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Ok but I have a headcannon that Hearth is rlly bad at ice skating and he's super self concious about it and makes up excuses as to why he can't go skating with the rest of the gang (I can't go, I have to feed the birds. "Hearth, we don't have birds." 'I'm going to go buy birds to feed brb) and Blitz finally convinces him to go and he just stands there being a Very Uncomfortable Elf and I just need to see Hearth being a dork with ice skates in ur style imsorry

this is the best thing to wake up to thAnk you for skating Hearth


u said he got a bird

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what did you do to draw this good? i would guess selling your soul but you are too pure for that

i started to draw everyday since july!

i wanted to get into the habit so i kept a small notebook and doodled something i havent drawn in while every night before bed

after i got into the habit of doodling in that notebook once a day i started to do it digitally and started off by reading a fic called dont forget the sun and drawing about 2 things a chapter a day, it was a great way to stay focused and motivated! i’d only read the next chapter after i get the other one drawn out, and it was also a great way to make art for my favorite hs fic!

after i got caught up with that it was pretty easy to get a drawing out a day since the habit was already in full swing and drawing everyday just keeps on adding to practice so you just keep on improving!!!

so the biggest thing i believe to help people out is just to make drawing everyday a habit! it doesnt have to be an amazing drawing or very detailed it can just be quick doodle, just something

it’s february but i still doodle every night before bed and i keep the previous notebooks i filled up cause it’s nice to see how much you’ve improved over the past months, y’know?

sits straight up

Arabella sketching Emma in bed with her hair all messy

that is all