drawing of a hare


Gerhard Marx (South African, b. 1976, Johannesburg, South Africa, based Cape Town) - 1: Pigeon from Lessons In Looking Down exhibition, 2012 Hard Ground Etching on Paper  2: Binocular Skull 1, 2014  Hard Ground Etching on Zerkall Intaglio  3: Hare, 2012 Hard Ground Etching

Happy Easter to everyone! ^-^

I know i’m late here but i had a busy day today! I also hope you all had a EGGcelent *ba dum tss* Easter with friends and family! And if ya don’t celebrate easter that okies! I hope you have a lovely day none the less! i hope you enjoy~ 

(i’d also like to dedicate this to @mattnyc816 :D HARE ya go bud! *ba dum tss*)


I drew a rabbit. Yay! I haven’t lost my mojo yet. #drawing #digitaldrawing #ipad #procreateapp #wacombamboo #rabbit #hare

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Crit #2 is done!! Here are my illustrations I did for this cri! Based off a story about a young maiden who falls in love with a hare, but he turns out to be a not so good guy. Beware, Beware, to never fall in love with a hare.