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nathanael headcanons bc why not?
  • nathanael: there are people who throw out their copic markers instead of buying refills for them. how tragic is that?
  • he has a really hard time following in class when teachers talk too quickly or when the material is too heavy. so sometimes he’ll just sketch or do other homework in the meantime and ask ivan for notes after class is over. 
    • ivan’s happy to help out. it’s worth it for the album covers that nathanael draws for the mixtapes ivan gives to mylène. 
  • nino and nathanael used to sit in the back of the class together because they randomly bonded over this french rock band, magma, that they both love
    • there was one day where nathanael came sprinting into class with magma’s new album lifted over his head and nino literally jumped out of his chair and started screaming because “holy crap i forgot they were dropping an album can we please listen to it during lunch?”
  • adrien commissions ladybug fanart from nathanael in exchange for his physics tutoring services because mme. mendeleiev is really getting on his case about the quiz he didn’t do that well on
    • when nathanael gets a near perfect score on his latest physics test, he surprises adrien with a full-body, digitally colored print of ladybug and chat noir that adrien currently has framed in his room. 
  • alya and nathanael enter into a pact with each other where they save up small bits and pieces of their allowance at a time so that they can split the cost on new issues of their favorite comic book series
  • nathanael knew juleka and rose were dating before anyone else in class did and he’s super proud of that. the minute they announced it to the class, chloe cursed in the middle of homeroom and handed fourty euros to nathanael. 
  • marinette and nathanael are mutuals on tumblr and they’re always showing each other memes in between classes and tagging each other in posts. but they’re jerks about it because they won’t tell anyone in class what their urls are. 
  • kim challenges nathanael one day, saying that he can jog ten laps around the block quicker than nathanael can sketch him running and nathanael is totally up for that bet. 
    • it turns into a huge deal. sabrina spreads the event on facebook, alix spends all week training kim, and max oversees the event as the official judge and time keeper. 
    • when nathanael wins, kim bows to him whenever he sees him in the halls for close to two weeks. 
ID #79923

Name: Sarah
Age: 22
Country: Australia

How are you? How are you feeling? I’m currently on the prowl for a Pen Pal from anywhere in the world. I suffer from 6 very debilitating Chronic Illnesses and have a lot of time on my hands. I sleep a lot. I love drawing and making mix CDs for my friends with artwork and all. I love a lot of things and only like a small amount.

I really love Bon Iver, Youth Lagoon, Tash Sultana, Vance Joy, No Frills Twins, Childish Gambino, Alt-J, Bonobo, Sampha, Jamie XX and a lot of classical and rock/pop from the 60s. c:

Films, I’m open for anything. However obviously a massive Disney/Pixar lover. HP, LOTR, and S T A R - W A R S are my go to’s! But my favourite is The King and I.

Forgot to mention I LOVE musicals.

T.V. shows : Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Please Like Me, Doctor Doctor, Rush, Barracuda, Offspring, The Wrong Girl, Greys Anatomy, Masterchef AU, Big Little Lies, Girlboss, Love Child, Summer Heights High, RuPauls Drag Race etc

I also love and play baseball! I barrack for the Red Sox and North Melbourne in AFL.

I’m an amazing friend and very strong willed!


Preferences: I’m open to male/female/non-gender, LGBTQIA positive. Like honestly not fussed. I would prefer someone between the ages of 22-28

Semi hiatus (kinda??)

Hi guys💕💕 sorry if I wasnt really active these two days, its because im finally on vacation ayyyy!! All my family is here and I wasnt able to past anything bc my internet was really bad! Im on vacation for a month, and since its a family reunion I dont know if Ill be able to answer to a lot of asks.
BUT I drew some comics so dont worry about this! I’ll post something every monday. Then for the last week of August, Ill draw something for Kookie’s birthday when Ill be back :’^DD
What sucks is that I wont be able to draw anything for Hobi’s mixtape im so sad skskkskd;;;;