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Bus to Woodstock

Okay, but, second year Hinata who grows his hair out and has to start wearing it in a ponytail. The first time he ever puts it up during practice Kageyama couldn’t serve worth a damn because his eyes kept trailing back to Hinata. When he confronts Hinata about it after pratice he notices a set of piercings in the cartilage of the shorter’s ears and he promptly shuts his mouth and walks away. 

i meant to be resting my wrist but I COULDN’T RESIST, i logged some serious hours in stardew valley this week and was in a scribbly mood.

Some owl headcanons for the owl captain: 

  • Bokuto is the person who yells “DOG” when hes out with friends. 
  • The floor of his room is a complete mess, the surface of his desk hasn’t been seen in years, but somehow his bed is always nicely made. 

  • He has a cute little birthmark on the inside of his left knee that slightly resembles a bird in flight. 

  • His hair naturally sticks up unless its wet. 

  • Bokuto has two younger sisters who he teaches volleyball to in his free time. 

  • Bokuto has a knack for learning foreign languages, but can’t do math to save his life. 

  • He has a pet cockatoo that he whistles to while he is home. 

  • The cockatoo’s name is DJ and bobs her head while whistling back at Bokuto. 

  • The most called person on his phone is Kuroo, but the one he has sent the most text messages to is Akaashi then Kenma. 

  • Bokuto sometimes sticks snacks in his kneepads. 

  • He has a picture of an owl on his wall that Akaashi took at the zoo because it reminded him of Bokuto. 
Desire (OswaldxEdwardx Reader)

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Kink Request: 68-Threesome/group sex 

EdwardxOswald xReader 

Further prompts provided by @riddlcr and @rawrcoptergaming. I got a few other awesome suggestions, but those two worked best for what I was aiming towards. 

Warnings: Some flithy smut. Dominating Oswald, Bit of Nygmobblepot. Reader is referred to as “Lark” for ease of reference. 

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Just imagine Bokuto giving this to Akaashi on Valentines Day. As Akaashi unwraps the gift Bokuto wraps his arms around the setter and smooches him on the cheek.