drawing jelsa

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Ehehehe >////< I love the jelsa story and little gif it made my heart feel warm and fuzzy and I loved the way you draw thanks for drawing that jelsa gift it was really cute and made me feel good!!

Elsa: I don’t think I can do this–
Jack: Come on Elsa! Once again! I promise I won’t make weird faces!

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I LOVE YOUR JELSA ART SO MUCH! APSNAKDBJE! It's the best! And I was wondering which Jelsa drawing made by you is your favorite?

Awww, thank you so much anon!

That’s a tough question… Believe it or not I actually love all of my Jelsa fanarts haha! But in terms of most personal fav, here they are:

It turned into a Jelsa showcase… I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intention. But these are my personal faves of mine ;/////;

I can’t choose my #1 haha… back then it would be the first one on this list. But as I continue to improve, everything I draw becomes a fav so it’s really hard;;