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Yusuke was then banned from Le Blanc for some time

y’all thought i was done with ShuKita? think again

pls dont remove credits thank


January 9th - Sketches and Ayando

Well… as you can see Ayando is my OTP (and the reason why I got so into Yandere Simulator) so I had to draw them.

And thinking about their relationship, since Budo is a year ahead than Yandere-chan, he is also Ayano´s senpai, and I just thought that, when Budo starts his crush for Ayano (and considering that she never says her senpai´s name), at first, he innocently thinks she is referring to him when she is dreamily talking to herself 8´D…

anonymous asked:

You're really good at drawing hands! If it's not too much trouble could you make a small tutorial, or just a bunch of hands in different poses that I can study from? If it's too troublesome don't worry about it.

i really think i shouldn’t make a hand tutorial seeing as how yolo all of them fdjgsdlfs but some tips i could give you:

- use refs!!! use your hand, pictures etc… ppl telling you that using refs is “cheating” are wrong
- don’t be afraid to make mistakes! trying new poses will help you get better at drawing hands!
- get inspired from things you watch! for example, the ojamajo doremi hands are a big inspiration for me ! <3

good luck !!! and sorry for the delay in answering TT

Ed n’ Oz from Gotham again but now with their fancy hats. Still trying to figure out the whole how their faces work.

The epic comic

Ahem… Why is it epic?

Because it have been written by an amazing @zooijiness ! And it was a request story for @pyrophoricitee .


Back in September 2016 I started to put it into a comic… and I failed thousand times, because of leak of time (i was drawing only one hour per day) and leak of experiance and leak of skills… and leakleakleakelka.. alright XDD 

I just wanted to say that this comic was really fun and hard to draw :D especially because I haven’t use any reference and just draw like a maniac… and it was done very fast, because I was drawing it for @pyrophoricitee birthday on 20. October. But! I felt like crap to post it, so I thougth I will redraw it… Later, three months ago I was thinking to redraw it… Later… I was also thinking and actually readrawing it a little… and… I failed XD and now, finally, I feel free to post it no matter what :D 

Enjoy this comic as far as you could, since it’s pure improvisation , especially the @zooijiness story, It’s really inspirative and really good! I will recomend you to read it here .

so… when did we start… aha… here.

The End. <3

Love, Fuzz

(YAAAAAAHOOOO tumblr grabbed all 25 pages!!!nervous laugh at 0:23 am)