drawing real people is really weird

Thank you.

I don’t even know if you pay attention to this but… I need to say that, kay? Thank you for creating such an amazing character like Ink. Seriously, he’s great. He’s so great that I finally decided to start working on reaching one of my biggest dreams - yea, I really wanted to become a nice digital painter or even an animator since few years. But I have never found any motivation or inspiration, until now. Nowdays, when I’m sitting at the desk with a pencil in my hands, I’m feeling that I can finally do it. And when I’m starting to think “oh my god, why I am even doing this, I’m so bad, screw it”, I’m reminding myself of Ink. “Golly, I can feel he’s watchin’ me, I can’t give up, what would he think, I’d better get back to work before he throw something at me”. You know, that’s really weird - how fictional persona can affect on real people. But for every fictional character stands a real person with good attitudes (in this case it’s you).
Well, I know it isn’t really related to Ink’s birthday and I can’t even draw something for him (‘cos I still suck at it,  I’m starting from zero) but I was waiting sooo long to write this. You’re an amazing person. Ink is an amazing character. And I promise you, next year I’m going to draw something really good for you both, but now everything I can say is “Happy Birthday, Inky. Please, do not stop watchin’ me”.

This really touched me, love, like, it hit deep man. This is all really freaking nice to hear and it makes me happy. Thank you for taking the time to write this, although you’re showing you’re grateful for my character, I’m very grateful for reading such nice words ;_; And it’s not a problem if it’s not related to Ink birthday, it’s still a nice day and I’m looking forward to seeing your work <3 Never lose that determination and believe in yourself if you feel like it’s the thing you want to do, it’s the key to personal success :) <3

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24. "so you're my soulmate."

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Have you ever seen the movie Practical Magic? That scene when a young Sandra Bullock creates her dream man as childhood fun but turned out she really made him as she got older?

Well, when I was five I sort of did the same thing. It was harmless at first, truly. I was in my room, doodling away when my mom came in to tuck me into bed. I told her to give me a few more minutes, that I had to finish.

“Whatchu drawing hun?” She asked leaning over my shoulder.

“My boyfriend,” I replied simply.

“Oh! Well do let me see,” she requested and sat near me as I continued. “And who is this boy you are drawing?”

“Becky at school said if you draw and wish on something it will come true, so I’m drawing a boy to like when I get older. See?” I finished, holding the drawing in my hands. “He’s really tall and has a bunch of drawings on him. He has green eyes and pretty hair. He’s a singer and a actor but he does magazine stuff sometimes.”

“Wow, he’s handsome,” she smiled at my stick drawing. “What’s his name?”

“I don’t know,” I shrug. “But I call him Frog Prince because when I try to kiss the frogs in the backyard they won’t turn to princes!”

“Now YN you know what I said about doing that it’ll give you warts, now come on and lets get you to bed hm?” She tucks me in and kisses my forehead goodnight as she leave the night light on. When she closes the door I look up at the stars hanging over my head and make my wish. It seems silly now but I came across the drawing while looking through my old stuff. I was visiting my mom for the weekend, even brought my boyfriend with me so they could meet for the first time.

How me and Harry met was…sort of bad. I was dating this guy that I worked with while he was dating a girl. Turned out his now ex and my now ex wanted to date each other…leaving us in the cool. He contacted me, saying how sorry he was to which I told him he had nothing to be sorry about. He began to hang out from that, one thing led to another and the next thing I knew we have been dating for almost a year.

He was so not what I was used to, I was used to guys who mumbled love you yet were always busy with something. Would forget important events and just all around be jerks. Harry came into my life like a bolt of lightning. When he said he loved me he used “I” in front of it. On Valentine’s Day I was presented by a huge bouquet of roses at my apartment. When my birthday came he actually called that day out of his very busy life just to spend it with me. To make chocolate cake for me and gave me presents when I told him I didn’t need them.

When guys always just walked next to me, when Harry walked with me he always reached for my hand. Sure it gave the paps something to take pictures on it never seemed to bother me nor him. He made me laugh with those God awful jokes. He would always contact me when he had to go on tour just to talk to me, talk about my day. Even when the time zones were a bitch. He really was a dream come true.

I laughed, catching his attention as he walked to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Whah’s tha’?” He asked, looking at my drawing.

“When I was really little I drew this to make my dream boyfriend, My Frog Prince,” I laughed shaking my head before showing him. “I had a weird imagination.”

“Oh really?” He took a look with a smirk on his face. “So yeh like stick people huh?”

I lightly shove his arm with an eye roll. “Funny! Real cute dude.”

“So whah did this dream guy have hm?” He asked waving the paper.

“Well, if I remember right I think I wanted him to be tall with a bunch of drawings on him and pretty hair.” I commented. “He was I think like a singer/actor/model all in one with green eyes.”

“So me?” He asked, his smirk getting bigger.

“What?” I laughed.

“Well I’m taller then you…”

“Everyone is taller then me,” I pointed out.

“I got a loh of tattoos…I do have pre’ey hair,” he flips his semi long hair making me scoff at him. “And I do sing, take pictures, act sometimes,” he continued.

So…your my soulmate?” I asked with a raised brow.

“Yeh drawed this noh me,” he replied then looked at the picture all the sudden bursting into laughter.

“What?” I asked.

“Your mum dated this, look…” he handed the drawing back to me and I saw the date. That was when I began to wonder if what he was saying had some truth to it…

February 1, 1994

“People used to call me Frog Prince,” he added before kissing my cheek.


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1.i’m 60% lefty and 40% righty!

2.i’m also a big fan of p!atd, bring me the horizon,melanie martinez, FOB, edm and shawn mendes( you probably know i like TOP the most!)

3. i just dye my hair half red (the bottom)

4. i like to hangout with my best friend but mostly, i just wanna stay away from people and draw…

5. my fave colours are any shade of blue,violet and any pastel colour tbh

6. i’m asian… yeh…

7.i’m the weird one who are not extrovert with people but only with their friends.

8. i try to be funny :’)

9.i hate people who are fake/ fake friend

10.i think i have bipolar? or i’m just really emotional…

11.i’m not a big fan of myself. i don’t hate myself, but just never think that i am good enough.

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fran-sama how you hands?? how do draw??? sgkshsksg i honestly love how you draw hands, could you please do a small ?? sketch?? to show how you draw them? im sorry but pls ilu qvq

TBH I’m not really confident in the way I draw hands just yet, they’re definitely the hardest part of the body to draw for me, but this is more or less how I go about them! As you can see my hands are incredibly semplified what are fingernails even and usually the smaller they get the less I bother with them (oops)

Anyway, as far as learning to draw them goes the easiest way is to draw them a lot, sadly and obviously o<-< I spent a lot of time filling pages with copied hands actually, both from my favorite artists and from real hands pictures, but while that’s a great way to start to grow confident with the shapes the best thing to do is to try and draw them as much as possible attached to actual people - it helps with proportions and expressiveness a lot, in my experience

and don’t be scared to use references, like, really, I use my hands as refs a lot while drawing and often look up specific positions I can’t reproduce on my own, hands are really expressive and can move in a whole damn lot of ways, there’s nothing weird in not being able to get a position right without visual imput 👍

ID #90429

Name: Marta
Age: 20
Country: Italy

Hello, I’m Marta and I’m from Italy.
I already submitted here on penship and found a couple of people, but it didn’t turn out as I expected. So I’d like to try again, and hope to find some good friends :)

My interests include: fashion (I’m a fashion studies student), art, photography, listening to music, drawing and painting. I also like reading, but I find difficult to find time for it.
I don’t like watching tv or going to cinema very much, so I’m not really up-to-date on tv series etc.
In real life I’m quite shy, but if I get to know you I can be weird and funny.
I’m not really athletic, but I like walking and playing tennis every once in a while.

I’m just trying to find some people (or just one person) who I can talk with about anything, what we like and what we dislike, our hopes for the future and so on.

Preferences: I’d like people of my age group, so 18-24. I’d like to exchange letters (postcards, photos etc.), but in that case only with people from Europe. If you’re somewhere else, or if you don’t like writing letters, we can send eachother emails.
I can speak Italian (of course), English, French and Spanish (in order of fluency).
As long as you’re friendly and willing to meet new people and become friends, then don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Response: Matpat’s Gaster Theory

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

I’ll open this with something that surprises me. While I disagree on some rather key points (sans writing lab entries, gaster being split between papyrus and sans) there’s a lot of interesting stuff in his new Gaster videos. Some of which I hadn’t seen gone into much. 

I’ll open on Alphys, since I want to get that out of the way right now. The idea that the entries were written by a combination of Alphys and sans, is, I’ll be generous, built upon a misunderstanding. The missing 17th entry is presumed by them to be the entry found in room_gaster, which can be found only by hacking. In wingdings, we see displayed:


This lab entry is used to sort of branch off and say that not all lab entries are written by Alphys, Taken alone, this appears to be the case. However, there’s a problem here. If you dive through the strings, you will find entry number 17, formatted in the same way as all the others …

* monsters’ physical forms can’t handle “determination” like humans’ can.
* with too much determination, our bodies begin to break down.
* everyone’s melted together.

 This hidden Entry Number 17 fills the ‘missing link’ in the story. And when that link is filled, the theory becomes much more suspect. For instance, the idea that sans and Alphys talk differently, one in all caps, one in lowercase caps, doesn’t appear to hold up. You find entries of lowercase Alphys wrestling with whether or not to finish Mettaton’s body, or continued narrative progress from one entry to the next it’s clearly one cohesive story.

I’m willing to cut Matpat some slack on this, because while I don’t believe the entries were split, I do believe that it very likely that Alphys may have consulted with sans. The chisps in the fridge and the dog food strangeness must have an explanation, after all.

‘Fun’=Multiverse Theory

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LOOOOng ask ahead. So I was going through your ask joon blog, which is super cute, and I came across a post where joon says he likes drawing and stuff. And that made me remember that actual namjoon is not that great at drawing. But see it got me thinking, why do we make fanfictions or AUs about real people. Because as I see it, we don’t know these people through and through. Obviously celebrities keep some part of their life private. And yet [1]

yet in fanfiction we assign these characteristics to them, either exaggerating or diminishing their qualities to fit whatever we need it to be. And I understand why sometimes people would want to see a person a certain way, but that’s kinda your private ideas, keep them to yourselves, not spread them around. Like how in so many fics namjin ar so soft and pure and angsty and smexy, when in reality they are just two normal guys who do normal things and chill out. Im not trying to be all [2]

HETRO HETRO HETRO, im just saying that whatever their actual orientations may be fanfiction will always be off and incorrect because these are real people who are not ‘open to interpretation’ like fictional characters. And that sort of resonates with my problem for AUs as well. As much as Im a sucker for AU fanfictions there is still something that bothers me. I once asked a ReaderXBTS fic writer how it didn’t feel like going too far by writing smuts about BTS members who are(once again) [3]

) actual living people, and I think the answer I got was that ;but you know we aren’t really thinking its them you know…’ which aside from being sort of against the point of a reader insert fic, gives off the vibe that you literally could have created your own character to put in this story but you are just randomly using their names and some habits to give the impression of a certain person but not actually claim responsibility for it. I hope I don’t [4]

offend by using your blog as an example, but your ‘joon’ and actual namjoon are different people, but it feels as if you’ve borrowed his identity for some cutesy fin drawing (which they are no doubt, cute and funny). If these weird ramblings don’t make sense to you here’s a question. Why do people not want BTS to discover their fanfics, why does it embarrass them. Is it because they know that there is something wrong with writing [5]

fics about real people? What are your thoughts? And Im really hoping that you don’t give me a crap response like ‘They are celebrities, they should kinda expect it, it comes with the job’ because Im holding you to a higher standard [end]

lmao ‘long’ indeed XD

Ok let’s start slowly and get some things out of the way. Firstly, please don’t worry, I don’t mind you using my stuff as an example, so don’t feel concerned about that, it’s all good :D 

The reason people wouldn’t want BTS (or whoever else it may be) to find their fics are numerous and all quite different. But generally it’s because they’re fictional and therefore obviously made up and not representing the actual people properly, not to mention it involves the writer’s own little fantasy so it’s embarrassing. Some reasons are: fics containing ships, fics containing personality types pulled to the extreme, not to mention all the smut, kinks, mpreg(why is this a thing) and all very explicit at that. 

So there’s that. 

I agree with you when you say that x Reader fics not actually portraying that actual person is hypocritical. Cuz it’s true. It is. Like that’s the purpose of a x Reader fic/scenario. But that’s also why I really really dislike x Reader fics/scenarios and avoid them like the plague.

Back to normal fics… I think there’s a few more layers to understand for this.

I’ll tell you what my and my friend’s view on this is, because we’ve talked about it before. 

First of all, in real life, Rap Monster and Namjoon are two different people. V and Taehyung, Suga and Yoongi, etc etc. what you see on TV, on your phone, on stage is not the real person. That’s, unfortunately, not something a lot of people seem to understand, but that is the truth. We as fans don’t know them now and probably will never know them, because when a camera in on, so is this little mask that everyone with that kind of lifestyle needs in order to keep sane. 
In that way, what a lot of fans actually fall in love with isn’t the person,, but the idea of that person. And that’s what’s being portrayed in fics as well. Not the person itself, but the idea. What’s in fics isn’t Namjoon, but Rap Moster. Except everyone calls him Namjoon because imagine reading an intense moment and seeing Rap Monster I think I’d burst out laughing.

So that’s one thing. Secondly, “why use them instead of original characters?”. Well… why make fanart? People write and draw about people or characters because they like them and it’s fun. 
Another reason is because it’s easier to insert a person/character that the reader already has an image of in a scenario. Because then you don’t need to waste time on describing hings about them, because people already know, so you can more quickly get into your story.
There’s an extra layer too and that’s because of exposure. You have ideas, if you write or draw something for the first time the chances of people seeing your work is scarcely close to zero. But if you adapt your idea to fit in with a show, or with characters or with people that already have a following, the chance of your work being seen by others immediately skyrockets. A lot of people read fanfiction. A lot of people like seeing art about their favorites. Whether people like to admit it or not, or whether they even did it unknowingly or not, the fact of the matter is that you as a creator have way of a bigger chance of getting your stuff known if you do it within a fandom. Of course, not everyone does it because of that, but it’s a thought for quite a few people, tho I think that’s more in art than writing. 

There’s also the very easy reason of: It’s fun.

I don’t think it’s wrong to write fict starring celebrities. I think it’s fun and cute and a great release for a lot of people. I think some people push it a bit far, but that’s also mainly just because of my personal preferences. 

There’s plenty of people who are well aware of the fanfics and who’ve actually read a few. Fr example Zico and really everyone in Block B made fun of it one time, Zico talked about some smut ones and even commented that they were too soft lmao. I’m pretty sure they would consider it a milestone to find fanfiction XD

So yeah… don’t think too much about it anon.

Been playing around with the idea for a new series tonight

I did the “pitch” for it about a week ago but I’ve been thinking more on it

Basically, the medium concept is a children’s cartoon, so here’s some random tag thoughts I’ve had

  • Basically, the premise is this loud teenage girl history buff (Astor Carter) is a volunteer at a local history museum and finds out a mad scientist (Dr. Alvaro Mars) is working out of the basement on saving ancient artifacts via time travel, hanging out with various historical figures, and other mad science-y things. They become friends and have adventures while learning about history and science casually.
  • Astor is about 16 and of a mixed racial background (white father, black mother) and is very clever and curious but also headstrong and stubborn, which gets her in trouble often with the authority figures in her life.
  • She’s only allowed to work in the museum at her age because the director was friends with her father before his disappearance (because what good children’s show doesn’t have a missing parent?) and feels like she owes him somehow.
  • Astor’s got a HUGE CRUSH on a girl from school named Chloe who’s on the cheer team and is also a “mathelete.”
  • Her mother is a librarian and loves her daughter very much and supports her interests, but also wants to help her learn to respect authority more and know just because she yells something doesn’t make it right.
  • Her father was an archaeologist (of course) and was a kind man, if a little odd. He disappeared on a dig around the time she was 8-9, so she has a lot of memories of him. No one knows what happened to him and there’s been no trance of him since. Why? I don’t know, but lets be real here, the time travel/mad science angle is gonna play into his disappearance somehow.
  • Dr. Mars’ age I’m still not sure about, but really, anywhere from 28-35 is my current range guess. He’s of a Latino background and kinda has, as Chloe puts it, “a younger, hotter Doc Brown” thing going for him.
  • Very sweet guy but more than a bit weird, kind of an absentminded professor type, he’s just very enthused about science and history and his work. He reminds Astor of her father a bit, which is probably what draws her to him. He always wears goggles too because “People know you’re in charge if you’ve got goggles.”
  • Why does he work out of the museum’s basement? That’s a good question that I don’t have the answer to yet.
  • Probably built a AI that lives in his computer’s mainframe that kind of manages all the stuff he’s too forgetful for and has the personalty of a child-friendly GLaDOS probably.
  • He is probably the only person to watch Jurassic Park and think “cloning dinosaurs…that’s a great idea!” and try it. Now he’s just got a pocket sized velociraptor and broken dreams about his cloning abilities.
  • The only woman for him is “The harsh mistress of science,”…and also his constant attempts to flirt with Nikolai Tesla when they’re in each other’s time periods, but he can never manage before he gets too nervous.
  • Astor and Mars meet because the director sent Astor to the basement to get something and she saw all these “KEEP OUT,” “DO NOT ENTER” “DANGER” signs, got curious and ignored them and found his lab. She saw all the cool stuff and was amazed, and when Mars found her there, she thought he was angry, as he said, “So, you see a bunch of “DO NOT ENTER” signs and decide to ignore them and go anyway?…That’s my kind of people! What’s your name, kid?” and he practically hired her to be his assistant on the spot.
  • There’s probably three “types” of episodes, ones where Astor and Mars go to the past to save artifacts/meet historical figures/solve an ancient mystery/ect, ones where people from the past come to their time and shenanigans ensue, and ones about one of Mars’ inventions causing havoc of some sort.
  • The museum is probably in NYC b/c New York is the centre of the universe.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but just an idea of what I’ve been thinking about on and off the past few days.

It also doesn’t have a name yet, I’ve been calling it “Partners in Time” but that’s so fucking lame.

I’m gonna tag it as that for now tho.

I’m so weirded out by the fact that so many people I know in real life have really strong opinions about EEnE ships.

Like, I posted a slightly shippy picture of Double D and Eddy on Facebook, and the next day, I had people coming up to me and asking me if I had any NOTPs.

And literally as soon as I got to figure drawing class the other morning, one of the nude models asked me if I’d read c2ndy2c1d’s KevEdd comic.

I’ve already met a total of 5 KevEdd shippers, an EdEdd shipper, an EddMarie shipper, and an EdMay shipper.

I didn’t think this would be a thing outside of the actual fandom, but apparently more people are into shipping than I realized??? Idk.

Can we not force people to pursue a hobby they’re good at but not passionate about? Like there’s some really good hobby artists I follow that get complaints like “Why isn’t this your job? You’re so good at it!” and “You’re wasting your talent by doing (insert something they genuinely like as a job).” Like I’m good at history but I don’t want to be a historian. I think the real reason why you want them to draw all the time is because you want more content, right? Then you’re taking the fun out of it. I like looking up history and learning weird facts, but if I had to do it all the time I’d lose interest. Don’t force them into something they don’t want to do.

Finished a lot of EddsWorld since I just got into it. A super cool and fun webtoon, you can really see the progression in the videos Edd did before he passed. Pretty awesome! Check it out here! - https://www.youtube.com/user/eddsworld

Also I did a Speedpaint for this one here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-S_wtNYK7E

don’t tag for any ships

This is just a small confession, and I’ve always kind of felt this feeling but never really thought about it- even though I love ships like reylo, dramione, low-key obidala, maybe even jynnic, making fan art of ships that involve live-action characters are always just a tad weird to me, and that’s because they’re portrayed by real people. Cartoons I can get behind because there’s no physical person to get weirded out by a drawing of them doing something romantic or risque (maybe the voice actor idk), but… when I see somewhat pornographic depictions of… Rey and Kylo or Loki and whoever… I get just a tad irked because part of me knows that if Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, or Tom Hiddleston came across porn of themselves they’d probably be kinda disgusted or embarrassed that that’s being done to their image. But, I guess that’s what happens when you become famous and your image helps you make money, but it is kind of a disturbed outcome.

Whatever the case, that’s just a small confession of mine being a little uncomfortable with live-action character ships, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, it’s just that it’d be nice if there was a little more respect done with the actors’ image, I don’t know- just remember before you do anything that these are real people you’re drawing, not cartoon characters.

Artistic Perseverance

Why artists, no matter how skilled or experienced, should never feel like they can’t become better.

I reblogged a quote earlier about the hard work and perseverance that are necessary in developing a creative craft.  It got me thinking about my own creative journey.  I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I began pursuing it as something more than just random doodling when I was about 15.  I mean, I had taken an art class in 6th grade, and I always knew I enjoyed drawing, but I was about 15 when I said to myself, “Okay, I want to really learn how this works, and I want to get better at it.”

I get a lot of compliments on my work, and one of the things I hear a lot is, “I wish I could draw like that,” or “I tried drawing once, but I was never any good at it.”  Another frequent comment I get is, “You make it look so easy!  How did you draw that so fast!” or other comments along those lines.

I want to respond to those comments a few different ways.  I think this is the logical place to start:

As you can see, I drew these in 1996.  I was 15.  They’re not bad, but they definitely show a lack of…

…knowledge, practice, and discipline. 

I drew a lot of animals back then because I thought drawing people was too hard.  Once I started exploring the anthropomorphic animal genre, however, I quickly learned that anthros are just as difficult to draw well.  You can just disguise your entry level skill a little more easily behind a stylized critter than a stylized person.  I think the reason for this is the fact that even in comic form, our brains subconsciously recognize suitable proportions and perspective when it comes to the human face.  We don’t always recognize why something is wrong, but we can tell it’s not right.  With little anthro creatures, the entire structure of the figure changes, making it easier to conceal mistakes.

I decided I was just going to draw animals, because people were “too hard”.  And I did make progress.  Here’s an early work of mine that my sister commissioned, done in watercolor.  I think I was maybe 23 or something like that.

Finally I reached a point where I really wasn’t that interested in drawing animals anymore.  I wanted a new challenge.  So, despite the fact that I was terrified, I decided to try to learn how to draw people.

I had joined an art community online (which sadly no longer exists), and started doing the most important, most beneficial, and most terrifying thing I had ever done.  I started submitting my drawings for real critique and redlining.  There were tons of artists far more experienced and knowledgeable than me who generously gave of their time to help me learn.  Here’s a picture from 2009.  I was getting better at faces, but the figures still look flat and stiff and unnatural.

I learned how to do gesture work to help loosen up my figures and develop more natural poses.  These are gestures I did while watching movies (I was in a Charles Boyer phase at the time, LOL!):

At this time, I also started to explore perspective, which is something I still struggle with quite a lot.  Partly because I find it boring.  You can see in this one that there are perspective issues with the figure.  He doesn’t match the perspective of the furniture, and as a result he looks like he’s sitting at the kid’s table:

Sometimes honing your craft feels like a total slog, and it seems like you’re getting nowhere.  I literally did not understand how perspective worked for years.  I could not grasp the concept mentally, and therefore couldn’t apply the knowledge in my work.  I actually started to feel like I would never understand it, and that it was just something I would never be able to do.  That I had hit my wall and wasn’t going to move forward.  That was it.  I was as good as I was gonna get, and I’d just have to be satisfied with that.  I really felt that way.  For years!  Then the breakthrough finally came, and I just finally understood.  It was a total lightbulb moment.  It just clicked.  I’m still not great at it, but that’s because I don’t practice as much as I should.  But the understanding is there.

I remember telling someone a few years ago that I wouldn’t be able to take on a commission they inquired about because it involved realism.  I had only ever pursued drawing in more of a comicbook fashion, and never felt like I’d be able to take on realism at all.  I mean even when I started drawing celebrity portraits, they were pretty sketchy looking, such as this one from last year:

I decided portraits are crazy good fun, so I started practicing those, and trying to improve on my methods.  I took the terrifying plunge and started attempting more painterly styles.  This is my first real digital painting, referenced from a Mad To Be Normal still.  You can definitely see my weak areas when it comes to inanimate objects and textures.  I had fun with this immensely challenging painting, but it was a total trainwreck when it comes to the way I organized (or rather, failed to organize) the layers.  It became a nightmare to keep track of.  I was so afraid to ruin a layer, I just kept creating new layers.  In the end it actually created more problems than it solved because of complications with blending.  It was a learning experience.  I rely less heavily on layers now, so that blending is more organic and effective.  I save separate layers for things that are clearly defined separately from other elements of the painting (like hair or clothing).

I’m still reluctant to completely let go of my drawing habits and rely on implied lines, as you can see in my Ninth Doctor painting:

Here’s my point:

All the pictures I posted above were drawn between the years 1996 and 2016.

That’s 20 freaking years of hard work, determination, perseverance, and passion.

I’m not the fastest learner out there.  Some artists make huge strides at a rapid pace, it’s unimaginable to me.  I don’t think taking your time makes your abilities less valuable or your potential less real.  How fast you learn is irrelevant.  What matters is your willingness to stick with it, even when you feel stuck for years, like my thing with perspective.

You guys, drawing is hard.  It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done (aside from parenting LOL!).  But even when you feel like you’ll never grow and get better, just know that sometimes it’s like that.  Just stick with it.  Ask for help.  Put on a thick skin and be willing to let people pull apart your work and show you how to make it better.  One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to not think of my drawings as precious.  That sounds weird, but what he meant was there is always something to learn from a drawing project.  Don’t let your attachment to your art make you blind to mistakes and unwilling to recognize weak areas in your techniques.

My biggest challenge right now is color.  I really struggle with it.  It’s something that requires book knowledge, and it’s a real slog.  But I’m trying to make myself learn.  I want to get better.  It’s one of the reasons I’m making myself color this painting of Touchstone.  The skin tone is driving me bonkers, but it’s better than all my previous attempts, and that’s what matters.  It’s not perfect, but it shows improvement.  Which means the next time I paint color, maybe I’ll improve a little more.

Where I am is never enough. 

I always feel like there are areas I could improve.  Honing your craft is like that.  You’ll find comfort zones, and you’ll stay in them–sometimes for years–and eventually, you’ll find it isn’t fulfilling anymore, and you’ll feel the need to stretch.

I just wanted to encourage you that if you feel stuck, if you feel like you’ll never improve–don’t give up!  Sometimes it takes years.  It’s taken me 20 so far.  And there is nothing more satisfying than looking at that 1996 picture to remind myself just how far I’ve come.

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okay but can I be real? I like legit care about you and want good things to happen to you which is really weird bc usually it takes a lot for me to become emotionally invested in another person (ESPECIALLY a person I don't even know) but there's just something about you that draws me, and I think quite a few other people, in and I think it's bc of how genuine and sincere you are. I really don't know how else to put it lol you're just so unapologetically you and I really love that

You guys are determined to make me cry😭😭

Thank you so much, messages like this mean the very world to me. It’s so nice to know that people care about me. Also, you might feel drawn to me because Shez-An-Empath™

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Your work is so wonderful! I just started following you so I don't know if you've answer these questions already. How did you first get into drawing? What sorts of things do you do in order to improve? And what particularly drew you into character design and animation?

Hey thanks for the kind words. I don’t really know how to answer this in one sentence only so here goes the ramble:
As a kid I REAlly loved drawing and writing and just being creative in general. In high school it was photography. But I never realised I could actually be an artist you know, that it could be something I do.

So I was sitting in a bakery with a friend once, by the end of high school. I was wondering what to do with my life and all that and suddenly she asks ‘Hey why don’t you become an artist? I think it’d really suit your personality.’. Now I realise how dumb this situation might seem to you, but at that point I swear my whole universe turned upside down like 60 times. Suddenly I realised all these animation movies were done by artists, by real people, I mean it’s an actual job that exists. So that day I found online some private drawing teacher and called her very worried, telling her that I have no idea if I’m talented or whatever but I really wanna learn to draw. 
It’s weird I know but the moments when I was drawing there it felt like something so close to me. Fortunately, after a few visits she said there is hope for me hah. And then I prepared for a local private university where they had Animation. Eventually I dropped out because we did everything but draw and animate there. And ever since, I’ve been studying online, reading books and just being self-taught. 

Now about the things I do to practice - this isn’t going to be brief either but I hope it would be helpful to at least someone.
One thing I realised was that I can’t study many things at the same time, I just kept failing miserably at everything. So I decided - I’m gonna start with anatomy. I spent a good few months doing mostly gesture and figure drawings, reading anatomy books and drawing from them. Then I took some character design classes (Schoolism and CG master academy). And this is where I am now actually. I also took classes on Environment design and Colour & Light (still on that). Another thing I also find very useful is doing master studies. First black and white to learn values, then in colour to learn that too. Small studies like 30 minutes have been very useful to me. Also studies from life to observe light etc.
As for characters I think sketching people is very helpful and is something I myself need to do more. Studying other people’s designs to understand why they are successful is also a good exercise. Studying animation screen caps or character expressions too. 
In general just draw a lot, it’s gonna be useful in any case. I always tell myself that there is a certain number of bad drawings I need to do before a good one comes. So the faster I get them out the sooner a good drawing will ‘emerge’.

I’m not sure where my love for character design came from. I just love how diverse people can be, how different and rich in emotions and looks  and moods they are and all that. It’s endless. I do love creating environments too but it’s something I find more difficult because I haven’t done it enough yet. So I guess characters are also kinda like my comfort zone for now. 

Okay well I hope that answers your questions and that the whole thing would be useful or encouraging to at least one person out there. 

Ok no offense but furries really creep me out

It’s like, there’s this weird gut feeling that it’s just wrong?? In an eldritch kinda way… like if you saw something with human skin in the shape of a cat wouldn’t you be creeped out? So why not the other way around?

Also I really hate anthropomorphism because it regularly kills pets? Like assuming a dog threw up because it’s mad at you is anthropomorphism and it can get the dog really badly hurt because there might be an underlying issue.

And I see people drawing dog furries smiling with their teeth showing but in real life, if dogs do that it means they’re stressed or angry. The blatant ignoring of actual animal behavior is why they piss me off.

And they don’t even care about actual nature or actual animals and it’s so gross? Like pet an actual fucking cat and you’ll see it’s not sexy. It’s a damn cat ok so don’t try to justify wanting to fuck it or wear it’s skin or whatever the fuck.

Sorry this for a bit ramble-y or harsh and maybe there are good furries and if you’re my mutuals I’ve got nothing against you but just so you know the whole subculture is viscerally horrifying.

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Your self portraits actually look like you!!! Like even when they're chibified they look like your face and you look adorbs (in real life and in your drawings) but I have no idea how to draw myself. Like, as a kid I drew an animu girl me but when I try to draw my face (nose, eyes, shape etc) accurately people are like "no you are prettier than this" and I don't know how to make my face look like my actual face (tho I think cartoon me is somehow accurate and cute too)

This might sound weird and isn’t really direct art advice….but bear with me to the end please!

For years I drew myself inaccurately because I had such a bad relationship with my body and looks. I felt an odd mix of “I wish I looked like this” with “well people wouldn’t want to know what I really look like so I’ll draw a thinner version of me.” It wasn’t until after I met my current partner and started having healthier thoughts about myself and my self image that I started honestly STUDYING what I looked like.

It was around this time I started exploring my fashion more, so that naturally meant looking in the mirror more often. I really hated how I looked, so I started small with at least liking PARTS of my body. It started with my arms, then a couple years later I didn’t really mind my face, or my monolid eyes. Eventually I even liked my thick thighs and just last week I finally had a moment where I was like “my butt is kinda cute”

So my point is this: you know how when you meet new people you usually aren’t super USED to how they look? But the more you get to know them and if their personality is good, they start looking nicer and nicer to you? You get used to their features and unique body type and start to appreciate that about them?
That’s how I learned to draw myself more accurately. I learned to get used to how I looked. I learned WHAT my body looked like. I repaired my relationship with my body and started appreciating what I had. I thought yeah, maybe I’m worth illustrating because there’s something beautiful about how I look.