drawing the body

Another one of those creepy portraits I just don’t like at all

Final result of that drawing I started on my last livestream - it was mostly a practice session for different medias and techniques (namely using some of the 50+ ballpoint pens I found last week) and have mindless fun drawing away

don’t you dare try and tell me that high heeled flippers aren’t part of Jotaro’s wardrobe, they ABSOLUTELY are



Hit me up with any art commissions pls! I’d love to work on some stuff while I’m feeling a lil ill plus I’m poor at the mo too, so it would be hugely appreciated!! Support ya local self taught artist, help a gal out 😇 🌹

do you ever just look at your own art style and

want to work on getting one your a little comfortable with and don’t agonise over?

But, like, I have three deadlines for art pieces approaching so

not now artistic style crisis


archer with a sword