drawing is serious business

the arms of the ocean are carrying me. 

I’m just imagining Finn recovering post-TFA (and lets be real, his back has got to be pretty messed up), and Poe does the only thing he can think of to comfort him: He holds Finn’s hand sings lullabies, like his mother used to do for him when he was sick or hurt. Finn doesn’t know what the songs are, but they sound nice and the soothe him enough to sleep.

But it really gets to Poe, then, that Finn has never had a childhood. He never had a mother or father to comfort him. He never had friends to play with. And that just twists in Poe’s gut and he has to do something about it.

So when Finn’s back on his feet, in the limited downtime that they have, he invites him to play whatever the space equivalent of kickball is. Hide and Seek with him and BB-8. Tag. Flying kites, drawing stupid pictures on whatever scrap Poe can scrounge from Official Serious Business briefings.

And Rey, Rey totally joins in when she comes back. She had to grow up so fast on Jakku that she barely remembers what it was like to play. And she had no real friends to speak of. Maybe she makes more dolls, like the pilot doll she had in her At-At on Jakku. Only, she makes three of them: One of her, one of Finn, and one of Poe. And maybe, sometimes, they reenact ridiculous events with them until they’re all in a fit of laughter in Poe’s quarters.

And it’s such a welcome release from the overshadowing doom of the First Order, and the Jedi training. And Luke and Leia see them one day and it brings them to tears because these people, these children, are bearing such a burden. Couldn’t we have done more, they wonder, done more to keep these children from having the same nightmares that we both do? 

From lulabo’s prompt, lizzie/darcy reading in bed, which I basically read as “lizzie/darcy in bed with some form of reading material in frame.”

I discovered a shocking amount of muscle memory while drawing Darcy’s profile. I got most of it right without consulting a reference. Still, I consider this an open-ended drawing, 1) because I would like to ink this for inktober, and 2) I really wanted to put Darcy in glasses. We only see him wear glasses on his San Francisco outing with Lizzie and Gigi, and that makes me think that he’s near-sighted. So he wouldn’t necessarily need his glasses for reading in bed.

But it would look really hot, so I might add them in the inked version. And yet. They would cover his lovely eyebrows.


When people get passionate about things they sometimes overreact regarding things they don’t like. Today’s Bad Drawsis a reminder that there are good ways and bad ways to express your displeasure with the game. Shouting at the employees that make themselves available for public comment gets you nowhere. Learn how to constructively word your criticisms and you have a much better chance of getting heard.

If you agree that we could all do better in this regard, don’t forget to like, reblog, and comment. Spread the word of courtesy!

AND LIKE even though Winter criticizes Weiss’ fight and yells at her and stuff, she does it as that kind of sister would. She’s in the military. Of course she has to tear Weiss’ fighting style apart. It’s in Winter’s nature. It’s her JOB.

But she quickly draws away from that more serious, business-like topic and instead asks Weiss how she’s been doing, because she knows it will cheer Weiss up instantly, and it does. 

So she gets the painful stuff out of the way and over with first, then focuses on the better things for Weiss and lets us know she cares~