drawing real people is really weird

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Shipping someone or something is fictional. Its fiction. Surely if there's a child rapist in real life its really shit. People supporting real life pedophilia or just do it themselves that's shit. Fiction does not constitute to real life. There can be a possibility that someone who draws and writes fiction works about these stuffs and actually do it or support it in real life. But many times that's not the case. Fiction is fiction. It doesn't and shouldn't be compared to real life.

in real life it’s really weird and unacceptable, but fiction is fiction and reality is reality after all
thank you, same!

Thank you.

I don’t even know if you pay attention to this but… I need to say that, kay? Thank you for creating such an amazing character like Ink. Seriously, he’s great. He’s so great that I finally decided to start working on reaching one of my biggest dreams - yea, I really wanted to become a nice digital painter or even an animator since few years. But I have never found any motivation or inspiration, until now. Nowdays, when I’m sitting at the desk with a pencil in my hands, I’m feeling that I can finally do it. And when I’m starting to think “oh my god, why I am even doing this, I’m so bad, screw it”, I’m reminding myself of Ink. “Golly, I can feel he’s watchin’ me, I can’t give up, what would he think, I’d better get back to work before he throw something at me”. You know, that’s really weird - how fictional persona can affect on real people. But for every fictional character stands a real person with good attitudes (in this case it’s you).
Well, I know it isn’t really related to Ink’s birthday and I can’t even draw something for him (‘cos I still suck at it,  I’m starting from zero) but I was waiting sooo long to write this. You’re an amazing person. Ink is an amazing character. And I promise you, next year I’m going to draw something really good for you both, but now everything I can say is “Happy Birthday, Inky. Please, do not stop watchin’ me”.

This really touched me, love, like, it hit deep man. This is all really freaking nice to hear and it makes me happy. Thank you for taking the time to write this, although you’re showing you’re grateful for my character, I’m very grateful for reading such nice words ;_; And it’s not a problem if it’s not related to Ink birthday, it’s still a nice day and I’m looking forward to seeing your work <3 Never lose that determination and believe in yourself if you feel like it’s the thing you want to do, it’s the key to personal success :) <3


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1.i’m 60% lefty and 40% righty!

2.i’m also a big fan of p!atd, bring me the horizon,melanie martinez, FOB, edm and shawn mendes( you probably know i like TOP the most!)

3. i just dye my hair half red (the bottom)

4. i like to hangout with my best friend but mostly, i just wanna stay away from people and draw…

5. my fave colours are any shade of blue,violet and any pastel colour tbh

6. i’m asian… yeh…

7.i’m the weird one who are not extrovert with people but only with their friends.

8. i try to be funny :’)

9.i hate people who are fake/ fake friend

10.i think i have bipolar? or i’m just really emotional…

11.i’m not a big fan of myself. i don’t hate myself, but just never think that i am good enough.

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I finished All Quiet On The Western Front about a week ago and I have not stopped being sad once

what’s this? Me, drawing @markiplier and amy fanart? But Rubi, you said you’d never draw Markiplier again, that you were done with drawing real people.

Yeah well…

I changed my mind. I will draw occasionally…probably. Mostly cuz I’ve wanted to draw Amy for a while.

This pose was so cute and her outfit was so cute I just HECK

Also I can’t ever remember does amy have brown eyes?

bonus dooble ethan ft. Tyler’s hand holding the pinata:

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fran-sama how you hands?? how do draw??? sgkshsksg i honestly love how you draw hands, could you please do a small ?? sketch?? to show how you draw them? im sorry but pls ilu qvq

TBH I’m not really confident in the way I draw hands just yet, they’re definitely the hardest part of the body to draw for me, but this is more or less how I go about them! As you can see my hands are incredibly semplified what are fingernails even and usually the smaller they get the less I bother with them (oops)

Anyway, as far as learning to draw them goes the easiest way is to draw them a lot, sadly and obviously o<-< I spent a lot of time filling pages with copied hands actually, both from my favorite artists and from real hands pictures, but while that’s a great way to start to grow confident with the shapes the best thing to do is to try and draw them as much as possible attached to actual people - it helps with proportions and expressiveness a lot, in my experience

and don’t be scared to use references, like, really, I use my hands as refs a lot while drawing and often look up specific positions I can’t reproduce on my own, hands are really expressive and can move in a whole damn lot of ways, there’s nothing weird in not being able to get a position right without visual imput 👍

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Your art is so beautiful and amazing at evoking never before felt emotions!!!Whenever you post a new painting I get flashbacks from a life of mystery and wonder that I never actually lived but it makes me feel like theres a morbidly beautiful parallel dimension to this one that I desperately want to get back to when looking at your pictures. All in all I just want to say that you are a wonderful artist and you can make the viewer feel connected to your art more than any other artist I know!

Wow this is a really kind and neat message, thank you so much! I get those weird flashes/memories sometimes (the sort where, consciously, you know they’re not coming from reality, but they’re just there in your head and feel very real and very much like they happened to you and affected who you are), and that’s where most of my artwork comes from. So it’s really cool to hear it has a similar effect for someone else; the reason I started drawing was so I could try to ‘pass on’ those images to other people somehow.


OPEN COMMISSIONS!! Help a poor student edition

Hey, its me again! So sometimes I have a big purchase or expense ahead of me before doing this, like last time that my cellphone broke. But, this time I actually just dont have money in my account, I do have some things I need to buy but first I need to be stable again. So here they are! Commissions for everyone, last time I introduced these gouache paintings and you guys seemed to really like those so Im keeping them.

What can I draw?

Usually I stick to characters, from games, movies, books or your own imagination, as long as I have a reference picture or a nice description I can do it. I can draw other things, animals, weird creatures, I even draw real people, but just dont expect a landscape.


Original Commissions

Full color: 45 USD

Flats: 40 USD

Extra background: +10 USD

-Prices can vary lower or higher if for example you just want half of the body or if you want an extra character.

Gouache Commissions: 25 USD

Contact Information:

Chuylol13 on Skype

or DM me here on tumblr



• Message me on Tumblr or email me greensuger04@gmail.com and I’ll give you my PayPal•

~Plz reblog this😫😫😫 I’m trying to send money to my real dad for him to get a plane ticket to come live a life in America 😫😫 I really never seen my father and I wanna meet him so please reblog so someone might commission me thank you for reading ❣❣~

Can and Can’t draw:


-Femboys/feminine boys
-Sweet nsfw (Will cost extra if you have a detailed character)


-muscular men
-Old people
-hate imagery
-racism, sexist, and etc.
-weird fetishes


I also have a DeviantArt so even if you don’t have money you could give me points! ❣❣ Message me for it :)

**I accept USD ONLY**

—TRADITIONAL ART IS AVAILABLE BUT IT WILL NOT BE SENT TO YOU SORRY (it makes me feel uncomfortable and I don’t want you to feel unsafe)–

~Commission might take about 1-6 weeks since I have school~

Response: Matpat’s Gaster Theory

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

I’ll open this with something that surprises me. While I disagree on some rather key points (sans writing lab entries, gaster being split between papyrus and sans) there’s a lot of interesting stuff in his new Gaster videos. Some of which I hadn’t seen gone into much. 

I’ll open on Alphys, since I want to get that out of the way right now. The idea that the entries were written by a combination of Alphys and sans, is, I’ll be generous, built upon a misunderstanding. The missing 17th entry is presumed by them to be the entry found in room_gaster, which can be found only by hacking. In wingdings, we see displayed:


This lab entry is used to sort of branch off and say that not all lab entries are written by Alphys, Taken alone, this appears to be the case. However, there’s a problem here. If you dive through the strings, you will find entry number 17, formatted in the same way as all the others …

* monsters’ physical forms can’t handle “determination” like humans’ can.
* with too much determination, our bodies begin to break down.
* everyone’s melted together.

 This hidden Entry Number 17 fills the ‘missing link’ in the story. And when that link is filled, the theory becomes much more suspect. For instance, the idea that sans and Alphys talk differently, one in all caps, one in lowercase caps, doesn’t appear to hold up. You find entries of lowercase Alphys wrestling with whether or not to finish Mettaton’s body, or continued narrative progress from one entry to the next it’s clearly one cohesive story.

I’m willing to cut Matpat some slack on this, because while I don’t believe the entries were split, I do believe that it very likely that Alphys may have consulted with sans. The chisps in the fridge and the dog food strangeness must have an explanation, after all.

‘Fun’=Multiverse Theory

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@thingsareswinging I keep forgetting to report but we’re nearing the end of the alabasta arc in one piece and so:

  • Chopper is the best interpretation of how skittish AND sporadically but intensely DUMB deer are and I love him.
  • I like how we are literally 100 episodes into the series before we start to get Luffy’s backstory.
  • I’m really rooting for Usopp, vaguely normal human among Gods.
  • Captain Smoker is my favorite paladin and if he dies I’m gonna be real sad about it at you.
  • Oda draws real good animals but his exteremely limited knowledge of zoology is occasionally bewildering.  Then I remember this is a series where people get superpowers by eating healthy and one of the villians is a guy who is every weird ballet stereotype ever and I stop worrying.
  • Does Zorro ever actually pay Nami back that debt?
  • I’ve been spoiled for a bit of Ace’s are and OH NOOOOO 
ID #90429

Name: Marta
Age: 20
Country: Italy

Hello, I’m Marta and I’m from Italy.
I already submitted here on penship and found a couple of people, but it didn’t turn out as I expected. So I’d like to try again, and hope to find some good friends :)

My interests include: fashion (I’m a fashion studies student), art, photography, listening to music, drawing and painting. I also like reading, but I find difficult to find time for it.
I don’t like watching tv or going to cinema very much, so I’m not really up-to-date on tv series etc.
In real life I’m quite shy, but if I get to know you I can be weird and funny.
I’m not really athletic, but I like walking and playing tennis every once in a while.

I’m just trying to find some people (or just one person) who I can talk with about anything, what we like and what we dislike, our hopes for the future and so on.

Preferences: I’d like people of my age group, so 18-24. I’d like to exchange letters (postcards, photos etc.), but in that case only with people from Europe. If you’re somewhere else, or if you don’t like writing letters, we can send eachother emails.
I can speak Italian (of course), English, French and Spanish (in order of fluency).
As long as you’re friendly and willing to meet new people and become friends, then don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Been playing around with the idea for a new series tonight

I did the “pitch” for it about a week ago but I’ve been thinking more on it

Basically, the medium concept is a children’s cartoon, so here’s some random tag thoughts I’ve had

  • Basically, the premise is this loud teenage girl history buff (Astor Carter) is a volunteer at a local history museum and finds out a mad scientist (Dr. Alvaro Mars) is working out of the basement on saving ancient artifacts via time travel, hanging out with various historical figures, and other mad science-y things. They become friends and have adventures while learning about history and science casually.
  • Astor is about 16 and of a mixed racial background (white father, black mother) and is very clever and curious but also headstrong and stubborn, which gets her in trouble often with the authority figures in her life.
  • She’s only allowed to work in the museum at her age because the director was friends with her father before his disappearance (because what good children’s show doesn’t have a missing parent?) and feels like she owes him somehow.
  • Astor’s got a HUGE CRUSH on a girl from school named Chloe who’s on the cheer team and is also a “mathelete.”
  • Her mother is a librarian and loves her daughter very much and supports her interests, but also wants to help her learn to respect authority more and know just because she yells something doesn’t make it right.
  • Her father was an archaeologist (of course) and was a kind man, if a little odd. He disappeared on a dig around the time she was 8-9, so she has a lot of memories of him. No one knows what happened to him and there’s been no trance of him since. Why? I don’t know, but lets be real here, the time travel/mad science angle is gonna play into his disappearance somehow.
  • Dr. Mars’ age I’m still not sure about, but really, anywhere from 28-35 is my current range guess. He’s of a Latino background and kinda has, as Chloe puts it, “a younger, hotter Doc Brown” thing going for him.
  • Very sweet guy but more than a bit weird, kind of an absentminded professor type, he’s just very enthused about science and history and his work. He reminds Astor of her father a bit, which is probably what draws her to him. He always wears goggles too because “People know you’re in charge if you’ve got goggles.”
  • Why does he work out of the museum’s basement? That’s a good question that I don’t have the answer to yet.
  • Probably built a AI that lives in his computer’s mainframe that kind of manages all the stuff he’s too forgetful for and has the personalty of a child-friendly GLaDOS probably.
  • He is probably the only person to watch Jurassic Park and think “cloning dinosaurs…that’s a great idea!” and try it. Now he’s just got a pocket sized velociraptor and broken dreams about his cloning abilities.
  • The only woman for him is “The harsh mistress of science,”…and also his constant attempts to flirt with Nikolai Tesla when they’re in each other’s time periods, but he can never manage before he gets too nervous.
  • Astor and Mars meet because the director sent Astor to the basement to get something and she saw all these “KEEP OUT,” “DO NOT ENTER” “DANGER” signs, got curious and ignored them and found his lab. She saw all the cool stuff and was amazed, and when Mars found her there, she thought he was angry, as he said, “So, you see a bunch of “DO NOT ENTER” signs and decide to ignore them and go anyway?…That’s my kind of people! What’s your name, kid?” and he practically hired her to be his assistant on the spot.
  • There’s probably three “types” of episodes, ones where Astor and Mars go to the past to save artifacts/meet historical figures/solve an ancient mystery/ect, ones where people from the past come to their time and shenanigans ensue, and ones about one of Mars’ inventions causing havoc of some sort.
  • The museum is probably in NYC b/c New York is the centre of the universe.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but just an idea of what I’ve been thinking about on and off the past few days.

It also doesn’t have a name yet, I’ve been calling it “Partners in Time” but that’s so fucking lame.

I’m gonna tag it as that for now tho.

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Where or how do you come up with all your cute poses for your character sheets??

They’re mostly drawn from real life and animation. Drawing from reality is really important for me because there is just so much out there to draw from. There is just an endless library of poses that can be referenced from fighting, dancing, gymnastics, walking, running, swimming, climbing, falling, sports, and every activity you can imagine. And even better is that the way that individuals perform these activities is different so that further expands the possibilities. 

People watching honestly helps a lot with thinking of different poses. I’ll be honest, its gonna seem weird XD. Especially if you make eye contact. But observing how different people go about their life really helps to fill your mental library with various ideas for poses and even personalities.

However, I also get inspired by animation because to me thats looking at how others looked at life. When I watch a cartoon character do something like walk, I sometimes think about how this was animated by an artist who also observed from life and put their own spin on it. So for me researching various types of cartoons and animation helps to broaden ideas on how to not only draw poses but push and stretch them to get what I want in my art.

Though I want to clarify that this does not entail copying or tracing directly. Its more about observing and getting inspired, finding what you like and figuring out how to apply it to your own work and making it your own.

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eeeyy so i read your post about sp and lok crossover and it's interesting! i wanna know their role and what bending they have. and who's the avatar, butters? P.S. why you played on my style feelings-- ;A; keep up with the comic tho!

Heeeyyy! I’m super happy that you find it interesting! ive been playing around with the idea and i really want to make it into little comics some day!

I’ll start with Stan!

He’s an airbender, and will probably be able to perform spiritual projection (i’m not sure how he’ll figure it out, if at all). He’ll kinda suck at fighting at first. I’ve changed the fact that he only has his dad to that he only his sister and mom, who owns a tea house. Randy had elsewhere to be.

Kyle is a firebender (I don’t see him using electricity at this time). I guess he has blue fire? It’s not a thing he can control very well, much like how he controls his temper. Kyle is Fire Nation nobility who, for some reason, is hiding in a certain city in Earth Kingdom. Who knows what he did.

For someone so manipulative and proficient at bending other people’s minds, Cartman can’t seem to bend anything else but plain old earth. Maybe he’ll find his calling one day. Cartman lives with Liane, who has a really good business of selling flowers and other plants. He and Kenny often work together on their ventures for unscrupulously obtained money.

Kenny left the Foggy Swamp with nothing but the clothes on his back. He met the boys in his travels and hasn’t left the city since. He lives day-to-day, and usually only has enough money to last for just a while. He does weird, freaky things for money sometimes.

And finally, the Avatar!

Butters used his first second element when his burp turned into a major air blast. His parents were proud of their son, but not before grounding him for not covering his burp at the dinner table and destroying said table. Butters is no doubt very powerful, but it’s kinda difficult for most people to accept that. You can’t really blame them—I mean, just look at him. (there’s only two drawings of him because i’m kinda just mugging up his design for now)

i cant decide how i want to draw them so the style varies a bit. nothing here is final but it’s been real fun putting this together! sorry for the wait and thank you for the ask!

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You are my favorite artist and I draw a lot of inspiration from you, and it really fucking sucks how people in this trashy ass fandom treat you.. like what the fuck they just wanna draw the ticc wife why you gotta steal their shit and insult them that's uncalled for as fuck. I hope stuff gets better for you and people start treating you like a REAL person, hey, least it's not crazy ///ship that shall not be named/// kiddos this time :/

Honestly this fandom proves me more and more that it’s not worth the time of the day even for producing content. People create a weird sense of entitlement towards either the content you make or what you like, forgetting most times that like them you’re a human. Its not surprising but doesnt make me less disappointed highkey lmao. More and more often I find myself wanting to be less and less here, im literally only making stuff to self sustain my love for katie and travis nothing else, just legit in short:
This is a bratty fandom not worth the time of the day. Yet here we all are, for who knows how much longer lmao. Thank you sweetie I appreciate the kind words and the shit kids would know better than to come knocking at my door by now jdjfje

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How much of dnp these days is just an act, do you think. I love them but they just seem so fake sometimes. I know they're entitled to their personal lives and everything but it just feels like they're doing it all as an act and it makes me sad. I want the real them. Not the actors who know when they drop innuendos about being together, fan girls will flip out.

what you have to understand is that for both dan and phil, youtube did start out as a passion project. they weren’t really in it for fame and money because, at the time, no one really knew that that kind of success was achievable through youtube. both the amazingphil channel and the danisnotonfire channel are built around weird myspace 2009 teenage personas because that’s what they were like back then (to a degree). 

while dan and phil aren't really their falsified teenage selves anymore, it is their branding. now for people who been watching them a long time, it becomes really evident that they don’t, in fact, behave like that. to new viewers however, these awkward, overblown personalities are what draws people in. look at liza koshy for example, they're nothing real to her channel and yet it’s extremely popular on the due to it’s extreme ‘relatablitiy’ and corny humour 

that’s what’s so great about lessamazingphil and danisnotinteresting. the live streams exist purely to interact with the really dedicated fans, the ones who’ve hung around for long to truly care to hear what’s going on with dan and phil. dan and phil aren't going to kill the essence of their main channels because that’s their foundation. they will however, continue to share a more genuine side of themselves in the live streams because the live streams are reminiscent of how youtube was in the beginning for them, just somewhere to spew whatever they want to the internet, a way to interact.

remember youtube is dan and phil jobs. it’s not only their jobs to appeal to the masses but also in their best interests.

The arrow-Chapter 1

The positivity in a young girl’s smile is everything. There’s nothing like being young and care free (well, most of the time); but mostly, there’s nothing like being a person who sees beauty in everything that surrounds them.

Nina was fascinated when the doors of the metro opened and she slowly stepped inside, smiling at the sight. She was looking around her when the metro started moving again, causing her to fall. Well almost. A pair of arms took a hold of her, keeping her up. She looked up to see a young boy, around her age and she immediately smiled at him.

“Thank you” her voice was cheerful like always.
“You welcome” the young boy said “just make sure to be careful”. Even though he seemed really serious and emotion-free, he managed to break a small smile on his face while looking at her.

The metro came to a stop and a few people got out.
“Here, you can sit there if you want” he said pointing at an empty seat.
Nina looked at it and was glad she could finally sit down.

“Thank you again” she said cheerfully and moved away to the seat while the boy sent her a full genuine smile.

She sat down and looked around for a while. She then pulled out her notepad and her pencil, still not doing anything. Her eyes went back to the boy who was currently staring at her, but quickly looked away. Nina focused her attention on his face and studied his features very carefully before putting them on the white paper.

His jawline was so well sculpted, she felt insecure about the way she was gonna draw it. His nose was small and his lips so plump and so well shaped it got her lost on thoughts. When she shook her head to get rid of whatever his lips made her think, she noticed that he was looking at her and had already caught her staring. She felt a little embarrassed but took advantage of this situation to capture his eyes and the smirk that was playing on his lovable lips. She smiled at him before looking down to her notepad and working on her magic. After she finished the outline, she turned the page.

Jason on the other side, was getting really curious. He stared at her once in a while but was careful enough not to let her catch him. He had never seen someone be so happy to get in a metro before. Not to mention her kindness. She was obviously not from around here. But, the way she was moving her hands, doing whatever she was doing, while her face looked at peace, made Jason admire her in some way.

The metro came to the next stop and other people got out as well. Jason carefully moved over to where Nina was sitting and stood next to her. He furrowed his eyebrows at what she was drawing and followed her eyes to see that she was already looking at an old men who was sitting across from her. He was peacefully looking out the window and Jason adored the way her hands moved around his wrinkles.

Unfortunately, his station arrived and he had to get out, but not before taking a glance at the girl who was now looking at the window. He felt grateful to the people that were taking their time to get in, so he could look at her some more.
She blew some hot air against the cold window, and started drawing an arrow with her fingers. Jason furrowed his eyebrows but the metro started moving and he was left there in the middle of a crowd of people who were rushing around.

“Dude, where were you?” Ryan playfully punched Jason in the arm, but he kept his eyes glued to where the metro had disappeared.

Ryan eyed him suspiciously and he always knew what was going on.
“Okay, what girl got you whipped so bad that you are late on your first day of work?”
Jason glared at him and shook his head. Ryan started laughing and Jason’s lips were embraced by his famous smirk.
“See, I knew it!” Ryan said and they both broke into laughter.


“I’m home” Nina happily yelled as she walked through the front garden and inside her huge house.
“What took you so long?” Damon, her twin brother asked.
“I took the metro . Sasha needed my car today” Nina hugged him as their mother appeared in the living room.
“Metro?Couldn’t you get a tab or something?” She said with a disgusted look on her face.
Nina rolled her eyes. “I took advantage of it and got inspired to draw some really good pieces and call it a new project” she said handing her mother her notepad as her brother took a look of it too.

“I thought you were gonna design?”
“Well, I figured out that drawing people from the real world was better” Nina said smiling at her.
“You’re so weird” her mother shook her head handing her her notepad back. “Anyways, be ready for dinner tonight because Mr. Vlad and Alexander are coming over”
“I’m going to sleep” Nina started walking upstairs, as if she didn’t hear her mother.
“Nina Ratajowski, don’t you walk away like that!! This is an important dinner for your father. If Mr. Vlad decides to buy a part of the shares of our company, you won’t have to use the metro again”

Nina rolled her eyes and walked to her room.

“Dakota, take all her clothes and wash them separately. She’s been on the metro all day” Nina’s mother said in disgust as the maid nodded her head and walked upstairs after Nina, who had immediately sat near her huge window. She opened her notepad and took out the sketches from today, stopping at the boy’s face. She pulled it out and started drawing it on her huge canvas.

While slowly drawing him, after she finished his eyes, she took a look at them and had this weird feeling as if she was falling of a cliff. Her stomach felt so empty. They were beautiful.


After several calls from her mom to join the dinner downstairs, Nina finally decided to show up. Plastering a fake smile on her face, she walked into the room, greeting Mr.Vlad who smiled back at her.

“Nina, dear” he said hugging her “every time I see you, you get even prettier.
"Oh, thank you” Nina hugged him back.

  Mr.Vlad was one of the most powerful businessman in America and his companies were spread all over Europe, and of course, Russia. That’s where he first started. Her dad and Mr. Vlad were very close friends back in Russia and even though they haven’t been that close lately, Mr. Vlad was the only hope left to save her dad’s company.

“Good evening princess” Alexander, his son, greeted Nina by kissing her hand which made Nina want to throw up, but she just rolled her eyes instead.

Alexander was good looking of course, but his behavior and personality were what made Nina hate him. He was way too spoiled and immature. Too bad though, he was head over heels for Nina.

“Let’s sit down,shall we?” Nina’s father said as they all gathered around the table. To her bad luck, Alexander sat next to her.

“You guys look so cute next to each other” Her mother gushed as Alexander took Nina’s hand.
“We look anything but cute” Nina glared at her and forcefully yanked her hand away.
“Nina, don’t be rude!” Her mother hissed.
“It’s okay Mrs. Ratajowski, the greatest love comes from those who fight a lot”

Nina almost slapped herself by how dumb this kid was.

“So, Mr. Vlad” Nina said with a smile that her mother was scared of. “Are you sure you’re gonna leave your whole corporation to this?” She finished pointing at Alexander.

Damon chuckled loudly as their mother started getting angry.

“Of course, I know he’s still young but he’s more than ready to take over the Ivanov Corporations and bring more success to the table”
“Sure” Nina said holding back a laugh and turning to her plate as her mother sent death glares toward her.


The rest of the dinner went normally. Mr. Vlad and Nina’s dad went to his office to discuss over the part of  the company that he would buy and his offers. Alexander, on the other side, was getting on Nina’s nerves. She was sure that, that boy had no idea what personal space was so she got out of the house and went for a run to relax herself a bit.

As she was running near the river that was not too far from her house, her ankle twisted, causing her to fall down and wince in pain.

“Shit!” She muttered under her breath, rubbing her ankle where it hurt.
“Hey!” Someone’s voice was heard from a few feet away as the black figure came closer. “Are you okay?” The masculine voice asked again as he tried to help her up. Nina was rubbing her ankle continuously, when the boy brought her up to her feet.

“Yeah, it just hurts a bi-” Her voice was stuck inside her throat when she saw who was in front of her.
“Oh well, what a lovely coincidence” He spoke in a deep husky voice with his significant smirk tagging along. “Twice in a day”
Nina shook her head and smiled.
“It’s past midnight so it doesn’t count as the same day. It’s a new day” She said raising her eyebrows at him.
“Hm, okay then. What a nice way to start the day” He said crossing his arms on his chest, flexing his well-toned biceps.
“If this” Nina said pointing to her ankle “ is a nice way to start the day, then let me break your goddamn leg”

He started laughing uncontrollably at her cuteness while trying to be mad, showing his white pearl teeth as some wrinkles were formed in the corners of his eyes.

“Where you heading somewhere?”
“Home” Nina said zipping her bomber jacket.
“Okay. Let me walk you home. I doubt that you can make it on your own like that”
“Um, sorry, but I don’t let strangers walk me home” she said holding back a laugh.
“Damn. I shouldn’t let strangers make drawings of me either” He said playfully, making a funny face.

Nina’s face fell and her mouth almost hang open.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” She said crossing her arms.
“Me neither” He said untangling her arms and intertwining hers with his to help her keep her balance.
Nina started laughing and held tight onto his arm as they started walking, taking small steps.

“I’m Jason by the way” He said smirking without looking at her.
“Nina” She chuckled at his behavior.
“Good. Not strangers anymore”

• • • • •
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Have a nice January!Make it worth it!

anyways, here’s a profanity filled guide on what you gotta know if you have art friends

1) don’t be mad if they dont do your FREE request. like binch, i am not being paid, i am not legally required to do requests, i got shit to do, i love y’all but if you get mad because an artist didn’t do the thing you requested, please don’t whine, like really, we’re artists, we have classes and jobs and shit, we got stuff to do thats more important and time-consuming. i got people to do, places to be

2) don’t complain about WHAT an artists posts. like p*d*ph*l*a and r*cist stuff and that kinda gross stuff is one thing, but don’t get mad if they’re drawing something from fandoms you hate, or draw N/S/F/W stuff even when its properly tagged. im a 20 year old woman full of thirst, I’ll draw all the tiddies I want, if someone wants to draw for that one fandom you hate, don’t talk shit, it’s not for you to decide what someone likes

3) don’t be that guy thats like “OMG why dont you have more followers?!??!?!?!?!!!!” and then be that one guy who never reblogs my art. okay like i love yall, but sometimes I get like posts with 3 notes (all of which are likes) and then posts with 200 notes and maybe 10 reblogs, like thanks but uhhhhh maybe one of you 200+ people could just…. reblog that mayhaps?

4) if you don’t wanna reblog, okay yeah, wow, thanks, but if you’re not gonna reblog my art, maybe at least send an ask telling me how much you like my art? in the entire three year lifespan of my blog, I’ve gotten TWO asks like that, and guess what? those two asks put me in a real doodle moodle! it’s like a drug made of love, its fuckin great! i get high off that shit!

5) if you’re gonna like almost every single one of my posts (and I do get a lot of these kinds of people on my blog) maybe you wanna…. follow me? the button’s right there. same thing as bullet number three. it’s like going to a restaurant and just eating the breadsticks and free glass of water, not actually buying anything, and leaving, talking to yourself how much you liked the restaurant, and don’t even bother leaving a review

6) never…. ask me to draw real life people in a shipping kinda way…. especially… those two youtubers. like really, just dont ask us to draw real-life people being shipped together, it’s just gross and weird.

7) okay but i cant stress this enough….. reblogging art is easy and free and takes maybe a minute of your time

8) please tell an artist when their art is reposted anywhere that isnt one of their own social media accounts, it’s just the worst, i had one of my doodles reposted on pinterest and it got way more attention there than on my tumblr and that just hurt

9) we love constructive criticism! “hey maybe you draw legs too long maybe try shortening them” or “maybe you should try shading things in a different way” or “try not using these colors in your art” are great! NOT “its shit” or “looks like ass” or “ew i hate that show” like ……….cmon

10) artists use references, literally all of them, i’ve never met an artist who doesnt draw from referenc, whether it be real life, ther peoples art, or even those shitty ms paint ones you see on deviantart. so dont be an ass if people use references, it’s been happening since the beginning of time

anyway those are just things to keep in mind, if anyone is butthurt just pull up one of those comfy donut seats to ease that right up and get on with your life. thats the end of this video, please like and subscribe and i’ll see you next week