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Day 11 of @homestuck-ff-month, polyamory! It’s hard being the local competent auspistice/cultural and interspecies negotiator. It’s hard and nobody understands. Featuring a Very Tired Kanaya

Literary references and character abilities (chapter 62)

While I got the gist of what everyone in this chapter talked about, I have yet to take my time and look up all the words and translate properly, but I just found something so interesting and I wanted to share with you and it’s about the names of the abilities used by Shuuhei and Shamrock, because I did not know about the things that were used as reference.
I just love how Servamp is filled with so many things from literature and the amazing names for the character abilities that have dual readings that have a connection with one another. I wrote down the observations I made in regards to the literary works that have served as inspiration. Hope they will make sense!
I’m gonna put these under the cut, as they can be spoilerish and also because it is quite long, I’m surprised that I was able to write this much,  for I ramble a lot about the things that I think about during translations and things that I found out during research. It would be nice to hear your opinions in regards to the things I wrote :)

And a shout-out to @xchibikai​ for providing the RAWS. Thank you so much!

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the signs as things that make me happy
  • aries: success, achievement in any form
  • taurus: seeing my friends being in happy relationships
  • gemini: travel and new sights
  • cancer: having someone to always talk to
  • leo: the arts: music, theatre, paintings & drawings & sculptures
  • virgo: being able to speak to someone in another language
  • libra: laughing so hard your stomach aches
  • scorpio: intelligent conversations that make you think harder than normal
  • sagittarius: the rush after a run
  • capricorn: solving a problem that nobody else can understand
  • aquarius: the view outside of a plane window
  • pisces: knowing what someone's thinking just by having a conversation with your eyes

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Companions react to getting into an argument with the sole survivor over something serious?

  • Cait: She’s like a walking grenade, really, a ticking time bomb. It’s only a matter of time before Sole says something she doesn’t like, and when they do? She’s angry. She spits and kicks and hisses and rebels like it’s nobody’s business, yells for everyone to hear – if they don’t like it, they can fuck off. No one tells her what to do or say, not if she doesn’t want to. She’s learned that well enough in the past and letting people walk all over her is not something Cait will ever let happen again. Sole, of all people, taught her that. The Combat Zone taught her that. So when she spits back in their face and yells just as loud, a piece of them is proud that her spark has yet to go out.
  • Codsworth: Codsworth is quiet. Sole’s been through quite a bit, he knows, and he’s never been one for yelling. The fact that they’re going through any sort of argument anyways is– discouraging, almost. He doesn’t back down, makes his opinion known, but hurting the one person who has endured the unimaginable seems to be the border of his restrictions. He lets them yell, talk, express their point of view, brings up different opinions that may be beneficial, but knows that either way he can’t stop them. And then he hopes for the best.
  • Curie: Curie is passionate. She does not yell, nor does she go for low blows, simply crosses her arms or nods as they let go all of the anger they’ve pent up for so long. It had been such a small little thing, a little note at the bottom of the page of their experiences, but Curie is – if anything else – a scientist, dedicated to her work, and she knows that the science of anger can be uncontrollable. She doesn’t back down from what she believes in and most certainly has no qualms against leaving if the arrangement they have feels unmanageable, but she tries her best to just it all out with them and help them in their time of need.
  • Danse: The thing about Danse is that he’s stubborn. Sole has told him this so many times in so many different ways and yet he can’t help himself from staying put on his standpoint. He doesn’t exactly shout, but he does raise his voice to get his point across. The fact that he towers over them in his power armor should be intimidating, but if Sole knows how to do anything, they’re experienced in the art of standing for what they believe in. The argument doesn’t last long, mostly because neither of them have any heart, but they wander in silence to brood and mull over their own thoughts in the meantime. Deep down, he might know they’re right, but he has no problem with admitting he’s wrong. So the next time they stop he apologizes, voice quiet, and their tone matches his when they say they might have been out of line.
  • Dogmeat: Dogmeat doesn’t like it when the Sole Survivor is upset. He’s a dog, so he doesn’t understand necessarily the extent of what they’re going through, but when the door slams and the sound of their other companion leaves the room (a close friend, a lover, someone Sole cares about), he moves over and digs his way underneath their arm, licks their face with soft whimpers. Their reaction varies – from tears, to silence, to laughter or angrily venting about how stupid it all is – but he puts his head in their lap and lets them let go.
  • Deacon: He’s calm and composed, as ever. While Sole may shout or argue or remain quiet, whatever it is that they do, he maintains the very same swagger that he’s had since the day he joined up with them. Sometimes the things they get into fights about are small, other times they’re not, but he’s disappointed to see that Sole, someone he thought had some semblance of honor, is being forced to stoop down to Wastelander level. He expresses his viewpoints in the best way he can, voice charismatic with underlying streaks of anger or sadness depending on the topic. The argument is resolved rather quickly. He’s always been good at making his point clear, and Sole doesn’t seem to enjoy beating around the bush, and that has to count for something. Deacon isn’t one to hold grudges, so if Sole does, that’s not his business, but he can let it go. They’re his friend; or they used to be, and he’s not gonna forget that.
  • Hancock: He’s always renowned himself as someone who knows what he’s doing, and that he can see it from all different perspectives, understand that both sides of the coin are not necessarily always at fault for whatever end they land on. It’s admittedly not all that hard to make him angry, but he’s not much of a shouter. His tone remains passive aggressive and yet understanding, because he’s been there too – and why the hell should he judge how Sole reacts? They’re upset, and he gets that, but he also makes his feelings and emotions known so they’re out in the open, draws the line where it needs to be drawn so nobody crosses it. He doesn’t dwell on the argument too much, not really, and it’s over when Sole says it is.
  • MacCready: MacCready knows he can be a hypocrite sometimes, sure. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not in the right. So when the argument sparks up he’s passionate – it’s something he cares about, something important to him, and he’ll be damned if he goes down easy. He never feels good about it all after the fact, knows that fighting is what got him where he is in the first place, but it’s still reassuring to know that a piece of him isn’t gonna lie down and take it. Never have, and never will. And Sole should know that.
  • Nick Valentine: The thing about being a Detective – especially in the Commonwealth – is that you have to understand that not everyone is going to get their way. Not everyone is going to be right. People will be upset and tearful and hateful and vengeful, and he can’t stop them. That’s just how the game is played in the Wastes. So when Sole seems to pick up on something they can’t let go, he lets them yell, stays calm, talks them through it. Hell, a piece of him might even understand where they’re coming from, Synth or not. He’s been there. They’ve all been there.
  • Piper: She’s the most passionate out of all of them. It’s something that runs in her blood, and a part of her thinks that arguing is just something she was made to do – she’s the writer of a newspaper, after all! She yells, snaps, does what she can to get Sole’s attention and make sure they’re listening. Piper Wright has never gone down easy and they both know it, so that’s why they both grit their teeth and butt heads like it’s no one else’s business. At the end of the day she’ll still smile, call them Blue, but if the grudge sticks, then she’s most likely not ever gonna let it go. She remembers what people do and whether she thinks it’s the right thing or not. Sole shouldn’t ever expect to be treated differently.
  • Preston: A man that does the right thing should uphold that very same ‘right thing’. He knows he’s a bit conservative for the Commonwealth, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have emotions or feelings about what these people go through so often. He feels just the same as Sole sometimes and tries to help them work through it. It’s not easy, of course, but when is it ever? Things don’t just get handed out for free, but by the end of it all Sole is calmer than they started out and he feels like they’re moving on right feet towards the right thing.
  • Strong: He yells, shouts, expresses his rage as much as they do. They’re a good match, with how forward-front they tend to be. He can’t communicate his feelings as well as any of the other companions, but they’re there, and no one is going to say they aren’t.
  • X6-88: Logic defines and proves all in the Commonwealth, just as it does in the Institute. His voice remains as monotone as it usually does, with slight inflections here and there, but if Sole is being irrational, he tells them. Whether this improves their standing or not isn’t something he particularly cares about, but if their anger on the topic interferes with their ability to work, then he’ll step in.

My first stickers came in! I’m very flustered that I actually like, drew something, and then created a thing out of the stuff I drew? I got approved for my first AA table in the spring, so these will definitely be on sale there!

I’m trying to decide if I should open up an online shop for them, too, but in the meantime, I thought I’d post these because BOY I’m proud!


While listening to the new TAZ episode I decided to try to make an animatic for one of my older favorite scenes (back when everything was happy and good and there were no Sad Feelings)

So here’s my first kinda sloppy, kinda short attempt!