drawing is the root of everything

Good bye, Mr Reese, Harold, Root, Lionel, and Shaw. Thank you for everything.

I didn’t watch Episode 10-13 of Season 5. I do hope everything ends in that little park, when Root finally find Shaw, and Lionel knows the truth of TM. So I tried to draw all of them( with bear) in the sunshine park, stay together. 

I love them so much. Still can’t believe it ends so suddenly. 


Updated in July 5th: (Spoiler attention)

Yesterday I watched the end.

Actually, knowing the crew don’t have enough time, and consider the last 4 episodes like the machine’s fast speed simulation, the end is kind of acceptable.

They just want to finish telling the story in limited conditions. They did a good job. 

Root die peacefully, as a martyrs;

Reese die bravely, as a true hero.

They all chose their own path, and end in the way they want. I can accept it. I respect it.

I’m glad I decided to watch the end eventually. Even though it hurts.

here’s another drawing of my precious httyd oc. 

her name is Glacier. i’ve talked about her before, but i just came up with the new idea that she used to have her hair really long. she never braided it or put it up and she always kept it blue using natural dyes she found. her hair was the only thing she was really proud of, cos everything else made her afraid, especially the fear that she wouldn’t bring enough dragon root back to the dragon hunters.

the first time she dared defy Viggo, whether it was when she found out what dragon root was used for or if she figures out that Viggo’s trying to get rid of a bunch of kids who are just trying to do the right thing, well he didn’t like that. so Viggo had her hair cut off. it broke her. the only thing she was proud of was taken away from her.

i think, when i write out her story, that will be the moment she decides to quit.

My therapist told me to make a one minute sketch of what I think love is. And while my shaky hands drew the picture and my eyes got all swollen from crying all I did was think about how I see love. And I think love is kinda rooted in acceptance you know? Like, they accept you for everything you are and nothing less. I’ve had most of my luck with love in high school. Where, regardless of how mentally sound I was, they still loved me for me. They used to call our school “The Island of Misfit Toys”. And that never hurt us. Because we all accepted each other. The girl with a crown of antlers, earned because she was afraid of everything. The girl with claws for hands and feet because she would draw 24/7 and never had time to slow down, she was beautiful. But then again we all were. And I could go on, the spotted elephant, the train with square wheels, etcetera. But I have a feeling that someone out there knows this sensation, the feeling that they’re a monster. And I’m here the carry on the message that was taught to me at 13 years old. Love the monsters, they need it most. Cause in the end, we’re all monsters here.

You are not alone in this. Trust me.

“You’re stuck here now, Scarf-Boy~”

((Felt like drawing Warden being a bit more WARDEN and The Once-ler being a bit more…. well, in Superjail. I wanted to draw a scene that gets back to the roots of what this blog was and the rivalry between the two. 


Illustrating gritty Superjail scenes has been a cool concept to me since I entered a hurt/comfort Superjail drawing contest when I was like 12 or some shit, but I’ve not really done it in a while. Everything just sorta got taken over by… gay romance. So yeah, gritty chains and prodding and patronising and “you’re-staying-here-for-a-long-time-buddy-welcome-to-hell-little-man”-ing. Sly Warden faces are a lot of fun.

SideNote- Alternatively, I know a large portion of you will take this out of context and personally prefer to see it as roleplay bondage. I mean, most of the people following this blog just ask me to draw porn anyway so WHATEVER, that’s up to you, enjoy non-intentional-nsfw if it does the job.))


i finally felt motivated to hang all my haikyuu art up and here’s the result (no surprise most of it’s iwaoi)! i didn’t even realize how much i’d bought, but i feel beyond honored to be able to have pieces from so many unique and talented artists, and i thought i should share.

special thanks to the following people for continuing to be sources of inspiration and joy:

@yaboykeiji - mars… i will always be one of your biggest fans. your style and growth never cease to amaze me, and i really, REALLY wish you the best in anything you decide to do in the future. you’ve served as such an inspiration for me, and i’m just rooting for you in life in general. you’re wonderful and loved.

@kevinkevinson - you have by far one of my favorite blogs of all time. i share a lot of the same interests you do, so i enjoy pretty much everything you draw and talk about and reblog. your style just.. the freckles.. all the characters glow and having them surrounding me on my walls makes my day. also, i wish you the best with your run!!

@cousaten - your postcards are some of my favorite things i’ve ever purchased, and i definitely will be returning to buy more from you in the future. you’re so quick to produce such astounding art, and i love the more traditional route you take sometimes. all the iwaoi and daisuga makes my heart happy, so thank you!!!

@kittlekrattle - the iwaoi zine’s not pictured, but you should know that i ADORE it <3 you did a wonderful job organizing and getting them out in a timely manner, and the amount of effort you put into the project is evident and so so appreciated. your art is beautiful and smooth and makes the whole zine something really special!

@radio-silents - BECCA, you’re so brilliant and your style is that of actual comic books, it’s magnificent. i wish i could afford to buy every print in your store because those dissected bags and their headcanons are the best. i love that you’re into marvel and spideypool (bc.. me too, lol), and i will probably be following you and your art to my grave. you’re such a lovely person!

@eicinic - your art is some of the most distinct and breathtaking i’ve ever seen; in fact, i just ordered more from you a couple minutes ago, ahaha. it’s so atmospheric, and the style is just so recognizable, basically a brand. it’s going to be so neat to see what you’re able to produce next!

i can’t wait to continue following and supporting all of you in any way i can, and i hope you’re doing well!! thank you so much for sharing your abilities and allowing me to own and cherish your work.

Today’s crew profile is with one of our awesome storyboard artists, Darin McGowan! 

  • When did you become interested in animation and why?

Umm, it’s tough to pinpoint.  I know that checking out The Illusion of Life from the library really changed things.  I saw my first storyboards in that book.  Learned about the process and what people did.  I think it was all stuff I tucked back into my brain so when animation came back hard in the late 80s/early 90s, I knew I had to figure out how to be part of it.  

  • What was your first job in animation?

Storyboard Artist on The Wild Thornberrys.  Pretty good for a first gig!  Taught me everything.

  • If you could befriend one animated character, who would it be and why?

I wanna laugh and drink root beers with Snoopy.

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

When I was flunking Biology in high school, my teacher told me to ‘just keep drawing.’  Insightful words.

  • If you had to eat one kind of food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

 Sunflower seeds.  From a bottomless feedbag strapped to my head.  


My Dearest

When you have something precious you must protect
But you can only stand rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do
Or when you lose all your possibilities and let darkness envelop you
And you’re about to be swallowed up in your despair
I will become the light to shine your path
Even the king of this world cannot block me out
so, everything that makes me whole
I will dedicate them all to you now
I’m Yours

“Coronada por el dorado mas brillante, arraigada a la tierra por el fruto de su devoción por todo lo vivo, espera intempestiva a que aflore una manifestación psiquica que la saque de su letargo”

“Crowned by the most brilliant gold, rooted to the earth by the fruit of her devotion to everything alive, awaits quietly the outbreak of a psychic manifestation that draws it out of its lethargy”

As she walked across the shoreline
 in that section of still-wet sand,
waiting for the upcoming wave,
 her feet sank slowly in
 and rooted her to the spot.

The wave released,
 a stream of sun-warmed water rushed about,
collecting footprints in its travels.

The wave gathered itself,
 drawing in everything, wiping the slate

She continued on.


Welcome to Juvia’s Shojo World [ sketchdump from my instagram ]

Shojo!Gray is my everything and I’m sprouting sparkles and flowers. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE

1&2: Gray, Juvia & Lyon in the most generic boardingschool!Shojo, and a love triangle between the new girl, the cool kid and the senpai
3&4: Juvia day dreaming in 413 days
5&6&7: DOUBLE DATE ofc Natsu’s the reason why they’re late and Gray strop tryna look cool you nervous shit. Juvia’s overdressed as usual because the term “casual date” is not in her dictionary


Doodles #3: I’m not really happy with how i drew Aerith…it’s pretty meh- doesn’t look like her. Or maybe it does look like her but I just don’t like the style i drew her in. I don’t like my art looking too “real”. I prefer the manga/anime/cartoony style over realism  

Anyways, this is more KH and less FFVII.

I decided to draw a young Cloud and Aerith (approximately 9 year old version of them = less detailed one; somewhere in their teen years = detailed one) from the KH universe. Let’s pretend Aerith got bullied and starts crying. Cloud trying to cheer her up, awkwardly gives her a flower with roots and dirt and everything. Kind but awkward gesture. 


Maybe Cloud and Aerith being childhood friends in KH is Square Enix’s attempt at finally using the scrapped storyline of FFVII where Aerith was from Nibelheim as well. I mean….I’m just saying~

==> Cl■se Curtain

As this journey draws to an end, I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to the Homestuck fandom.

SBARG was an incredible experience, born out of love for the fandom as much as it was born out of love for Homestuck itself. Your unwavering enthusiasm and dedication pushed me to create this experience as a thank you, and a way to give back to you all for everything that you have given me.

We have been on an amazing journey together these last seven years, and the amount of love, creativity, and support that has poured from your hearts is nothing short of incredible. When the story ends, please don’t feel sad; instead, take that time to think back on everything you’ve accomplished during this time, all the friends you’ve met, and remember it fondly. Understand that while the comic may be over, the warmth of this fandom will always be there to welcome you when you feel alone, no matter how far in the future you find yourself feeling nostalgic.

As a parting request, I’d like to also reach out and ask if anyone who followed SBARG while it was ongoing happened to mirror any of the flash animations that were posted. Unfortunately, as websites do, the site I had used to host the flashes was taken down and I no longer have the files. There is a project undertaking the task of archiving everything that transpired during the ARG, and also for personal reasons, I’d like to be able to watch them again. If anyone happened to download them please let me know.

Take care, everyone. Be the best you can be, and when you’re feeling nostalgic, remember that you can always come back home.

dan’s liveshow july/21/2015

- dinner was delicious
- dan and phil went to dinner w the people that helped them w the book (publicists or publishers idek)
- their book is completely done literally the only step left is printing they can’t change anything now
- he had lotus root and golden tofu (it was delicious)
- patrick stump is back on twitter and everything is right in the world he wants to believe
- he once posted a tweet about instagram and tumblr but no one got it
- he explained it and said that your tumblr blog represents you except none of the images are yours and instagram is the same but requires you to live the life you put out there
- he asked himself what his instagram aesthetic is
- he has minions drawings of phil and himself but now they’re ruined bc of the minion-yaoi blog
- kill bill v.2 is his fav quentin tarantino film
- he didn’t plan his steamy shower, it just happened
- he really regrets everything he did to find the minion-yaoi blog
- they already filmed the dil video and they’ll upload it sometime in the next couple of days
- he’ll try to post something on instagram once he’s in LA
- he likes wearing his earrings depending on his outfit
- he hung out w a friend from high school the other day and she told him all this interesting gossip, completely unleashing everything and then asked him how he was doing and he was like ha like id tell you you’d obvs tell everyone
- that was what lead to the tweet
- he tried to make it connor franta-esque relatable
- he thinks glee was great but the thing is it started out rlly funny (like hsm parody) and it subverted all these stereotypes
- then in season 3 it just started descending
- it was still groundbreaking to him, just not as good
- he hasn’t gotten into asmr that much
- but he still likes to listen to this one guy bc it’s quite therapeutic
- he asked for some names of people that do asmr vids so he can look them up
- the gas man spent 11 seconds in their flat
- today dan made an important video
- he wanted to do a danisnotonfire vid before he left but he hasn’t had the time
- he’s got a collaaaaaaaaaaab
- he’ll do a vid once he gets back
- he’s looking forward to seeing his friends
- he’s on two panels (one about being mean online and one about humor)
- phil’s brother is going to put up a little shop w dan and phil merch at vidcon
- being a youtuber is lonely
- he liked age of ultron
- he knows nothing about what’s going on w louis (he checked his twitter)
- his fav hp movie is either Prisoner of Azkaban or Order of the Phoenix bc either one of his fav directors (Alfonso) directed PoA but OotP was such a blockbuster movie
- his fav hp book is the half-blood prince bc it turned into a sort of young adult book (OotP was rlly dense- it was rlly good, GoB was cool, a bit longer) it was the angsty teenager book and finding out about snape was the best part of the harry potter thing
- he grew up w harry
- someone hasn’t seen the movie and he freaked
- he has two bowls left. literally.
- when phil broke the bowl he walked into the kitchen and it looked like an angry warthog had rampaged through there
- two days after that dan dropped a glass
- he said je ne pas parlez français
- new dinof video will be recorded at some point after LA
- they’ll make a big deal when they decide stuff about the US book tour
- the gaming documentary is going very well
- it’s ok to have an internal conflict if he’s your son or your dad
- he’s warm and a strong 30% hungry
- they want loads of audience interaction but they don’t want to drag people on stage bc he knows some people are anxious about it
- they’re working on a thing that’ll say when the book is coming out in your country
- he’ll look at his rolemodel anthony and say “senpai! ive been vegan for a month!”
- his mom went to a theme park and sent him a picture
- ok fuck off everything he wears on his liveshows and we ask about was given to him by a fan that’s cute let’s keeo giving them clothes
- he has no clue what his shirt means
- saw the live action aot trailer. it’s ok in his opinion
- he hasn’t watched spn yet, he’s still on the x files
- neither will ever end
- he hummed the german national anthem
- he said some random shit in german
- he’s been listening to lana del rey’s new song which is pretty cool
- he unfortunately couldn’t make the premiere (as phil mentioned on his own liveshow on sunday)
- he’s excited about the american horror story lady gaga teaser
- he religiously checks formula 1
- true detective is amazing and great
- he wants to watch the true detective characters in a boring, domestic sitcom
- in the uk apparently they say touch wood instead of knock on wood
- the thing that irks him is when people are like “irregardless of that […]” bc it’s regardless of that
- he sometimes forgets armadillos exist

i couldn’t finish but here it up until 46:34

Hi everyone!!! It’s that time again (albeit a tad last minute) to submit your beautiful artwork, faces, and bday messages for Amy’s birthday video! Not sure what that means? Check out last year’s video here

Below is what we’ll need, and everything is due to my music team’s email synergytones@gmail.com by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH.


You gloriously talented human beings, would you do me the honor of submitting your art? Any Amy-related / Root / Root x Shaw / POI drawings, sketches, comics, doodles, manips, ANYTHING will do! (and the more the better!!! :D) We’d like to put the art as a slideshow to the song. If your signature is not already on the art, please let us know how you’d like to be credited.


Take a photo of yourself with a short birthday message sign up wishing Amy a happy birthday. I’m sure she’d love to see all of your beautiful faces!!! (If you’d like your name to show, let us know what you’d like displayed and we can add it)


Since we want everyone to have a chance to contribute, you can also just submit a cute text message you would like to tell Amy. This will be something beyond just saying Happy Birthday. For example, I would write “Amy, you are my ray of sunshine. *Flies into the sun* Love, Ting.”

Again, please email it to synergytones@gmail.com by November 26th! If you also would like me to pull it myself from somewhere, please just shoot me a message on tumblr or twitter. Let me know if you have any questions! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3


#ALLBLACKEVERYTHING 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Prints for sale. Sizes/Prices: 13x19 -$20. 11x17 -$15. (MJ prints available upon request). Please email enb1204@aol.com for purchase/commissions/questions. Thank all of you beautiful people for the support!!

The Real Issue with the Frozen Fandom

Its not the fact that everyone has the right to contribute theories opinions and head canons, its not the fact that people can’t see that drawing styles akin to Rapunzel have their roots in Tarzan or the fact the story isn’t the first one to portray a truly strong sister bond.

        Its the fact that a majority of the fandom ships the sisters in a twisted incestuous shipping because they don’t comprehend the difference between romantic love and familial love in the context of true love. There is nothing wrong with thinking that Elsa could be a lesbian but shipping her with her younger sister is twisted and the fan art is everything the bigots already think the queer community is about. You are fetishizing their sisterly bond for a twisted kink like incest. This goes for shipping Hans with his brothers, and Kristoff with his Reindeer.

     Its the fact that characters like Elsa are automatically placed as Ace, Aro and otherwise queer when there is no indication that she is. Just because she doesn’t have a love interest in the story doesn’t mean she’s opposed to the idea. Yes there is need for ace and aro characters but wouldn’t you rather have characters who are out about their queer orientation instead of supplementing it to a character who has lived isolated and treated as a monster by her love ones most of her life that she hasn’t really been around enough people to develop any romantic ties. By extension making Elsa lesbian because she hasn’t shown interest in a guy yet, news flash she lived isolation most of her life, kind of kills a love life.

     The fact that people dismiss Anna’s relationship Kristoff and make her a lesbian, hello people. Bisexuality exist and Anna could be bisexual or she could, heaven forbid, be a standard gendered hetero sexual female.

    People failing to realize that more times out of not you will end up dating some kind of “hans type” Hans being the villain is perfect, it plays on the trope that prince charming could have hidden traits. Its plays on the fact that most girls have dated a dirtbag who was hot but emotionally abusive some how. Anna was played by Hans and that has happened to a lot of us adults and teens. If you don’t get how human a villain Hans is, you haven’t dated yet or you haven’t dated extensively. He’s evil but he’s beautiful because guess what we have all been there. Plus if you need any reminding, Lucifer/Satan was the most beautiful angel in heaven. It takes beauty to manipulate and trick others. A pretty villain is a welcomed change and teaches children appearances are misleading. He’s a well written character and for the Snow Queen purists, he’s the Mirror in the story.