drawing hour

Made a portrait for my character in a Persona D&D mimicking P5 character portraits. I’ve never been able to play any of the main persona games but I’ve fallen in love with the series from playing the D&D and reading all about it. This piece took between 6-7 hours to make.

Name: Ginko Samejima

Arcana: Hanged Man

Persona: Tsuru Nyobo (Crane wife)

Her face claim is clearly inspired by Frisk from Undertale. In most drawings of her she’s just:

so that half hour boot huh


call me a hopeless dreamer, but in my heart, lance lying face-down on the floor & latching onto someone’s leg is completely in character and keith just accepting it is also completely in character

swapsies   🔁


The warden has her priorities in order. 

I did say I’ve been playing through Dragon Age, didn’t I? (Also since I am something like four years late to this fandom, I apologize if someone else has already done this joke.)


ninoir week day 2: studying