And it was the occasion to learn a little bit about how to use After Effect ! I’ll do an other one, but this time with a character that already exist in the animation world. Now I need to move on, and learn, work on animation exercise. Even if it was long, it was fun ! :)

Ps : Thanks for being +22K :D <3