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Anon asked me who my first OC was and if I would ever re-draw them. His name was Ken Shang and he was my DBZ OC. I created him back in 2005 when I was in 6th grade and I redrew him back in 2015. The old drawing is HERE.

FINISHED! Based on a super old fan fiction I wrote when I was 12… lol.  Not too keen on Ashelin’s Freedom League badge, but I didn’t want to fuss anymore with it so I left it as is.

There’s only one page for this comic, sorry! I don’t feel inclined to make any more than this because I prefer making original works nowadays. 

anonymous asked:

what kind of hairstyles do you think Lance would try out while in space? I mean eventually it could get too long n such? do you think he'd grow it out a bit, or have an undercut?

it seems like lance expresses himself physically a lot, so i think he’d have A LOT of different hairstyles through the years,,i feel like lance would be one of those people to grow out his hair pretty long and then just cut it all off out of nowhere bc he “got tired of that style and is moving on” haha


Q: Da-Jun~ The girls on my Weibo homepage each have their own cats! Could you draw me a cat as well? I want a super cool cat
ps. Another heartfelt acrostic poem for you
Wen - (Wen) Words can’t describe
Jun - Junhui’s coolness on stage
Hui - (Hui) Will always continue watching you

Jun: (draws a cat with sunglasses) <- I’m the coolest
Thank you,~~ Poem~~ It’s(?????)~~~ [T/N: nobody understands what he wrote here lol]

In addition, Jun asked why everyone’s been asking him to draw cats, out of 10 people, 1-2 would ask him to draw one.


Favorite character tagged meme

Tagged by @rodentartinkyl, thank you~! >u<b It took a while but here it is~~

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(whispers) bodyguards, niichansans, childhood friends, ikemeeeen…! I just realized half of them are from games ahah

blind-braille  asked:

Please tell me more about Raven and Tokala, they seem interesting (*ω*)

Okay, so Raven is the (attention :D) Prince of the Raven - his father was very creative with the name ^^’. And he lives with his tribe along other tribes in a huge forest. There aren’t big cities or something, so the forest could grow very huge.

Raven is also a bit stiff… he likes too stick to rules and knows his duties as prince and tries to be an adult with his 15/16 years. He wants to be such a good king like his dad. 

Tokala on the other hand is one of ten sons of the fox tribe chief. He’s very active, very loud, very caring and very sweeet. He is Raven’s best friend and absolut supportive for his best friend. Raven loves Tokala too but he doesn’t show it very good.

And the two of them will get in a lot of troubles and adventures C: