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>> Black♥Jack Masterpost! <<

Hello everybody! Today is finally the day I write a Black♥Jack masterpost with all the related stuff up to this point! I didn’t even write a single line of this post and I’m already sweating, I detest the way Tumblr uses HTML… ugh.
I must state something first: all this art has been made by Rem289, but I am, for the most part, the author of every story and concept. I know it may sound a bit pretentious, and I’m perfectly aware of the fact that is Rem who does most of the job, since I don’t even know how to draw a three, but I think I should at least claim what is mine – that is, the idea which moves every drawing.
That being said, cut the chatter and let’s go!

♠) Black♥Jack storyline:

♠) Zoom on the Black♥Jack characters:

♠) Extra involving Black♥Jack characters:

I’ll update this post whenever a new part of something comes out! Hope I didn’t forget something, I and Rem surely did a lot of art together… and that’s beautiful!

After months of planning, here she is, my first OC, Liz WinterBun ^-^
Some time ago, my cousin and I were drawing together, and he asked me: “If you lived in Zootopia, what animal would you be and where would you work?” So he give me the idea of creating my first OC. What is my favorite animal? Yes arctic hare! Where do I want to work? Yes ZPD!! She is exactly what I would like to be if I lived in Zootopia.
Her name also has meaning. Liz is one of my favorite flowers and represents honor and loyalty. WinterBun means snow bunny (and winter is my favorite season). Well, a few weeks ago another artist posted here her fursona with the name WinterBun. But I want to make it clear that my art isn’t a plagiarism!!! I gave this name to my OC 5 months ago so that’s just a coincidence!

Aaaand my dear and amazing sis @andyourteeth also collaborated with me! She gave life to Liz with her wonderful art. Thank you so much Katie, you rock!

Liz WinterBun works at ZPD’s laboratory analysis and criminal investigation. She’s a classic wildehopps shipper! XD

She is about 26 years old, is a little taller and leaner than Judy, her ears are more pointed and her eyes are a mix of violet and blue, remembering the universe. She is sweet, intelligent and friendly, excited and determined, always willing to help!
I can see Liz and Judy as great friends! (And I have several plans for them)…

I’ll soon post more on Liz WinterBun. So what did you think of her?

Hope you liked, my dears <3

Special thanks to @andyourteeth (love you my dear sis <3)


I drew a rabbit. Yay! I haven’t lost my mojo yet. #drawing #digitaldrawing #ipad #procreateapp #wacombamboo #rabbit #hare

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