drawing is hard how do you guys do it


Honestly? I can totally see why he was set on fire…

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(Based on this gem)

@vesuvia - I can’t stop…
@asraaaa - this is your fault <3
@justmaghookit - “ Lucio just sulking while wearing like 5 sweaters” as requested 

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Is luresong dead

luresong isn’t dead, but i do apologize for the long hiatus. i didn’t work on it for a while mostly because of my overwhelming workload and the fact that it was killing my desire to draw. its hard for me to push myself to work on something that comes from the place i draw luresong with when i’m super uninspired and low, but thank you guys for still caring about it. it means a lot to me how much its touched people already and if i ever do decide that i don’t want to continue it, i would tell you guys immediately

with that being said, i hope to update within the week (and heres a little peak)

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Cis gender boys are so hard to draw ?? Like they have no curves ??? How do I draw that

Cis gender boys are hard to draw because biological woman have obvious curves, like butt and tits, to portray it take less, cause we just need to exxagerate on it to make it look right. But cis gender boys have less obvious curves, but yes, they do have A LOT of curves, maybe more than cis woman! 

Their curves are so delicate that it is more hard to get it right. One distortion and it will look wrong. muscular or not, guys are full of them. You just need more references and practice! 

 Biological woman do have bigger curves couse they need to have a big waist to give birth and bigger brests to feed the child. Guys just have it in a smaller version cause it does not really have function. But yet, they are not that different!

let’s play ‘how many headcanons can i shove in a single drawing’
you guys seem to have liked my lastest drawing so hello!! Theres more!!!
(do his hearing aids match his shirt yes they do)

Jared Kleinman being comfortable about his figure (HCs)

Request: “Do you think you could do a Jared fic/HCs about him being very comfortable/confident about his figure? I feel like Jared find always have him being an insecure boy and I just wanna see him be happy and thrive. Thank you!”

Note: i got so tired writing ‘five years’ (long ass mike faist x reader fic) that i decided that im just gonna finish one of those headcanons request and here it is ! also, prepare yourself bc guess who’s posting ‘drop your pants’ (ben platt x artmajor!reader) part 2 in a few days ;—)


  • okay let’s do this
  • jared being confident about his figure is one of the cutest shit you’d ever witness
  • that boy would be SO proud of his muffin top
  • like one day, you’d be baking in your place and as you put the batter in the lil muffin wrappers, he’d casually just lift up his shirt
  • “babe you know it’s a good muffin when its shape looks like this”
  • he says as he points at his cute lil chub
  • and when he finds a muffin that represents his chub a lot, he’d be so excited

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I’m blaming @hopeymchope for this one. I can’t and WILL NEVER get over the one shot you wrote me based about my headcanon. I cannot thank you enough ahhhhh!!

So here, have this!

2012!dan’s thoughts on 2016!dan.

disclaimer: obviously there is no way of knowing what 2012!dan’s actual thoughts would be on his present day self. these are my own views and interpretations.

okay this literally took me about 10 hours to finish (once i start a drawing i keep going until i’m done otherwise i lose motivation). i’m honestly really happy with it, despite how fucking hard it is to draw 2012!dan’s hair jfc.

i see a lot of people genuinely believing that 2012!dan would be angry over everything that 2016!dan does nowadays, but i really don’t think that’s true. what do you guys think?


I tried some digital fanart cause I got a tablet last week and had to mess around with it. So here’s a digital drawing of Carmilla and Laura because that new promo photo is just freakin awesome. So excited, can’t wait for Season 2!

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Brian, lately with all the horrible shit happening in the US right now, I've been finding it hard to get any work done. I have Patreon posts to write, a novel to edit, and drawing lessons to do, but I can't get going. I can't stop thinking about how bad things are getting for you guys. I feel helpless to stop any of it from happening. I want to work, but I just can't. Do you any advice for me on how to deal with all this?

people have written entire great novels in nightmare prisons, with bombs dropping around them, in insane inhumane situations…

you can sit down and get to work. turn off the tv.  we literally might not be here tomorrow. finish what you started.

and if you can’t…  write about that!

(you knew I was going to say something like this :) )

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Hey guys, so i just read "body studies" and i was wondering if you could recommend more fics like that or direct me towards a tag. Thank you. (Im a bit new so i still have trouble navigating)

Body Studies by Ark 

hmmm okay so here are a few fics where bucky poses for steve

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls by AllonsyHelen

Bucky’s tips for what to do when you find yourself standing naked in a hot guy’s living room while he draws you for an art school assignment:
1) DON’T tell him you’re in a band that was once called Fusion of the Empty Goose.
2) DO flex. Everything. A lot.
3) DON’T picture said hot guy naked.
4) When you end up picturing him naked, DON’T apologize for your erection. This will force him to respond to the fact that your penis is hard.
5) DON’T joke about how the fact that he’s paying you makes you like a prostitute. This will lead to him awkwardly rescinding his offer to pay you, and you are a poor college dropout. The money is the ONLY reason you’re doing this.
6) DO kill Natasha for setting this up.

Five Times Bucky Modelled For Steve by Selenay 

The first time Steve drew Bucky, he had purple hair like something out of a cartoon.

“I don’t have a brown,” Steve said when he got to Bucky’s hair. “Sorry. It got broken.”

Sketch by osprey_archer

“Jesus Christ, Buck, I want to draw you.”

Draw me?” Bucky drawled. “Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

Steve walks in while Bucky is cleaning his metal arm.

on the catwalk by biblionerd07

Bucky just wanted Steve to draw him. So he started posing…without Steve knowing about it.

Decided to do a quick thing for the ship that I am currently really into at the moment with some very lazy colouring because it didn’t feel right to leave it as an outline.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! ^^-


Everyone picks on Nick :’^l

Like with the Arithmomania comic, I ran across this vampire weakness and I just love how impractical and idiotic it is. I also ended up drawing the guys in beach wear (I tried to do their eclectic mix and match clothing style but it’s hard) when I was at the beach so I figured I’d do a comic using the designs I came up with? I like Viago’s, haha. Sorry the format is kind of weird, you can read the text a lot more easily if you fullscreen the image.

Re:the last line, since moonlight is just reflected sunlight, I kind of like the idea that a really ancient vampire like Petyr would be a little vulnerable to being outside, so it would be nice and soothing to have sunscreen put on him if he’s out for too long.

I know we are all mourning, and it’s been very hard. And we all feel this piece of our soul gone but, I want y'all to remember,
we gotta carry on his legacy.
We gotta carry on his goofiness,
his willingness to make people question the odds,
to push the envelope,
to fight whatever it is we are supposed to fight,
to show life that we won’t forget or give in to the lives lost.
We will fight for mental health.
And we will keep him alive with every breath we draw.
So no matter how down, beaten, and defeated you feel please remember if we can’t do it for ourselves, let’s try like hell to do it for the ones we’ve lost.
I love you guys.

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oh man i love your work, especially your animation. It's inspired me to start trying to animate things for myself. Do you have any tips on getting started?

Thank you~! My first animations were quite bad, very stiff and slow, but that was because I didn’t really study how to do animations. If you want to get into animation I recommend looking into tutorials, and lessons online. Animation is way different than just drawing a picture, you can know how to draw but making it move in a cool way is quite hard.  I learned from Richard Williams, the guy who animated Roger Rabbit, his videos were very helpful. So, my tips is study study and study some more! Also practice when you study. Good Luck!

“How’s it…bone daddy”

The baron himself. Didn’t do too much redesigning on this fella, but his colours changed ( i don’t know why i’m digging the yellow gloves os much but fuck i do) and i forgot how hard skulls are to draw. So i read some hellboy comics and took some tips from Mr Mignola. I love how round and clunky and primal he draws them.
Anyway, the baron is a very tactiturn sorta guy, does more talking with his body, if you catch my drift. but it’s all in his hands, how he moves, shakes his hips. It’s his missus that does the talking, all you need to know about this guy, and how much trouble you in, is how he looks at you.
 which is surprisingly easy despite the fact that he has no eyes.
character is mine