drawing refrences

It’s fic appreciation week y’all, and let me tell you I appreciate the HECK out of @probably-voldemort‘s fic Jurassically Into You. If you’re looking for some A+ Adrino with a side of bed-sharing and a dollop of fake baby trope, look no further. I’ve probably read this fic about 8 or 9 times and with every re-read I find more to love about it <3

Updated version of Violet’s refrence sheet!

Small things have been changed but not much she looks slightly bit more like a vamp pony with her new eyes now! Added a bit more white to her body and wings and reduced her bandages, OH AND LOOK A NEW CUTIEMARK HOLY MOLY

O really wanted to draw Viktor again, he is so cute and precious how can I not? So I decided to draw him in all of his anime glory! Him being cute and shocked and blushing. What an adorable baby

He is from the game Beauty and the war which is owned by @poisonappletales Enjoy!