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I absolutely loved your time-lapse video on that Keith fanart! The lighting is so pretty! I'm not sure i got it right, do you draw traditional and pass it? Do you use a specific tablet pencil? I'm a bit of an ignorant in the matter. ADORE YOU

Thank you so much! I was so nervous about the voice-over haha. Glad you enjoyed it, though <3

I drew everything in Photoshop, including the base sketch. I just cut out the footage of me drawing that part because it’s mostly faffing and scribbling. The tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos Pro Small. 

If you’ve got any further questions just drop me a line!


TOP TUTORIALS FOR LEARNING NATURAL POSES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkKiHVF-eDc

In order to understand how to draw standing poses, I had to stand up myself!!! It’s a bit of an experiment for a video, but doing this on camera made me think of a few things regarding how to approach natural poses. Enjoy!

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Tumblr makes it look really low quality, but they’re fine if you click on them~ :)

Tutorial time! Here’s a quick hair tip tutorial for eat-my-shxrts (I’m working on the eyes/facial features one, but since I finished this one I thought I’d post it :) Hope this is helpful, I wish I was better at explaining how I draw XD

I also included a process gif! Featuring some of my faves with varying hairstyles~ :) <3


Process for ‘Tangled: I see the Light”

This is for a massive project I’m currently working on, in celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Looking back, Disney’s animated films have, hands down, some of the most mesmerizing, romantic scenes of all time.

I recently re-watched Tangled a few weeks back and was instantly reminded by how much I loved Disney and their storytelling approaches. They did it with Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, but it began with Tangled for me. It was such a gorgeous film and the concept art you see scattered around are just incredible. So in this scene, I pay tribute to an absolute brilliant film that is Tangled.

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Drawing process!

“Process” because I wouldn’t call it tutorial because I just show what I do, not how I do it hmm…. Yes here we go:

1. A first sketch. I rarely do this one, since I don’t have the patience, but it’s great if you really wanna make sure that everything looks like you want. Work with lines at first, then give them meat.

2. A second sketch. Using another layer, give them faces and clothes and hair and other small details. Note that I change stuff as I go, which I thought looked better.

3. Lineart. Tweak a little more, and we have the lineart. This one is very flat and neat, pretty boring but weh. 

4. Colouring. Choose some nice colours for their clothes and skin and hair. That dress is inspired by a very cute one I’ve seen around here btw, note how colours can change a thing completely!

5. Shading. Decide where the light comes from. I like to work with a very big contrast between shades and colour. Also more details in the dress! 

6. Finish. Lower the opacity on the lineart layer, fix the shading a little around the lineart and smack on an alternative backgrund for some more colour on the piece. 

7. Sit and stare at the picture and think about the things that I could have done better and huff in disappointment and draw something else.

This has been the drawing process of Fia. Thank you come again.

shadowlink  asked:

Love the way you drew that fire!! Any tips? C:

Thank you!

The method that I used for the fire poi drawings requires a black background, so it might not work for all situations, but I’d be happy to show you regardless!

Basically, I need at least three layers:

1.) A bright, bright, brightly saturated gradient, set to overlay.  In this case I went from yellow, through orange and red, and even to pink a bit at the bottom, but you can use whichever colors you’d like the fire to be.

2.) A transparent layer (or layers) to sketch on with white.  I used a brush with 50-60% opacity.

3.) Pure black background layer.

For the fire poi, I created a smeary sort of shape - white on one end, fading out in the direction it’s been traveling.

Then I selected a jagged, crackly, “fire shape” with the selection tool, and filled it with white.

Hope this helps!

SnK Magazine: Jean
Our next beautimous cover girl is one of my personal favorites: JEAN!
I adore this big cutie so much, so I couldn’t resist making him my new model
Also… continued with the little jearmin thing going on just for fun :D
Who will be our next cover girl?

Speed Paint


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Animation director Kouichi Motomura’s (本村晃一) working design process from start to finish for this Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (天元突破グレンラガン) illustration included in his doujinshi Kouichi Motomura Art Works 2012 Summer. I did like the super angry Viral at the start…


I made a simple speedpaint video of my latest picture (°0°) Hope you enjoy it!


Process for ‘Aladdin: A Whole New World’

This is for a massive project I’m currently working on, in celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Looking back, Disney’s animated films have, hands down, some of the most mesmerizing, romantic scenes of all time.

The scene where Aladdin takes Jasmine to see 'A Whole New World’ is exactly one of those memorable scenes. This is Part II of the Valentine’s series, so keep an eye out for the others to come!

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by kelogsloops


Process for ‘Silence of the Brave

I haven’t painted digitally in THAT LONG!!! (It’s been almost 2 months) Uni’s really tied me down and it’s no fun having to study all the time now, not to mention the struggle and stresses with it. Hoping you all have an awesome and wonderful Easter holiday!

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