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Were Cavendish and Dakota, hard to draw?

All grownups on the show were a challenge for me to get used to. Dakota was no exception, and neither was CAvendish.

Image above was drawn from memory, so there are some difference to the actual models XP

Cavendish was actually a pain in the BACKSIDE to get used to, and I’m still drawing his head different in ever episode I boarded XD

(Sketches above are from the Milo Archives! form last February I believe). During the fourth episode I boarded, I started asking people how they drew him. One Board artist, Ed Rivera, told me he always referenced old comedians like Buster Keaton for Cavendish and Dakota, and drew them in poses that would reflect their acting and personalities. Once I got that down pat, I took the model sheet and essentially traced his head once or twice before just trying to eyeball it. I’m not big on tracing, because that limits your movement, but sometimes it’s necessary to be able to draw more on model.

And I’m still learning. But he’s getting easier! :) Just takes practice ;)

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You draw Chara as a girl?

hahahahaAHAHA THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION!!! I prefer to see Frisk as a girl, but when it’s CHARA, I don’t really know haha..I like to draw grownup Chara as a guy, but a girl as a child?? But most of the times I just try to draw them in between so people don’t have to think of gender :3 

Some fanart of adorable, beloved, levitating Khoshekh from Welcome to Night Vale and one of his kittens :)

Now that I’m all caught up, I’m not sure what to do with my life until new episodes!


the google image search for “genie clipart” is particularly entertaining btw.

I am pretty sure that all draw parties basically devolve into grownup Homestucks lying on the floor laughcrying on top of each other going…. "But Homestuck, tho.“

And "no, no, listen. listen. In my AU….”

And “But like, Sollux, right? I mean. How the fuck.”

And “Okay, okay. Hang on, though. Like. Are any of them even straight.”

And “Oh my god I love everyone here.”

And “Gamzee. Gamzee. Fuck that asshole.



So, remember when you were a kid, and you drew comics?

I learned how to draw comics from my older brother, Matt. He would draw little Kirby comics on notebook paper at school, and bring them home. It was really the first introduction to comics I had, before I began to read Sailor Moon at age 6. I remember being fascinated, with Kirby’s little speech bubbles. From then on I’d buy graph paper notebooks and did this awful, terrible what-the-hell Furry Space Opera called “Cascading Dreams” (what). I drew in it every day on my little graph notebook. Drawing little comics every day, even if they were terrible, is what sparked me to draw as a grownup.

Do YOU know a kid who draws? Wouldn’t it be great if we had an anthology of just kids’ comics?

My mentor at SCAD, Bob Pendarvis, thought of exactly that. He’s REALLY close, you guys, but he’s only got 44 hours!

If you know a kid who draws, a $20 donation gives them 6 pages to have their pages published! How awesome is that? 

Pass this along! Great comic artists and cartoonists out there are growing up, and I’d love to meet them!