drawing on ukulele

a wip that id love to animate at some point but ive never animated anything in my life so ill just probably do a more detailed pmv !!

Back in April I lost my grandfather which was a hard loss. A friend and I drove to the hospital one last time before they pulled the plug the day before and I talked to him, told him I was playing the ukulele now. I told him about Twenty One Pilots and how I was going to see them in August. After we left I broke down in the parking lot and my friend had apparently brought his ukulele with him because he knew I’d be upset. The song we played and sang to was House of Gold. Since then the song has such an impact on me. The song has actually helped me get through losing him.

So, just like I did with my other grandfather who passed last year, I dedicated a tattoo design to him. I honestly can’t wait to get this done.