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I’m thinking of starting a print store of my artworks. Would you guys be interested? // I told myself at the beginning of the year that I’d try to make something of my art. Also, it’s slightly daunting to take the first step in chasing something that I truly love. I can’t imagine myself without art. I guess I have to start somewhere 😅. Any responses will be appreciated!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

HAPPY MAY THE 4TH!! ・゚✧*:。

I’m opening up a little commission sale to celebrate!! $10 for a colored full body sketch of any Star Wars character!! I’ll probably take some liberties with the outfit, as I’ve done with my girl Ahsoka here.

E-mail at [glitterhobo@icloud.com] or IM.

Payment is thru paypal invoices.

10 slots are open, sale ends 5/14/17.

I’ve always loved Lexa’s room. The look and the feel of it is so warm. Her bed is goals. All those soft furs and the beautiful design. It was very challenging to draw, though. So, I hope all of you like this artwork that I just slaved the past 5 days over. 

We laugh about Lexa’s candle obsession and it’s all fun and games until you have to draw every. single. one.

Happy Valentine’s Day ‘kru. I didn’t plan to finish it on this day but here it is.  

I’m going to ClexaCon where I’ll have prints of this drawing for sale. 

Lots of love,


Close ups of the image: http://thedrdonut.tumblr.com/post/157259345747/close-ups-the-main-post-of-the-drawing-is


I would like to sell art prints for about $15-20 (depending on the size print) and donate $5 from each sale to planned parenthood! If you would be interested in buying one or have any questions, message me on here or on my art blog (michellevart.tumblr.com) and let me know which one you would like to buy and I will make it available for purchase on my Etsy! :)


More merch for me! I ordered some stuff by @aileine from Redbubble (a mug, a notebook, some stickers, a print, a pillow) and I’m the happiest bean rn because my Eruri-collection keeps growing and seriously…her stuff is amazing and looks awesome on the products *__*. The quality itself is also very good!

If only the Eruris themselves could keep away from my stuff =__=

They take couple-baths in my tea (til Erwin farts at least)…

…and they try to take glances at my notebook. Those fuckers.


Lexa in MWTW by @steklir

The Polis logo from the first drawing is for sale on RedBubble. In white or grey