drawing real people is really weird

In all honesty I still find it a really weird felling whenever I see people draw TY. It’s super cool but it never feels real - Like why are they drawing my characters? I never would have thought when I was sitting down to come up with the designs for some throwaway demo we wanted to do that it would still be around 17 years later or be the most popular thing I’ve been involved in creating (Not counting Star Wars obviously - that’s a whole other ball game).

So thank you little orange rat. And thank you TY fans for keeping it alive in your hearts.

(Oh yeah those are the original pages of doodles I did to nut out Ty’s design. It pretty much clicked by the third page and then it was just working out the details.)


just an old contextless sketch comic i found and decided to line and color to practice drawing after not drawing for weeks ;___; ;v;; 

(the gist is that xalem’s fav pastime is injecting people with his weird plant science and/or trying to take over the world, but somehow he’s shocked/heartbroken when he meets people who don’t like him bc of that - *insert sarcastic remark about being super surprised about this here*)


Update commissions price list: the prices and examples are above.

( All types of drawings come WITHOUT a background, because I’m no expert at them or willing to risk. I will place a flat color background of your choice or a simple colored circle behind, if you don’t want the bg to be white or transparent. )

What I WILL draw: 


-Fandom stuff (any fandom)ì, except really weird stuff)

-Your character from a particular game (Shepard, Inquisitor, WOW character…)

-Portraits of real people (in my style, of course…)


- fantasy stuff (elfs, demons, anything human-like)

What I WON’T draw:



-Gore//violent scenes

-Anthro, furry, robots, animals (not really experienced in this stuff)

How to commission me:

-email me your request at empy299@hotmail.it, my email, with all the infos you have about what you want to commission me! texts, reference drawings, photos, inspiration photos, descriptions, face claims, poses… everything is fine. Just remember: the more infos you give me, the better I will be able to draw your request!

-your request must be more detailed as possible: specify the colors, the pose of the character, the expression if you want, everything you have!

-The payment will be done on paypal. I accept euros, dollars and pounds. 

-I will, during the commission, send you the drawing in progress, to see if you’re satisfied with what i’m doing. I’ll keep you updated often, so check your email daily and send me feedbacks to help me doing what you want the most! 

-When I’ll finish your request, you are free to upload it where you want, but just GIVE ME CREDIT FOR IT. My name and my url on tumblr will do and a reblog of the drawing is always appreciated :) (feedbacks really help me spread the word!)

-Your request can’t be used in any commercial way. You can’t use it as a book cover, sell it, or do any commercial deal with it. The drawing I’ll give you is for personal use!

If your request idea isn’t on the list, please don’t hesitate to write me here on Tumblr or at my email, we can talk about it and sure sort something out :) 

If you have any question, I’m always here! Thank you! <3

Daily Drawing Challenge Day 2: Favorite Animal

I just have so many favorite animals…….. so many…… I felt like dog would be too obvious so

an elephant

Honestly though have you ever just stopped and looked at an elephant? Like, really, really looked? They’re so ancient looking, so alien. How does something like this is exist? How is this a real, actual thing, that really, actually walks around on our planet? They’re so smart and sensitive and beautiful. People always go on about how it would be so cool to visit alien worlds and see all the amazing, weird creatures there but I’m just like… have you looked around recently??? We live on an alien planet, people, you just gotta look!!

Also this is very definitely an African elephant and then halfway through I started going with a more Indian motif and they don’t match exactly- what I’m saying is THEY’RE FROM DIFFERENT CONTINENTS I KNOW JUST. suspension of belief. just grant me that ok. 

I am probably the only person who would have been bothered by that, too.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent. What was I saying?

Right, I like dogs, too.

Imagine this:

Ur doing something really fun with ur friend, and then someone says that u should be dating.
Kinda weird, but not to serious.

Then, the people who said you should be dating draw and ur friend as a couple.
Just plain weird, ur uncomfortable now.

Later, people write fanfics of you.
Starting to get kinda creepy, u don’t feel like they’re treating u guys like real people.

Then they start making nsfw stuff with u guys in it.
What the heck???? That’s really creepy???

Ur friendship is really uncomfortable now, and u don’t feel like those guys treat u like PEOPLE.

That’s phan.